May 15, 2015


IMG_7068 editedIMG_7066 editedIMG_7096 editedIMG_7097 editedIMG_7129 editedIMG_7136 (2) editedDetails: Ann Taylor white tank, similar here | Abercrombie and Fitch denim jacket, similar here  | UNIQLO black drawstring lounge pants, similar here |

It’s FINALLY Friday, and I am SO ready to lounge out this weekend. Lately, my weekends have been jam packed up until now, and while I still have a lot to do I’m looking forward to doing it in my UNIQLO lounge pants. These bad boys are comfortable, and light-weight making them appropriate enough for luke warm spring days like today. I also want to give a shout out to my mirror face making an appearance in today’s post—- HAHAH. Doesn’t everyone have an unintentional mirror face? I think mine is more severe than most, and while attempting to look like a BAMF my mirror face slipped out—oops! The truth is, this outfit isn’t typical for me. I mean yes, in a perfect world I would be wearing a baseball cap and sweats every day of the week, but I get bored easily and as you can probably tell my style is a little inconsistent. But that’s what I love most about it; it’s fun to use clothing to represent different pieces of yourself—everyone’s a little bit of a BAMF once in and while. And if you’re like me and you’re just NOT…ever, then at least you can try and look the part. If you’re the type of person who only wears black or would never wear a dress, do me a favor and try out something new. I promise, you’ll surprise yourself, and it’s SO much fun! Think of it as playing a part in a movie or a play, but the main character isn’t the self that you know, instead it’s a tiny piece of who you are brought to life. You’ll be surprised how much a  trip outside your comfort zone will change your wardrobe, it’ll add variety and dimension. So…what do you have to lose?! It’s the weekend…and as Countess LuAnn would say, “just be cool, don’t be all….uncool”, just take the rest of the day to let those wise weekend words seep in ;).






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