March 24, 2016

Let the shower/cooking/beach dancing begin!


Sometimes you just need a jam sesh to get yourself out of a funk or to let loose while singing in the shower. Before portable speakers were even a thing, I would lug my laptop around to play my favorite songs while doing any activity that warranted some good tunes. Since those archaic days, Bluetooth portable speakers have surfaced and solved all of our ease of music listening problems. I won’t lie, I’ve gone through my fair share of portable speakers and quite honestly, started to feel like Goldilocks; some speakers weren’t loud enough, others were too bulky, some too small or the charge wouldn’t hold for long. I decided to abandon the idea that I could find a portable speaker that meets my needs until I came across 1byone’s Outdoor/Shower Portable Bluetooth speaker. The volume is adjusted on your phone, not on the device, and I can’t tell you how many people are surprised to hear how loud and crisp the sound is. I’ve been obsessed with bringing it in the shower with me and almost wasn’t convinced that something this good could also be waterproof. 1byone is proving me wrong left and right, not only is it perfect for indoor jam sessions, but it sounds just as crisp and clear outside. I mean, I was almost concerned I would receive a noise violation for roaming my block with it. There’s even a call answering button that allows you to answer your cell phone while showering, jamming etc. I haven’t used that feature yet because I prefer not to participate in any human interactions while I’m taking part in full on shower or cooking dance-offs, but I can imagine it’s useful for those who can’t afford to miss a call. With the warmer weather approaching, I foresee many music-filled beach days and not so quiet BBQs. If you’re not convinced, take a look at my 1byone journey below and tell me you don’t need one. Available at Amazon, right here!



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