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June 12, 2019


Details: Ivory Denim Overall Dress via Forever21, here | Franco Sarto Takara Espadrille Wedge Sandals, here | Mustard Cuff-Sleeve Bodysuit via Forever21, here | Top Knot Headband via Primark, similar here|

I have yet to find a dress that I can successfully where while commuting. I’m still not sure how to combat the random subway wind gusts that swoop dresses and skirts up to your back. And you know how some people have commuting shoes, like sneakers or flip flops? That small reprieve before slipping into your pumps and clopping all over the office. Perhaps I could slip on shorts under my dress and just accept the potential stares and puzzled looks. Or do I just wing it and say, “If you see my butt, you see my butt. Keep walking. Move along.” Still unsure how I’ll handle this during the increasingly warm summer months, but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

In case it’s not clear, I’ve stocked up on dresses this summer season. Everything from long flowy maxis to short overall dresses like this one, I’ve been a dress fiend. I LOVE this overall dress because its ivory color makes it sophisticated, while its denim fabric makes it flirty and cute. I especially love the light tortoise colored belt and buttons. I decided to try and accent them with a deep mustard bodysuit, but you can definitely style this a multitude of ways with varying colors and patterns. This is certainly a dress I’ll have to be conscious of walking up the subway steps in but I’m certain I’ll find a solution. As for accessories, did you catch my adorable top knot headband?! I can’t believe I found a headband I can semi pull off. I love this because it’s not a full circle headband, it’s a traditional one so it actually stays on my head. I got two of them at Primark and they were $4!! Too cute and this one happens to work PERFECTLY with my outfit.

So, as I continue to figure out how to successfully commute in a dress, I’ll let you know. However, if you have some tips, PLEASE let a girl know. Happy sticky commuter legs season, everyone!



February 21, 2018


Details: Forever 21 Ribbed Multicolor Sweater, similar here | American Eagle High-Waisted jeans, similar here | Forever 21 Faux Leather Combat Boots, here

Guys! It was unexpectedly 70-degrees yesterday and I couldn’t even believe it. Today is supposed to be just as warm, but my pale skin is not prepared for gorgeous sunshine and blue skies. That being said,  I won’t be donning shorts, skirts or dresses, but instead, I will channel the brighter weather with this multicolor cropped sweater and bold yellow drop earrings. I always seem to channel retro 70’s style, and I think it’s because I love wearing bright colors and letting my hair flow in waves. I ditched bell bottoms for tapered high-waisted skinny jeans and slid on some combat boots, making this an elevated 2018 70’s inspired look, right?! Once my skin is tanner, I can wear this sweater layered under overalls and over a cute denim dress…the options are endless! I’m also not getting too excited about these warmer temps in February because we’re supposed to get some snow on Thursday. Thanks for the reality check, Mother Nature!

Hope your day is filled with sunshine, whether it’s from within or outside. Shine on my beautiful babes!



May 10, 2017


Details: Lipault Paris Miss Plume XS Backpack, here  | Banana Republic white denim wide leg pants, similar here | Forever 21 sleeveless top (last year), similar here |

The rules of no white after Labor Day are long forgotten and since it’s taking a lot longer for the spring weather to settle in, I decided to pull out my wide leg white denim and take on an all white look. It’s so funny that such a neutral everyday color (lack thereof) used to be such a faux pas. I mean, no one ever says you can’t wear black in the summer. Ivory, egg shell, stark white–they’ve also been kind to me during the summer months. And while you’ll rarely see me accessorizing with a bag or tote (I’m a wallet only kinda girl), I have to say this perfect Pink Gold Lipault Paris Backpack is a summer must-have. It’s small enough not to be cumbersome, but roomy enough to fit everything you need for a day of shopping or on the beach. Gone are the days when pink gold was only worn around your neck or on your ears. The color has become a serious statement in the apparel and accessory industries. And despite what some may think, it has also become quite a neutral for the summer. At one time, metallics and shimmer used to be considered flashy or “over the top”, now they’re just as necessary as your nude pumps or black clutch. Don’t wait around for the weather, just dress like it’s already spring and the sunshine will follow ( I hope)!



June 21, 2016


IMG_7303DSC_0360editedIMG_7229 (1)DSC_0472editedIMG_7205 (1)IMG_7391 editedIMG_7280editedFullSizeRenderIMG_7377 (2)Details: Forever 21 keyhole white and pink one piece bathing suit, similar style here | H&M black and magenta bathing suit, here |

Josh and I just spent a week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande and I have to say it was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever been on. Whenever we go on vacation together we always come back with a new set of inside jokes that we continue to talk about long after we leave the resort. It’s fun to have those memories to hang on to especially when you have to return to the office. This is the second all inclusive resort I’ve ever been to and the food was delicious, the drinks were strong and the room was beautiful. Last summer we went to Cancun and while we absolutely loved the fish tacos and all of that resort’s amenities, Moon Palace definitely has it beat. It offered various activities right on the resort so there was no need to travel anywhere else. For instance, we swam with the dolphins and since we were staying there 5 nights, we received a certain amount of ‘resort credits, leaving us only having to pay 16% of the ‘swimming with dolphin’ fee of $149, which came to $43–I was  shocked by this and was sure there would be some type of catch. I’m still holding my breath, but when we checked out there were no additional fees (fingers crossed). We even went on a sunset catamaran cruise for $23–unreal right!? The best part was that we didn’t need to waste half of our day driving to catch the boat because the pier we were instructed to meet at was AT the resort–everything you could ever want was all right there! Aside from our excursions, we spent the majority of our days hopping from the pool to the beach sipping on pina colada’s and cracking jokes. We also took part in the free paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing they had to offer. Oh, and Josh would definitely want me to mention the Flow Rider surfing simulation thing that he became a pro at–I even tried it! For those of you that know me, know that I’m not big into activities, especially if it interferes with my beach bum time, but I did some things that were a bit out of my comfort zone this vacation and it felt amazing. I included a photo of me in crow pose because it was one of the poses that took me the longest to accomplish. I hit my head on the floor a half a dozen times until I got it down. But you see, that was in a dark yoga room where no one else but me could really see my failures (they definitely heard them though).  I’ve always been fearful of what others might think of me if I messed up or fell face first and this fear has severely interfered with me wanting to try new things. That’s what I love most about Josh, he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. He fell so hard about a dozen times on that Flow Rider and every time, he popped back up laughing and smiling. By the end of our trip, he was just as good as the instructors. It goes to show you that by embracing your failures, whether it’s with a belly flop or a nose dive into your yoga mat, you’re sure to come out on the other side a much stronger and more well-rounded person, maybe even with a new trick or two under your belt.  So while all of you thought I was bellying up to the bar and baking in the sun without a thought in my mind, I absolutely was, but I also learned a bit more about myself in the process ;).



March 2, 2016


DSC_0408editedDSC_0405editedDSC_0409editedDSC_0415editedDSC_0416editedDSC_0421editedDetails: Forever 21 pink long sleeve crop top, similar here | High waisted navy shorts, similar here | L’eggs sheer black tights, here |

I’ve always been a fan of crop tops, but with my pale belly, I’m reluctant to go full on crop until the appropriate spring weather has set in. In the meantime, I decided to give my high waisted shorts some love and pair my baby pink Forever 21 crop top with them. I’ve been in a wardrobe rut lately, I don’t know what it is, I think it has something to do with how pale I am, but this outfit has certainly sparked some inspiration and I’m already seeking out some necessary spring wardrobe essentials. I watched Clueless over the weekend and was reminded that it’s important to have fun with your outfits and use them as your main source of self-expression. I talk about this all the time, but I can’t say I always practice what I preach. Work is…work and sometimes it’s more important for me to feel comfortable than it is for me to think about what outfit I’m going to feel the most “me” in, or how the world is perceiving me based on my standard skinny jeans and black top. This may not be the best approach, and I should be a bit more conscious of how I dress for work. Because it’s true, when you’re dressed in something you LOVE it shows. It shows in every aspect of your life; in your work you may feel more confident and lead your team into an amazing brainstorm session, socially you may be more outgoing and spontaneous, inviting new friends into your circle. The vibration you send out to the universe comes back to you—make it a good one.



February 12, 2016


DSC_0120editedDSC_0114editedDSC_0155editedDSC_0144editedDSC_0170editedDSC_0178editedDSC_0190editedDetails: Forever 21 orange ribbed cut-out top, similar here |

Shoulder cut-out tops and dresses are making a comeback and I  have to admit I’ve never been fond of this look. I think the last time I wore a cut-out shirt was in 7th grade, in my loud teal Limited Too graphic cut-out. After being bombarded by cut-outs, in what felt like every store I bit the bullet and gave this coral Forever 21 ribbed top a shot. I have to say it’s not as tacky as I thought. Baring your shoulders adds an element of sex appeal and  I’m able to maintain some warmth with its 3/4 sleeves. The cold weather often forces me to stay bundled, so I don’t attempt to don any sleeveless tops, but it makes for a very limited and unexciting winter wardrobe. The addition of some cut-outs may just be the key to breaking my outfit monotony. I might even add one more to the mix!

January 27, 2016


DSC_1185editedDSC_1216editedDSC_1193editedDSC_1224editedDSC_1222editedDetails: Forever 21 Longline Open-Front jacket, here | Banana Republic black turtleneck, here | Gap legging jeans, here | Black booties, similar here |

Lately, I feel like I have NOTHING to wear. I know that sounds crazy, especially if you take a look at my closet(s), but I think I’m in a style rut. It definitely has to do with the cold weather and I know it’ll pass but it’s really throwing me off. In an effort to get out of this wardrobe funk I pulled out a spring favorite of mine. This longline open-front Forever 21 jacket was a staple for me last spring so I decided to bring it back to life during these cold winter months. It’s a great layering piece and it’s light enough to wear under my clunky winter coat. There’s no better color combo than black and tan, which is why I resorted to my trusted black turtleneck as its counterpart. Honestly, you’d be surprised by how many spring pieces you can convert to winter. I still think I should go shopping…just to be on the safe side!



May 29, 2015


IMG_8793 editedIMG_8761 edited 1IMG_8798 editedIMG_8748 editedIMG_8754 editedDetails: Forever 21 crochet/lace baby pink shorts, similar style here | Banana Republic sleeveless ivory top, similar here | Franco Sarto sandals, similar here |

I’m going away on vacation next week to Cancun, and I couldn’t be more excited! The only issue I have with beachy getaways is figuring out what to pack, I tend to over pack which causes frustration to those traveling with me. But this time I’m going to pack light—probably… Anyway, I’m feeling exceptionally flirty today and decided the best way to express my flirtation is with these baby pink crochet shorts. I don’t know much of what I’m bringing, but these are definitely on my list. They’re super comfy and despite their intricately feminine design, can be worn casually–hence my Franco Sarto flats. I paired it with a loose fitting ivory top to offset the floral details and its semi-plunge adds an element of sophistication making it s serious summer staple.

Eeekkk! I’m too excited to blog right now!—and I should probably pack

Happy Friday!




April 17, 2015


IMG_0711 editedIMG_0670 edited 2IMG_0721 edited 2IMG_0691 edited 2IMG_0778 editedDetails: Urban Outfitters grey ‘Crossing Over Cropped Top’, here  | H&M dark acid wash high waisted jeans, here  or here  | Long side-slit blazer, Forever 21 here | BCBGMAXAZRIA pumps via Marshall’s |

After this week, I am SO ready for the weekend! Since I treated myself to some new spring favorites last week, I couldn’t be more anxious to start mixing, matching and creating some spring looks. Considering I’ll be traveling up to MA today I decided to go with a casual outfit that transitions easily from work to play—Okay… I’ll be honest I had given up on Forever 21; I was tired of the short lifespan of their clothes and was frustrated by the lack of quality, but like all good loves I gave them a second chance. Um thank god I did!—as soon as I laid my eyes on this long side-slit blazer my heart was theirs again. This piece is elegant and easy; I paired it with dark acid wash high-waisted jeans and a simple fitted cross-over crop top— the blazer makes it office appropriate while the simplicity of the pants and top make it acceptable for a beer at the bar.

Happy Friday Loves!



April 6, 2015


IMG_7846 editedIMG_7856edited 2IMG_7855 (1) editedIMG_7872 editedIMG_7873 edited

Details: Banana Republic’s ‘Roll up City Chino’, here  | Forever 21 navy/white striped swearer, here | Levi’s denim vest, similar here | Sperry Topsider ‘Wilma’ bootie, here |

A long weekend always seems to result in a low-key and comfy Monday morning look. Today I kept it fairly casual with my roll up chino pants, a simple sweater and of course my denim vest– a trend I don’t think I’ll ever be able to kick. My Levi’s denim vest has gone on a bit of a hiatus, but it has slowly made its way back and I find it to be the perfect piece of nostalgia to complement an outfit. It’s funny how a piece of clothing can bring me back to a piece of my childhood; in my denim vest I revisit Friday nights of eating pizza and watching TGIF on abc anxiously waiting for ‘Boy Meets World’ and ‘Sister Sister’ to come on. The simplest memories always seem to be the best, as are the simplest articles of clothing. It’s the ease of a denim vest that makes it hard not to love; it can be worn in a variety of ways and it always seems to provoke a fond memory in someone. Whether it’s the person wearing it or not,  I can’t tell you how many times people have come up to me as if they’re in the company of an old friend at the sight of my vest. There’s no better way to face a Monday than with a good ole friend.

Happy Monday!




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