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January 21, 2016




Details: Clad & Cloth Desperado sweater, here  | Black denim pants, similar here |

So I was perusing Instagram when I came across this Clad & Cloth ‘Desperado’ sweater. My thumb froze and I knew I had to get my hands on it. However, to my dismay it was SOLD OUT, so I emailed CC and waited patiently for it to be restocked and as soon as it did I completed my check out before it was gone. Honestly, I never thought I could love an oversized cozy sweater more than this one. When I’m wrapped up in this beauty it feels as though I’m being cuddled in a warm itch free blanket. The only wardrobe roadblock I’ve come across is deciding what color pants to wear. My good ole’ blue jeans make me feel like I’m emulating Oscar The Grouch, so I decided to stick with black denim or black leggings. I’d say this looks pretty perfect, don’t you think? I suppose you could also incorporate a tan/beige pant if you’re looking to add some brightness. I think I’ve actually met my match with  this one. When my lips are chapped, my skin is dry, and I’m dreading waking up for work I throw ‘Desperado’ on and I’m instantly inside the arms of a cuddly teddybear; not to mention it cures the Monday blues like nothing else. Get bundling… a storm is on its way!



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