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October 12, 2016


dsc_0948editeddsc_0984editeddsc_0966editeddsc_0004editeddsc_0007Details: Cupshe ‘Cup of Cozy’ casual sweater, here  |

Every morning this week I’ve woken up to 40-degree weather. Brrr! When I said I want the fall weather I didn’t mean that fall weather. However, after a weekend filled with rain and long lounge sessions, it feels good to wake up to blue crisp skies, hold the crisp. As you know, my fall wardrobe is in limbo right now because much of my clothing is back in New Jersey. Although I’ve slowly been picking up new pieces, and this only means that I’ll have to purge some of my older clothing. It really is time for me to let go of my (past) clothing. And speaking of new, yes, you guessed it! This chunky khaki knit is brand spankin’ new, and if you see me on the weekend there’s a 95-percent chance I’m wearing it all.weekend.long. I’ve been resorting to simple looks lately and I’m starting to realize that less is actually more. This also applies to my ever-growing closet. I’ve been going through some of my clothing lately and am realizing that with many pieces, the quality is lacking and there are way too many one-hit wonders. That is, clothing I wear once and abandon because it’s a fleeting trend that doesn’t last more than a month. Lately, I’ve been styling simple staples and not only have I received various compliments, but I feel and look more sophisticated and mature. I’m 27 years old now. I have to start acting like it (only when I feel like it). In all seriousness, a closet purge is in order for me and if I can give you any advice on how not to let your overwhelming closet filled with one-hit wonders get the best of you, it’s to invest in staples and only staples. You know, those timeless pieces that add sophistication and class to your wardrobe.



July 18, 2016


DSC_1727editedDSC_1726editedDSC_1730editedDSC_1756editedDetails: Coral red knit v-neck dress c/o J.Jill, here |

Another great weekend spent by the beach and I realized that aside from the fact that I bring some outfits to shoot, I really end up wearing the same thing (or similar things) each day. I don’t know, I just like to feel relaxed and comfortable and when I have to cover my bathing suit to pop over to the concession stand or run and grab a coffee I turn to this coral v-neck dress from J. Jill. It’s easy to slip on and off and it’s appropriate enough to stop by an ocean-front lunch spot to grab some grub. I particularly love this coral color, but unfortunately, they only have the Blue Lotus and Caribbean colors available–both are equally amazing options. Now excuse me while I daydream about the upcoming weekend and seek some more beach looks to get me through these perfect sunny summer days.




May 11, 2016


DSC_5651editedDSC_5679editedDSC_5685editedDSC_5674editedDSC_5697editedZARA floral-printed dress, here |

I’m in a funk lately–in every aspect, and I’m not quite sure why. I’ve been visiting my family home in New Jersey since Friday, and will be here through Thursday for work. I don’t know, I get this way every time I come home– I never want to leave. I guess you can say I’m feeling homesick while I’m at home–weird huh? Anyway, considering we’ve finally been experiencing warm spring weather, I decided it was only appropriate to celebrate in style with flirty florals of course! Josh considers this a level of Mormon conservative attire, however to me it’s more feminine and classic. I mean, I have way too many dresses with the same “go-to” neckline, it’s nice to include some out-of-the-box pieces in an effort to spruce up my wardrobe. As you may already know, I’m partial to neutral colors and this dress perfectly combines soft neutral hues with some vibrant pinks and yellows. Even though I’m not exactly feeling myself lately and I have some things to think about, I am taking full advantage of the warm spring weather by donning some of my spring favorites while I can!



December 14, 2015


DSC_0071DSC_0070DSC_0082 editedDSC_0064

DSC_0070 editedDetails: Banana Republic black and white mixed-media ponte dress, here | Lulu’s  black knee high boots, similar here |

This warmer weather we’ve been experiencing has allowed me to get some good use out of my favorite dresses. If I don’t have to, I prefer not to wear tights; they can be so uncomfortable and restricting, especially when sitting at a desk all day. This dress happens to look best with thigh high boots and some peek-a-boo knees. And as you know, I’m  all about the outlets and stumbled upon this one piece mixed-media black and white dress from Banana while on a mini shopping spree. It’s comfortable and I can’t tell you how many people have asked and been in shock that it’s just ONE piece. Even in the winter, it’s common to wear a sleeveless dress and pair it with a cardigan; you rarely find comfortable long-sleeve work dresses. And as someone who is always cold, CUTE long-sleeve dresses are ideal so this was definitely a wardrobe WIN. I hope you’re all taking advantage of these warmer days because the cold will eventually settle in. Bare your legs while you still can!




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