August 17, 2015


DSC_0557 EDITEDDSC_0568 editedDSC_0596 editedDSC_0579 editedDSC_0576 editedDSC_0624 editedDetails: Urban Outfitters long sleeved crop top, similar here | Volcom cutoffs via (local shop) Brave New World  | Superga slip-on sneakers c/o J. Jill, here |

A while ago I read Rachael Brathen’s book Yoga Girl and recently I’ve found myself reciting some of her quotes about change, being present and letting go of people, a past, or things that are just no longer serving you. Change is hard, it’s really never easy; there’s always going to be some amount of fear when you’re making a change. I’m moving to a new city next month, and although I’m excited for a new chapter I’m scared shitless. What if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to? Or what if I hate it? I’ve been finding myself worrying about more things that could go wrong rather than all of the things that could go right. Do we all do that or is just me? This change that I’m making is not exactly planned out the way the “typical” Jackie Dunn plans things, it’s totally out of character, not organized and a bit chaotic. I’m taking a leap of faith and trusting that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. But in the midst of all the crazy that I’m making for myself, I’m feeling excited, not just about the physical move, but that I’m learning about this other part of me that I didn’t really know existed. This chaotic, unorganized, spontaneous and really fun Jackie that I’ve never met before. Sometimes I feel that my past was so calculated, so controlled, and for this moment in my life I don’t have a plan and I feel genuinely OK with that. Don’t get me wrong it’s terrifying, but I’ll be okay. This particular shoot, I was with my mom in a secluded field and I really wasn’t thinking, I was just being and laughing—livingWe consume ourselves with so many “expectations” that we see on Instagram, Facebook, TV and we actually begin to forget what it is to really live. Life 10 years ago wasn’t a highly filtered Instagram picture of a glass of wine by the ocean, it was in the basement of one of my friend’s houses making music videos, it was landlines instead of text messages and it was hardcore belly aching laughs instead of LOLs. I’m a victim of social media and sometimes I feel I can’t really escape. But in this moment I wasn’t thinking about how many likes I was going to get or if my hair looked good, I was just surrounded by silence and fresh air–it felt so good. I want to remember exactly how I felt here whenever I let the crazy get the best of me. I decided this was an ideal post for a Monday, to remind you that everyone experiences the feeling of life being too much and that taking a minute to go outside and just be, will be the smack in the face back to reality that you need. Also, sometimes I listen to this to give myself a reminder that everything’s always going to be okay (guilty pleasure).

OH and about my outfit… my cutoffs are from a super cool surf shop Brave New World in Point Pleasant, NJ my top is from Urban Outfitters and these A-MAZING slip on sneaks are Superga courtesy of J. Jill. It’s a simple look, but it’s a definitely a feel good one.

One more thing “Drink lots of water, take deep breaths and don’t take life as seriously as your mind makes it out to be”– Rachael Brathen

Happy Monday!


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