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February 15, 2016


DSC_0345editedDSC_0348editedDSC_0354editedDSC_0380editedDSC_0378editedDSC_0359editedDetails: VDGN Elephants Never Forget Sweatshirt, here  |

If it were up to me, I would have a three day weekend every weekend. Two day weekends just aren’t enough time to decompress, so when I have an extra day off, I tend to dress in my coziest attire. Sweatshirts have been a main source of comfort for as long as I can remember and for some reason, they’re the hardest article of clothing to part with. How often did you go on vacation and purchase a sweatshirt to seal the memories? I can look at a sweatshirt and immediately be taken back to a memory of a time and place; it’s comforting and it’s as if they serve as a scrapbook. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased a sweatshirt in quite a while and that’s mainly because of the lack of space in my closet. As you know, I’m pretty much in love with VDGN clothing and after my experience with their tees, I just had to get my hands on a sweatshirt. This Elephanst Never Forget sweatshirt is unbelievably cozy and its saying “I will never ever forget you” encompasses how I feel about all of my memento sweatshirts. I will never ever forget my first ever college tour at Providence College, I will never ever forget the times I spent in Aruba with my family, I will never ever forget that time I studied abroad in Florence Italy (I have a Firenze University tee to prove it), and I will never ever forget my first trip to Boston when I was 12 years old. This (adult-like) crew neck sweatshirt represents all of the sweatshirts I have tucked away in my closet. Now that I’m feeling comfy and warm, I’m going to take advantage of these President’s Day sales. See ya!



February 8, 2016


DSC_0045editedDSC_0042editedDSC_0039editedDSC_0048editedDSC_0082editedDSC_0084editedDSC_0108editedDetails: Live a Little long sleeve shirt c/o Vardagen, here  | Faux leather leggings, similar here | UGG black croft high top sneakers c/o J. Jill, here |

Clothing allows you to express yourself, the many selves you may have. I often get bored of committing to one “style”, I mean how can you expect me to wear clothing that fits in one category? That would be terribly boring. I love using clothing as a way to discover the depth of my personality. I’ve never really been one to wear a graphic tee, but there’s something really special about Verdagan’s shirts. Not only are they UNBELIEVABLY comfortable, but they’re a brand with a mission. They view the graphic t-shirt as the foundation of a good outfit, the binding piece and one that creates a strong first impression. I can’t disagree, and it’s true you really can get a t-shirt with anything imprinted on it, but I’ve never experienced one of this quality. Their t-shirts are soft, durable and well fitted. I have a lot of fun wearing this shirt because it serves as a reminder to “live a little”, let go and enjoy life. I’m known for taking life too seriously and I think I underestimated the power of clothing. When I slipped this on I felt badass and chic (my leather leggings didn’t hurt). It’s good to give yourself a chance to learn more about yourself, so why not use clothing to do so.




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