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March 23, 2015


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Details: Tencel banded-hem pants c/o J. Jill, here  | Gap slouchy dolman-sleeve sweater, here  | Two-toned Jessica Simpson pumps, similar here  |

Well, it’s Monday again and aside from the fact that it is unbearably difficult to get out of bed, it’s equally as difficult to pick out an outfit. I have been struggling with this cold weather, the mornings are frigid and the Mother Nature’s been paying tricks. Fortunately, I have found the perfect pant to combat the agonizing Monday morning outfit struggle. These J. Jill tencel banded-hem pants are comfortable, casual, but office appropriate. They’re lightweight making it an easy transition into spring, yet will still be acceptable in the early months of fall. Not only do they have a drawstring waist, but they even have POCKETS; it’s like wearing extra fancy sweats!  My slouchy peach Gap sweater complemented the navy pants, and my two-toned pumps were a considerate effort to dress up my lax look.



February 23, 2015


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Details: GAP high-rise jeans, here  | H&M white chiffon blouse, here | Turquoise tiered statement necklace (locally bought), similar here | Diba booties in brown, here |

You know how you hate to admit it, but your mom always seems to be right? It’s actually irritating and charming at the same time—I remember laughing at my mom for her “mom” jeans, thinking “oh poor mom, she doesn’t know fashion, I’ll teach her”. But while my friends and I were taking on bell bottoms and extra low rise jeans, our moms were one step ahead wearing high-waisted MOM jeans. Little did we know, they were on to something, because they are unbelievably comfortable, hide any current food babies, or bloat  AND look amazing. Now, these are no longer known as mom jeans, instead they’ve been assigned the names high-rise or high waisted jeans, but let’s take the time to acknowledge the trendsetters— “hey mom, you were right…AGAIN.”

I paired my simple white chiffon blouse with a locally bought tiered turquoise statement necklace and concluded the outfit with my go-to Diba booties. You really can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a white shirt, and don’t forget a bold pop of color!

Happy Monday!




February 16, 2015


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Details: old Banana Republic black turtleneck, similar here | Banana Republic monogram shine box pleat skirt in gold, here | old Ann Taylor black suede peep toe pumps, similar here |

I am so sick of this cold weather, it’s really cramping my style, I started thinking– maybe if I start wearing skirts more often it would summon the warmer weather? Wishful thinking? Yea, I know it’s crazy but it doesn’t hurt. So today, I’m ignoring the cold and shedding light on one of my faves– this gold monogram shine box pleat skirt from Banana. It’s best to pair it with a more subtle top since the skirt deserves everyone’s eyes. I’m a sucker for comfort, so I went with my cozy black turtleneck–the contrast of the black and gold gives the skirt the attention it deserves. While this is a more classic look, you can get a little less conventional and pair it with a chambray shirt and some black booties. Don’t be afraid to get creative, just remember to keep it simple.

I didn’t realize how much love I had for Banana until I started blogging, but their petite section is everything– pants and skirts now look normal on me– no more cuff rolling or skirt hiking. Ahhh! all this talk about Banana is making me want to shop–if you need me I’ll be getting after these President’s Day sales.

Happy three day weekend lovelies!




February 13, 2015


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Details: ZARA chino pants, similar here | Banana Republic black and white grid peplum knit, here |

Going out on Valentine’s Day this year is going to be difficult, especially since I’ll be in New England. With freezing temps and the impending snow, I’d prefer to just cuddle up in my onesie. But I’m no quitter, so instead of throwing in the towel on a Valentine’s Day outfit I decided to create a more casual look. This cozy peplum knit paired with pink chinos is ideal because while the sweater’s feminine silhouette makes it sophisticated and sweet, the pants add a necessary element of Valentine’s Day flair.

Whether you decide to keep it casual or take it up a notch, I know you’re all going to look AMAZING!

Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!



February 11, 2015


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Details: H&M dress in wine, similar here | chunky black and gold statement necklace, similar here |

Grown up Valentine’s Day is fun and all, I mean there’s chocolate, food, and a cozy cuddle buddy. BUT there are some downfalls– for the coupled up, it means fixed menus, over-priced entrees, a need to find some kind of gift, I mean how creative can you get with a box of chocolates? And for the singles, as much as you try to, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day. Window displays are filled with hanging hearts and red dresses, coffee shops are selling those adorably delicious heart shaped cookies and you’re just like WHY ME!?

It’s ok let’s breathe, take moment, and return to our childhood years where everyone received a Valentine AND candy. They were not so secretly delivered to your own heart decorated shoe box while you were getting high on sugar all day, only to return home to well received hugs from your forever Valentines–Mom and Dad, BLISS.

Well today while reminiscing over the simpler days, I resorted to a more conservative and subdued Valentine’s Day look. This wine colored long sleeve dress reminds me of my childhood dresses (minus the low neckline). It’s simple and classic making it bearable to wear out in these freezing temps. I paired it with a chunky statement necklace and decided to call it a day. It’s a perfect no fuss look, and one that will win over your love bug.

Chin up! Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad, just find a cuddle buddy and some wine…or just wine


February 9, 2015


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Details: hot pink romper purchased locally, similar option here | Tweed h&m blazer, here  | Carrano black mules, here |

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I decided to devote my posts this week to the colors of love and romance. So, for today’s Valentine’s Day look I went bold with this hot pink romper. For those that know me, know that I love a good romper—they’re comfortable and flirtatious making them a definite Valentine’s Day favorite. Layered with a blazer it’s immediately office appropriate, slip it off, add a statement necklace and be on your way to meet your sweetheart for drinks–PERFECTION.

Whether your spending your Valentines day with your Galentines, or that special someone, you’ll find no fault in slipping on your favorite romper.




February 6, 2015


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Details: Black Banana Republic blazer, here | sleeveless sweater ZARA spring 2014, similar here | Bar iii wide leg pants spring 2014, similar here | necklace bought locally at Ladyfingers, similar here |

I’m getting so tired of my winter wardrobe lately–every morning I stare at my closet full of darks and neutrals, sweaters and pants, and groan with boredom. So to spark some inspiration I decided to revisit my spring wardrobe to find some pieces I can revive in this 10 degree weather we’ve been experiencing. As I was sifting through my pastel rompers and floral sundresses, reminiscing over coatless days and flip flops, I came across my most prized wide-leg pants from Bar iii; beaming with excitement I quickly paired my sleeveless sweater (another long time spring friend) and layered on a winter staple–  Ta-da! A (semi) brand new outfit for me to take on these brutally cold days while still combatting these frigid temps. It’s just the pick me up I needed to get out of this mid-winter rut. Oh and hey spring? yea, you can come back now, thanks.

If you find yourself in a winter wardrobe slump, revisit your old spring favorites–you’ll be surprised with what you find!

Happy Friday!



February 4, 2015


IMG_0890 editedIMG_0842 editedIMG_0831 edited 2IMG_0906IMG_0905 edited 2Details: Gap oatmeal turtleneck, here | Lulu’s oversized pink coat here (sold out), similar here | Ann Taylor ankle pants, similar here |

I want to take a moment to shed some light on outerwear, since lately the weather has been destroying our winter fashion moments. Seriously, it’s cold and the sidewalks are full of slush and ice, there is absolutely no way you’re subjecting your heels to that. Not to mention, our cute wool coats get cast aside and in moves that warm and cozy puffer. There you are, walking to work resembling the Michelin Man; it’s okay we’ve all forfeited fashion for comfort at one point or another. But today, I really wanted to give one of my favorite outerwear pieces a moment to shine. This blush pink coat has a boxy/square silhouette making it oversized, but its lapel collar gives it that element of class making it a traditional outerwear staple. And to brighten up these grey days I paired it with my blue Ann Taylor ankle pants and oatmeal colored turtleneck. This is a rather cheerful outfit for the snowy grey days we’ve been seeing, I think spring is trying to peek through!

So, with that being said let’s all take a moment to revisit our beautiful wool peacoats seeking refuge in our closets and throw them on to grab a cup of coffee or get the mail. Just show them some love, but do not freeze please!



February 2, 2015


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Details: Banana Republic graphic tee, here  (currently out of stock) | Banana Republic black blazer, here | Trousers, similar here | Jessica Simpson heels, similar here |

Here we go again, another work week and the worst kind: the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. In an attempt to alleviate my Monday blues I decided to go with my “coffee straight up” graphic tee, oversized taupe trousers and my favorite black blazer.  I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone, when I say that coffee is the number one accessory for a Monday morning. Listen, it’s dangerous to approach me before I’ve had my necessary dose of caffeine, not to mention it is far from cute. Since I’ve got football on my mind, I decided to give you an outfit play by play: my Banana Republic graphic tee is currently sold out, however there are some pretty awesome alternatives so be sure to check out the link provided. The unbelievably comfortable trousers were a TJ MAXX score, and I tried my hardest to find them but came out much like the Seahawks, a HUGE loser. My blazer is also a Banana Republic purchase its classic fit make it an easy staple. And finally, don’t kill me, BUT my Jessica Simpson heels are from last year and I seriously couldn’t find them anywhere, DON’T worry the similar Sam Edeleman shoes I provided are pretty fabulous.

I wish for you all a short Monday and a strong cup of coffee, good luck out there!



January 30, 2015


IMG_6757 IMG_6787 IMG_6784 IMG_6801 IMG_6797

Details: ZARA navy turtleneck, similar here | ZARA leather leggings in khaki, here | Carrano black snake mules, here |

I have a confession, I’m a repeat outfit offender. I’m sorry, I can’t get enough of these leather leggings and it’s Friday, I’m exhausted from this week so today I resorted to something classic and comfortable. You can never go wrong with a fitted turtleneck and leather leggings, plus as comfortable as this is, it looks stunning and sophisticated. I’ve already raved about how amazing these leather leggings and featured this turtleneck on Wednesday (ooops!) so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. If you should purchase any two staples for this winter season let it be these two; the leggings are also available in taupe and black making them even more incredible, now you can wear them EVERYDAY (I won’t judge you).

Happy Friday, and stay warm!



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