October 30, 2016


dsc_0278editeddsc_0282editeddsc_0314editeddsc_0332editeddsc_0348editedDetails:  Draped-front wrap top, c/o Jill here | H&M leather skirt, similar here |

It’s funny, how every season we run out to buy the “latest and greatest” trends, but don’t realize that these trends aren’t exactly new. I mean, they’re new enough, I guess. For fall, it’s essentially the same outfit, just a different year. Chunky knits, blanket scarves, boots, wedge booties, infinity scarves… should I go on? And don’t get me wrong, there are some trends we haven’t necessarily seen in a while. For instance, the tattoo choker necklace. An accessory I’m still trying to live down. You will never see me in a necklace like that again, but it’s making its way back into our lives, and all I have to say is: do not come crying to me in 15 years, when you realize that, that tacky choker tattoo necklace ruined your adorable LBD. Just don’t. I will say, there are many pieces that are timeless and I think despite this leather skirt’s non-traditional hemline, it has become a permanent staple in my fall wardrobe for the past three years. Every time I wear it, it’s adored. And I’ve worn it with quite a few different tops, but come to think of it, they were all chunky sweaters and never a blouse. I’m not sure why, I just hadn’t found the right one, until I laid my eyes on this draped-front wrap top. Its cross-over neckline gives the illusion that it’s a wrap top, and it lays beautifully. Not to mention, the back hemline is longer, so if you want to wear it with leggings, or are self-conscious of your booty, it has got you covered–literally. Much like my leather skirt, this too will become a timeless garment. And one I can wear across multiple seasons, too!



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