June 24, 2015


DSC_0767 editedDSC_0821 editedDSC_0763 editedDSC_0802 editedDSC_0847DSC_0848DSC_0846 editedDetails: grey dove ribbon tie shorts, c/o West Look, here  | Design Lab Lord & Taylor scuba crop top with cut-outs, here | Lulu’s ivory studded pumps, here |

Now that we’re fully emerged into shorts season, I’ve been having fun revamping my short-wear. In  the past I was never able to wear shorts to work, but now that I’m in a more casual environment nearly anything goes. While I’ve always been into denim shorts and still am,  my taste has evolved with age and I’m working to find more work appropriate shorts. {ENTER} these AMAZING dove grey ribbon shorts} c/o West Look. Here is when my ‘short‘ life changed; What I love most is their soft grey shade, it pairs seamlessly with a variety of colors;  from soft ivory to vibrant magenta—anything goes! The ribbon adds an element of femininity, so as to make sure you don’t miss out on the flirtatiousness that a sundress provides. I also decided to go with a more structured and fitted top; it doesn’t distract from  the shorts and flatters the figure. I seriously think I need another pair of these, commence the over-wearing process 😉




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