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January 6, 2016


DSC_0753 copyDSC_0770 copyDSC_0738 copyDSC_0805DSC_0782 copyDSC_0810Details: Express pleated cuffed shorts, here | Banana Republic metallic peplum top, similar here | H&M white blouse, similar here | Anne Klein polka dot sheer tights, similar here |

Shorts with tights is my new favorite combo lately. It’s so difficult to get creative with my wardrobe during the winter months because I get discouraged by the frigid temps. This outfit includes two Christmas gifts and you can be certain that clothing gifts are my absolute favorite. It’s clear that these gift-givers knew my style so I decided to create a look with both. The metallic Banana Republic peplum top is a new staple for me considering it can be worn casually with denim or dressed up with a skirt and/or trouser shorts. I decided to layer it over a white button-down, although if the weather permits it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it solo. And instead of my typical sheer black tights, I incorporated my other Christmas gift, these Anne Klein polka dot tights. I’ve been searching for tights like these since last New Year’s so you can imagine how excited I was to get these in my stocking this year. To top this look off, I slipped on my ONE and ONLY Black Friday purchase, these black laced booties. I can’t explain how comfortable they are and not to mention the added edge they give any outfit is undeniable.



July 15, 2015


DSC_0095 edited1DSC_0085 editedDSC_0094editedDSC_0111 editedDSC_0113editedDSC_0117Details: Embroidered linen and rayon top c/o J. Jill, similar here  | American Eagle white denim shorts, similar here |

This morning was a rough one, with the rainy weather and muggy temps I almost decided today wasn’t worth a cute outfit..I said ALMOST. To be honest with you, I don’t think we should have to work during the summer months. Summer is short enough as it is, why don’t we just work Monday-Wednesday and have off Thurs-Sunday, right? I think that’s manageable enough. The only thing I really care to wear during the summer is my bathing suit, and since that’s not acceptable most places– a cute linen top like my embroidered linen one from J. Jill is the perfect layer. I’m in a midweek rut right now, the weekend is so close yet so far and I’m ready to ditch my work wear for the beach.

Get me to Friday!!!!!




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June 24, 2015


DSC_0767 editedDSC_0821 editedDSC_0763 editedDSC_0802 editedDSC_0847DSC_0848DSC_0846 editedDetails: grey dove ribbon tie shorts, c/o West Look, here  | Design Lab Lord & Taylor scuba crop top with cut-outs, here | Lulu’s ivory studded pumps, here |

Now that we’re fully emerged into shorts season, I’ve been having fun revamping my short-wear. In  the past I was never able to wear shorts to work, but now that I’m in a more casual environment nearly anything goes. While I’ve always been into denim shorts and still am,  my taste has evolved with age and I’m working to find more work appropriate shorts. {ENTER} these AMAZING dove grey ribbon shorts} c/o West Look. Here is when my ‘short‘ life changed; What I love most is their soft grey shade, it pairs seamlessly with a variety of colors;  from soft ivory to vibrant magenta—anything goes! The ribbon adds an element of femininity, so as to make sure you don’t miss out on the flirtatiousness that a sundress provides. I also decided to go with a more structured and fitted top; it doesn’t distract from  the shorts and flatters the figure. I seriously think I need another pair of these, commence the over-wearing process 😉




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January 14, 2015

Outside my Comfort Zone

IMG_6663 IMG_6660 IMG_6655IMG_6654IMG_6664.JPG REVISED

Details: Leather H&M shorts, here// H&m sweater, here// Black felt hat Charming Charlie, similar here // MIA booties, here//

I guess shorts and tights are my thing this winter season, I just can’t help myself! I paired this H&M cropped knit with these pleated leather shorts, (also an H&M purchase). It’s such a simple outfit and not to mention comfortable, so I decided to accessorize with a black felt hat which added some much needed drama. I don’t know about you, but it’s difficult for me to get used to wearing hats; to be honest, I feel silly. In this particular instance I was cracking up telling myself I was “gone with the wind fabulous” (KIDDING of course) but it helped. Getting out of your style comfort zone is a difficult task and sometimes it helps to put yourself into an already existing character/persona. At the end of the day YOU and your personality alone is fabulous, but if you ever have doubts that you can’t pull off a certain accessory or look just play dress up.  Act like an icon you admire and eventually you’ll know that you are actually as fabulous as Kenya Moore thinks she is.



P.S I apologize for my Real Housewife references. I told you it was an unhealthy addiction!

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