May 25, 2016


DSC_0039EDITEDDSC_0023editedDSC_0031editedDSC_0013editedDSC_0057editedDSC_0058editedDSC_0067editedDSC_0068editedDetails: Boardwalk Open Stitch Poncho c/o J.Jill, here | American Eagle Artist Crop white denim pants, here | Franco Sarto wedges via Marshalls, similar here |

The weekend we’ve been waiting for is finally here! I don’t know about you, but Memorial Day weekend has always been one of my favorite weekends of the summer. It’s as if we’re all finally waking up from the fog that was winter and we’re ready to interact with one another while enjoying the summer sun. Seriously, the warmer weather brings out the best in people. Driving to work has actually been a pleasure lately (REMINDER: I’m in Boston, so this is a rarity). People are less reluctant to let you scootch into the clogged up rotary and I even received a ‘thank you’ wave from this lady I let cut in front of me–big things are happening! When I think of Memorial Day weekend, I often reminisce of the summers where I had little to no responsibility and was most concerned about getting as tan as humanly possible. Those were the days, weren’t they?! I would literally sit on the beach with my Disc Man from 8:30am  to 6pm (or until my mom called me that dinner was ready) and bake in the sun. For those who have vacationed with me, know that I am a genuine beach bum. I can literally do NOTHING on the beach ALL day and be 100% content.  In fact, I don’t even like to partake in beach activities, I’d rather lay lifeless in the sand. I especially miss those summer nights (out in the beach parking lot), the ones where sun got the best of you and that light summer breeze gives you goosebumps so you’re “forced” to rely on your favorite sweatshirt, which was more likely than not an oversized, Abercrombie and Fitch: Fierce scented, ratty sweatshirt whose owner was a shaggy-haired boy who you were currently swooning over. Ahh yes–that certainly screams summer to me. Unfortunately, my age doesn’t allow me to get away with such juvenile styles anymore and instead I’ve invested in the perfect post-sun summer poncho. Before you freak out about ponchos in the summer, just hear me out–this one has arm holes AND fringe. I can shamelessly say, I wore this poncho twice this weekend–Saturday and Sunday. It’s super light-weight, its neutral color makes pairing easy, and it can be worn over your bathing suit for those long beach days that turn into nights. You can be certain that I already have this packed for the weekend. And while I won’t be hanging out in a beach parking lot with shaggy-haired boys, I still plan to kick off the summer the only way I know how–at the beach with my favorites.  I guess some things don’t really ever change and I’m grateful for that.




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