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July 22, 2015


IMG_6019 editedIMG_6007 editedIMG_5989 editedIMG_6040 editedIMG_6044 editedIMG_6054 editedDetails: SheInside pink lace embellished dress, here | Ann Taylor taupe pumps (old), similar here |

Last night…well actually for about a month now, I’ve been listening to my best friend stress over what to wear to the summer weddings she’s attending. Since I spent the night with her going over choices, and her being as indecisive as ever I decided to dedicate this post to finding the best dress. As you know, guest of the wedding dress shopping is quite a heavy task, especially when you’re attending a wedding with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You want to look stunning, without trying too hard; you don’t want to oversell the fact that you look amazing–it has to look effortless as if you just happened to find a dress hanging in your closet. When I choose my dresses for weddings, I first gauge the type of crowd I’ll be surrounded by and work from there. If it’s a more ‘mature’ group I’ll choose something modest and elegant, if it’s a  less ‘mature’ (hahah) I like to wear something flirty and body-conscious. The dress I chose for my most recent wedding is this lace embellished one from SheInside; it’s the best of both. Its high neck and lace details make it modestly sophisticated, while the body-con fit highlights my assets and adds some sex appeal. It’s by far my favorite and will be making appearances at many upcoming weddings. As for my friend, she has finally decided on a dress at least I think so, actually I’m not really sure at least it’s down to three options–it’ll  have to be a game time decision; there’s no helping some people ;).






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