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August 17, 2015


DSC_0557 EDITEDDSC_0568 editedDSC_0596 editedDSC_0579 editedDSC_0576 editedDSC_0624 editedDetails: Urban Outfitters long sleeved crop top, similar here | Volcom cutoffs via (local shop) Brave New World  | Superga slip-on sneakers c/o J. Jill, here |

A while ago I read Rachael Brathen’s book Yoga Girl and recently I’ve found myself reciting some of her quotes about change, being present and letting go of people, a past, or things that are just no longer serving you. Change is hard, it’s really never easy; there’s always going to be some amount of fear when you’re making a change. I’m moving to a new city next month, and although I’m excited for a new chapter I’m scared shitless. What if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to? Or what if I hate it? I’ve been finding myself worrying about more things that could go wrong rather than all of the things that could go right. Do we all do that or is just me? This change that I’m making is not exactly planned out the way the “typical” Jackie Dunn plans things, it’s totally out of character, not organized and a bit chaotic. I’m taking a leap of faith and trusting that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. But in the midst of all the crazy that I’m making for myself, I’m feeling excited, not just about the physical move, but that I’m learning about this other part of me that I didn’t really know existed. This chaotic, unorganized, spontaneous and really fun Jackie that I’ve never met before. Sometimes I feel that my past was so calculated, so controlled, and for this moment in my life I don’t have a plan and I feel genuinely OK with that. Don’t get me wrong it’s terrifying, but I’ll be okay. This particular shoot, I was with my mom in a secluded field and I really wasn’t thinking, I was just being and laughing—livingWe consume ourselves with so many “expectations” that we see on Instagram, Facebook, TV and we actually begin to forget what it is to really live. Life 10 years ago wasn’t a highly filtered Instagram picture of a glass of wine by the ocean, it was in the basement of one of my friend’s houses making music videos, it was landlines instead of text messages and it was hardcore belly aching laughs instead of LOLs. I’m a victim of social media and sometimes I feel I can’t really escape. But in this moment I wasn’t thinking about how many likes I was going to get or if my hair looked good, I was just surrounded by silence and fresh air–it felt so good. I want to remember exactly how I felt here whenever I let the crazy get the best of me. I decided this was an ideal post for a Monday, to remind you that everyone experiences the feeling of life being too much and that taking a minute to go outside and just be, will be the smack in the face back to reality that you need. Also, sometimes I listen to this to give myself a reminder that everything’s always going to be okay (guilty pleasure).

OH and about my outfit… my cutoffs are from a super cool surf shop Brave New World in Point Pleasant, NJ my top is from Urban Outfitters and these A-MAZING slip on sneaks are Superga courtesy of J. Jill. It’s a simple look, but it’s a definitely a feel good one.

One more thing “Drink lots of water, take deep breaths and don’t take life as seriously as your mind makes it out to be”– Rachael Brathen

Happy Monday!


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July 8, 2015


DSC_1114 editedDSC_1131 editedDSC_1130 editedDSC_1128 editedDSC_1150Details: Sun-bleached tank dress c/o J. Jill, here  | Sophie Harper circle pave necklace, from my Rocksbox; use code jacquelineduxoxo to receive your first month free |

If I could, I would be a professional beach bum. I love the heat, I love the sand and anyone who knows me, knows that I will beach it from 7am-7pm. A day at the beach is therapeutic to me, there are absolutely no judgments passed; you’re make-up free, wearing only your bathing suit– it’s liberating and it’s when I feel most at peace. Like any beach bum in training, I always have more than enough sunscreen (most of the time) and a super cute cover up. My J. Jill pink sun-bleached tank dress has become a serious beach staple. It’s loose, airy and appropriate enough for an afternoon lunch date. Now, if I could just make it through this work day I’d be one more closer to a beach weekend.




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June 28, 2015


DSC_1100 editedDSC_1102 editedDSC_1115 editedDSC_1125 editedDSC_1121 editedDSC_1038 editedDetails: Pure Jill open stitch pull over c/o J. Jill, here  | J.Crew Matchstick white denim pants, here  | Franco Sarto open toe pumps via Marshall’s, similar here |

Since I posted an all white look for the winter season, I decided it was only appropriate to do so for the summer as well. We all know the saying ‘less is more’ and that’s especially true for an all white ensemble. Some people feel the need to overcompensate for such a minimalist look, but letting your look speak for itself is sometimes the best policy. I won’t lie, I did consider a necklace of some sort, however this Pure Jill open stitch top needs no accessory. Its delicate stitching provides an intricate look when layered over a crisp white tank. Coming from someone who has a closet filled with white and ivory tops, believe me when I say this is in my top 5. It’s different from all the others I’ve come across, and regardless of if you’re wearing it with white denim or cutoff shorts it manages to look clean and classic.




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June 22, 2015


DSC_0968 editedDSC_0973 editedDSC_0976 editedDSC_0972 editedDSC_0993DSC_0988 editedDetails: J. Jill textured-stripe linen shirt c/o, here  | Garage Clothing boyfriend jeans, here  | Pure Jill d’Orsay flats c/o J. Jill, here |

Lately, I’ve been taking full advantage of the leisure that comes with weekends and have been adjusting my weekend style for the better. Instead of getting hung up on the ‘perfect’ outfit, I’ve been wearing  what feels right. My Garage Clothing boyfriend jeans have become my yoga pants’ replacement (yes, I said yoga pants!) they are just as comfortable and there’s no judgement passed. As you can tell,  I’ve been all about linen this summer—it’s light, easy and effortless. In fact, my striped J.Jill linen shirt has been serving as my summer “overcoat”, I’ve been pairing it over everything from a simple tee to my bathing suit. The neutral grey and white stripes help highlight the fun subtle colors of red, yellow and soft pink, making it a definitive summer staple.




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May 26, 2015


IMG_8254 editedIMG_8255 (1) editedIMG_8284 editedIMG_8318 (1) editedIMG_8319 (1) editedIMG_8336 edited

Details: Pure Jill ombre kimono c/o J. Jill, here | Zara boyfriend jeans, similar here | Franco Sarto taupe sandals, similar here  | Silver statement necklace, locally purchased from Ladyfinger’s boutique 

Going to work after a long weekend is the ABSOLUTE worst. Fortunately, I have something to day dream about since my weekend consisted of  a beach breeze, hot dogs and wine. I mentioned in my last post that  I’ve been super stressed lately, there are decisions to be made and so much to get into place that it’s hard to enjoy all of the beauty in my life. Sometimes you need to just vent and talk it out and that’s exactly what I was able to do this weekend, as a result I’m feeling refreshed and at ease. So to complement those new found feelings I decided to take it to my wardrobe with this Pure Jill ombre kimono. The ocean hues coupled with its woven linen material makes it exceptionally breezy and relaxed. With something so comfortable it as a no brainer to pair it with boyfriend jeans, they’re right up there on my comfort scale next to yoga pants. And we can’t deny that a cute and easy shoe is hard to come by; it’s true, these Franco Sarto taupe flats have stolen my heart this summer I haven’t been able to wear anything else.

Now, let the day dreaming begin–Happy Tuesday!



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May 20, 2015


IMG_8403 editedIMG_8411 editedIMG_8410 editedIMG_8434 editedIMG_8427 editedIMG_8419 editedDetails: Tiered linen dress c/o J. Jill, here  | Lulu’s tan espadrille wedges, here  |

We’re heading into a nice long beachy weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know what I love more, the beach or linen. I’ve been on  such a linen kick lately and while my tan isn’t up to par yet, I still have no shame in bearing my shoulders and legs. But with holidays, comes excess food intake and while I fully expect to gorge on lobster and french fries, I still want to look good–duh! So obviously I trusted in my style confidant—the white linen dress. This tiered dress not only makes it easy to conceal any potential food babies, but its effortless flow gives it that boho-chic vibe that I can’t get enough of lately. Plain and simple this dress just gets me, and there’s nothing better than an understanding garment.



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April 27, 2015


IMG_3483 edited 2IMG_3500 edited 2IMG_3509 edited 2

IMG_3501 editedIMG_3463 edited 2Details: ZARA boyfriend jeans, similar here | Pure Jill texture pullover c/o J. Jill, here  | ZARA two piece neutral flats, similar here |

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The sun was shining AGAIN this weekend, can you believe it?!  It was a little on the breezy side, but spring was definitely making her presence known. I (prematurely) banished my chunky knits and long sleeved layers from my wardrobe, but weather permitting, I’ve begun a collection of spring knits. This light-weight pullover is a J. Jill favorite of mine; at first I was concerned it would look baggy on me, but I was delightfully mistaken. It’s a flattering fit; the top is sleek, but loosely fitted, and the flared bottom half gives it that boho-chic vibe—OBSESSED. I haven’t stopped wearing it lately and considering it’s on sale now I may need to purchase another. It’s difficult to find spring sweaters, up until now I’ve felt like Goldi Locks—some are too chunky, others too thin, but this one is just PERFECT. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans, and decided to slip on some flats. There’s no telling what Mother Nature has left in store for us, so hang on to your knits!

April 20, 2015


IMG_2228 editedIMG_2223 editedIMG_2257 editedIMG_2312 editedIMG_2303 editedIMG_2349 editedIMG_2379%20editedDetails: Pure Jill linen kimono in white c/o J. Jill, here  | paisley mix print joggers (old) quiksilver via Lulu’s, similar here  | Ray-ban aviators, here  |

After spending the weekend up in Lake Congamond in Southwick, MA it’s seriously brutal coming back to reality. With a weekend full of canoeing, summer ale and french fries, you could say I’ve been bit by the summer bug. Needless to say, my excessive eating of salty foods has me feeling a little fluffy this morning. So while I fully intend on spending this Monday day-dreaming of  relaxing by the water with a good book, I decided the least I could do was dress as if I were. As you know I’ve been on quite the linen kick lately, so I pulled out my white linen kimono from J. Jill and paired it with the obvious choice– my paisley mix print joggers. It’s the perfect light-weight look, and while this is particularly an oversized outfit, it doesn’t appear sloppy or ill-fitting. It’s sleek, comfy and easy—no sign of fluffy-ness here! I hope you’re recovering better than I am from this beautiful weekend.

Wishing you a very short Monday!



April 15, 2015


IMG_0979 editedIMG_0967 editedIMG_1027 editedIMG_1053 editedIMG_1090 editedIMG_1108 editedDetails: Yarn-dyed linen ‘big shirt’ in freesia/white c/o J. Jill, here  | Banana Republic graphic tee (on sale!!) here | Forever 21 acid wash skinny jeans in light grey, here |

There’s nothing better than walking around the city in nothing  but a light-weight linen shirt. Goodbye puffy coat, it’s been real. This lax look consists of a graphic tee that serves as a sweet reminder to never stop dreaming and always continue to work for what you want; life’s really too short not to. And I took it back to the 90’s with these light grey acid wash jeans;I totally felt like DJ Tanner— and how could I have completed this outfit with out my chucks!? Since spring has officially sprung I can’t imagine ever wearing winter layers or snow boots again. It’s so liberating to walk around coatless and with bare ankles. And I think I’ve met my match with this baby blue linen shirt. It’s comfortably sophisticated, can be paired over a bathing suit or dressed up with with wide leg pants—the options are endless.

Here’s to endless iced coffees, coatless days, and linen loves!



March 25, 2015


IMG_7766 editedIMG_7778 (1) edited 2IMG_7777 (1) editedIMG_7802 EDITEDIMG_7761 edited

Details: Baja hoodie (aka drug rug) purchased locally at Old Glory, similar here  | J. Jill slim fit boyfriend jeans, here  | Sperry Topsider Wilma Chukka boot, here  |

I have another guilty pleasure to confess, and while I may have already spilled some in my bio–there’s more. Instead of boring you with how often I binge on reality TV or occasionally like to eat whip cream out of the can or the fact that I could quite FRANKly live off of hot dogs for the rest of my life– oh that reminds guilty pleasure #802—corny puns. Okay I’m done. Today, I have a clothing guilty pleasure to share—I have this thing for “drug rug” hoodies, more appropriately known as Baja hoodies.  I’m shamelessly sharing with you my weekend, errand-running, lazy sunday-ing staple hoodie, but it’s not like all of my other heather grey sweatshirts that were purchased as mementos on family vacations or to serve as proof that I did in fact visit Harvard…bookstore. This is a badass, boho-chic, hoodie with a past kind of “sweatshirt” and no matter what Giuliana Rancic may accuse me of, this will not leave my wardrobe.

To add to these comfy vibes, I included my Sperry Topsider boots; they have been my go-to lately and if I could successfully wear them with ALL dresses and skirts I would (guilty pleasure #803). Well, I think I’ve shared enough!



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