September 22, 2017


Details: H&M red wide sleeve sweater, here | Franco Sarto backless loafers via Marshall’s, similar here |

It’s a rainy Friday and all I want to do is stay in my sweats and lounge all day. Unfortunately, I have to go to work. So if I’m expected to put a bra on, brush my hair and teeth and get myself to work, then I’m going to wear my comfiest clothes. Enter: favorite jeans and this unbelievably comfortable red wide-sleeve sweater from H&M. It honestly feels like I’m wrapping myself up in a blanket; I love it! I also cannot stop wearing my new favorite Marshall’s find: these Franco Sarto backless loafers. They’re super comfortable and I really think they can be worn with dresses in addition to denim and dress pants. My boyfriend would tell you these are the absolute worst pair of shoes that I own, but this is the same boyfriend who can’t appreciate a good romper or jumpsuit…come on! So if you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of backless loafers, I highly recommend seeking some out. They are NOT out of style and there are so many different retailers selling them at reasonable prices. You don’t need them to be GUCCI to look good, I promise.

Wishing you a comfortable cozy Friday!



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