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June 26, 2015


DSC_0683 editedDSC_0659 editedDSC_0664 editedDSC_0717 editedDSC_0720 editedDetails: SheInside blue and white floral crop top and short set, here  | Franco Sarto sandals via Marshall’s, here  |

I’ve always been partial to a matching crop top and short set, in fact this isn’t my first time posting about one. However, this set (one that my boyfriend tells me I look like a tea pot in) only because the intricate pattern reminds him of an ACTUAL oriental tea set. And after talking to friends and questioning my own boyfriend, I’ve come to a conclusion that there are a good deal of guys out there that have a strong distaste for rompers, jumpsuits and matching sets. Nonetheless, I don’t really care what anyone thinks but I was wondering why they hate them so much. Maybe it reminds some of their childhood, where they were forced to pose in family photos donning a onesie or a matching ensemble from their great Aunt Mary. I get that, and understand how haunting a memory that could be, especially since  it’s one they will never be able to live it down. But I hate to break it to you boys, onesies and sets are here to stay—for now. I like this one in particular because of its pattern; I don’t have anything like it and I’m partial to crisp white and royal blue. It’s definitely an outfit you can dress up or down, I took a more casual approach with my Franco Sarto gladiator sandals (which are SO comfortable btw). If you’re a lover of matching sets and onesies, rock them all season long—you look FABULOUS!




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June 8, 2015


DSC_0260 editedDSC_0259 editedDSC_0233 editedDSC_0286 edited


Details: Billabong long white dress via Lulu’s (old), similar here  | Franco Sarto taupe two strap sandals, similar here |

This time last week I was packing and planning for a getaway in Cancun, Mexico (sigh)— what I would give to be beachside with a mudslide in hand right now. Just to catch you up, my boyfriend and I went to Cancun and stayed at an amazing all inclusive, Fiesta Americana Condesa. This was the second all inclusive I’ve stayed at and I have to say I would go back again and again and again–hahah! The resort was absolutely beautiful and the weather did not disappoint (stay tuned for a full review later this week). Back to the outfits, it’s not too difficult to plan looks for a trip to Mexico; bras are optional and no matter what you’ll never be considered underdressed. My white maxi dress was definitely the star of my vacation wardrobe, it hid my sunburnt knees and is light enough to feel comfortable in the blissful heat. Honestly, there’s nothing more necessary than a white dress for the summer months; it’s crisp, clean and sophisticated the perfect option for a BBQ or a night out in Mexico ;). I purchased this dress last year from Lulu’s and it’s Billabong, BUT I did include another amazing option, that I may have to purchase myself.

Stay tuned for more vacay looks this week!



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May 6, 2015


IMG_4489 editedIMG_4494 editedIMG_4498 editedIMG_4530 editedIMG_4491 edited 2Details: Banana Republic navy cropped pants, here  | ZARA mesh abstract designed top, similar here | Franco Sarto open toe heels via Marshalls, similar here |

There’s a story behind this shirt and while it’s really not significant, it’s still a story. I purchased this shirt last summer during my lunch break at work because the shirt I had been wearing that day was too low cut and the pin I had securing the closure was no long doing its job. So since I had a valid reason to go on a mini shopping outing I decided to visit ZARA;  if I was going to get a new shirt to wear I was going to get one that I’d wear often, there’s no sense in investing in something you’ll only wear once. Anyway, I came across this half mesh/abstract scribble designed shirt and I just had to have it, mostly because of the fit. It’s not a crop top; it literally just fits the way a shirt should fit. Oooo! plus the sheer mesh panels give it a fun edge and a touch of sex appeal. It’s funny that I left work to get a more conservative top only to return with an equally revealing one; in my defense it wasn’t nearly as noticeable and was 100 times more comfortable. Isn’t it strange that whenever I wear this top I always recall that considerably insignificant day?  I guess clothing can do that to you, in fact one of my coworkers mentioned this week that if she has an exceptionally bad day in a particular outfit or article of clothing she stays away from it for a couple weeks—precautionary measures I guess. I kinda like how clothing can stir up emotions, or make you recall old (insignificant or significant) stories it makes it that much more powerful. Do any of your clothes hold stories?

Ooooh! Yay we made it to hump day!



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April 29, 2015


IMG_3871 (1) editedIMG_3896 editedIMG_3909 editedIMG_3922 editedIMG_3925 editedDetails: Black shift by Marc New York by Andrew Marc via Marshall’s, similar style here  | Franco Sarto sandals via Marshall’s (last year), similar here |

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Is it Friday yet? On a scale of 1 to 10, this week has been a 6 and I know it’s only Wednesday but things have just been so off for me these past couple days. My coworkers and I have been relying on NY Metro’s horoscopes to get us through each day—-yea, exactly my point, it’s that kind of week. The last thing I really want to think about is putting an outfit together for work. And after my binge at Marshall’s a couple weeks ago, I found the perfect shift dress to get me through a week of mediocrity. Yes–you heard me correctly, this AMAZING Andrew Marc dress is yet ANOTHER #FABFIND from Marshall’s, I mean hello?! It has pockets. But what I love most, (pockets aside) is the mandarin collar, I just have a thing for them. With such a collar, there’s really no need for a statement necklace, it does the work for you—less is always more. I paired it with my chunk Franco Sarto sandals (another #FABFIND) to save my feet for the day. Today may not be an easy one, but at least my outfit is.

Sorry for being a Debbie guys, I hope you have a short and sweet Wednesday loves!


March 19, 2015


IMG_7919 editedIMG_7950 editedIMG_7905 editedIMG_7930 editedIMG_7939 edited

Details: H&M slim fit camo pants, here  | grey faux layered leather jacket, similar here  | black Franco Sarto booties, similar here |

Okay, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!– And it’s a snowstorm, sorry for being melodramatic, but SERIOUSLY!? is this a joke? I feel like Mother Nature has a sick and twisted sense of humor and I’m over it. Instead of wearing a light sweater and my chinos, I’m resorting to camo pants and my faux layered leather jacket—OH and let’s not forget— my puffer coat. While this color combination is a bit monochromatic it’s timeless and ideal for casual Friday. The faux layering grey sweatshirt-esque  inlet perfectly gives the illusion that I’m a layer master and have absolutely no bulk layer lumps. 

Hopefully layered looks will be a thing of the past very soon, but until then this will have to do!



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