March 9, 2016


DSC_0083editedDSC_0097editedDSC_0069.editedDSC_0110editedDSC_0102editedDSC_0122Details: Pure Jill Long Draped Jacket c/o J.Jill, here | Gap dark blue legging jeans, similar here | Urban Outfitters chambray shirt, similar here |

Last night we welcomed a super new moon in Pisces. This super new moon signifies change and new beginnings,  and as we know, every new beginning is derived from the end of something. During this time, it is important to start believing in yourself, believe that your dreams are possible. It’s time for YOU to start manifesting what you really want out of life and make it happen. I first became interested in astrology when I was working at an energy depleting office. I strongly believe in negative and positive energy, and how they can so drastically help and hurt your mindset, goals, outlook etc. It’s true if you don’t actually believe you are deserving of that dream job, guy, house etc. then it won’t happen. You know the office mope who thinks everyone is out to get him? Or that one friend who always has to complain about something? Their energy isn’t serving you, so take some time this month to create a vision board, journal, or write yourself an email of what you really want in life and know that you are the one with the power to make it happen. There are some changes ahead for me this month, and for the first time, I’m not concerned. I think by practicing being conscious of the vibes I’m throwing out into the universe and receiving such positive feedback in return, I’m sure that I can handle whatever comes my way.

Sorry for getting off topic, but just like a change in the universe, we’ll also begin to experience a change in season and a new season means new clothes–DUH!  I always feel that spring and summer are the seasons that we become a bit more self-conscious. All of that bundling up we’ve done over the winter, those extra pounds we’ve buried under our chunky knits are forced to come to light. It’s important not to be so hard on yourself and to cut yourself some slack. Start slowly. I’ve picked up my yoga routine and have found comfort in some of my lighter, more form-fitting knits. My arms have never been paler and as we creep into spring, I’m desperate for some vitamin D, but in the meantime, I’ll resort to my trusted Pure Jill Draped Jacket to cover my Casper arms. It’s super cozy and complements a variety of colors and patterns. I styled it over a dueling denim combination denim. It’s a look I’ve never really believed in until I tried it for myself. I have to say, I don’t hate it. In fact, I like how sleek and complementary the varying shades of blue look together. As we are thrown into new beginnings and dealing with endings, just remember you are the one with the power. If you want that job as an Art Director, go get it. Looking for the man of your dreams, you’ll find him. I’m telling you, it’s true what they say, you get what you give. Put out positive energy and receive positive “results” in return. It’s so easy to complain about the stupid shit, but it’s so much more fun to enjoy everything you already have. You honestly can do anything if you just put your mind to it, and that’s the truth. Go out there and kick some serious butt this month!




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