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January 16, 2015

A Real World Downfall

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Details: Banana Republic Shaker-Stitch Layered pullover, here// Lulu’s studded pumps, here // ZARA faux leather leggings, here//

Two words: Leather Leggings. Remember the glory days (hey nostalgia!) where yoga pants and black leggings were socially acceptable to wear to and from class? And then that fateful graduation day came along and the real world was all like “no more naps at 2pm, say goodbye to that two minute walk to your besties’, oh and NO MORE LEGGINGS!” and your just left standing there looking pitiful, in tears with your graduation cap and diploma in hand and worst of all—no leggings to comfort you.  Cruel world! But we all got through it, and all because of these beautiful LEATHER LEGGINGS.  The “khaki” pair above from ZARA is sophisticated enough for me to wear to work, but comfortable enough for weekend errands. I paired it with my brand new layered pullover from Banana, and I like this sweater most of all because of its sheer bottom. I like to call this my mullet of sweaters because its all practical, warm, and cozy on top and then a sheer sexy party on the bottom. Day or night, this is your no fuss sweater!

Current college students, if you take away one thing from this post let it be not to take leggings for granted, you truly don’t know what you have until its gone. While you can revisit your leggings on the weekend it’s just not the same…it’ll never be the same. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!




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