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March 25, 2015


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Details: Baja hoodie (aka drug rug) purchased locally at Old Glory, similar here  | J. Jill slim fit boyfriend jeans, here  | Sperry Topsider Wilma Chukka boot, here  |

I have another guilty pleasure to confess, and while I may have already spilled some in my bio–there’s more. Instead of boring you with how often I binge on reality TV or occasionally like to eat whip cream out of the can or the fact that I could quite FRANKly live off of hot dogs for the rest of my life– oh that reminds guilty pleasure #802—corny puns. Okay I’m done. Today, I have a clothing guilty pleasure to share—I have this thing for “drug rug” hoodies, more appropriately known as Baja hoodies.  I’m shamelessly sharing with you my weekend, errand-running, lazy sunday-ing staple hoodie, but it’s not like all of my other heather grey sweatshirts that were purchased as mementos on family vacations or to serve as proof that I did in fact visit Harvard…bookstore. This is a badass, boho-chic, hoodie with a past kind of “sweatshirt” and no matter what Giuliana Rancic may accuse me of, this will not leave my wardrobe.

To add to these comfy vibes, I included my Sperry Topsider boots; they have been my go-to lately and if I could successfully wear them with ALL dresses and skirts I would (guilty pleasure #803). Well, I think I’ve shared enough!



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