February 12, 2019

If you’re awkward and you know it raise your hand

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I always ask Josh for advice when I put on an outfit, especially before going to work. “What do you think?” I often say, and he will always reply honestly and sometimes he’ll attach a character to his feedback, giving a full picture. It’s funny, I feel like a man’s opinion (or maybe this is just Josh’s opinion) about clothing, is always so brutally honest, much like when my five-year-old niece tells me I have a pimple on my face. It’s pure honesty with no mal-intent. So, when I pulled together this outfit and asked Josh, he so honestly and eloquently replied with: “I like it. You look like a grown-up Elementary school student. It’s cool.” After he said that I started cracking up, realizing that there are some aspects of the typical elementary school student in this outfit. With that in mind, I decided to slip on my nude wedges to make it less juvenile for the office. Feeling bad, Josh kept explaining reasons why he liked it, but I kind of agreed with his opinion, and given the fact I packed a PB&J for lunch, I used my better judgement. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn this outfit out with friends and on the weekend. Just not ready for the office.

But his elementary school comment got me thinking about the good ole’ days, my younger years. I started laughing thinking back to my greasy bangs, a gap between my two front teeth and my serious obsession with tattoo choker necklaces–God help me. I also started thinking about times when I felt awkward and embarrassed in school. Kids are mean. There was a time in 4th and 5th grade where I felt a little lost. One of my best friends was hell-bent on being part of the popular crowd, but I didn’t feel comfortable or even really enjoy being with that group. I got picked on for random really superficial things during that time, I think everyone did. During my down moments, my mom always harped on me to just be myself and I lived by that advice, I still do. I made a great group of friends and embraced my awkward stage, yellow gap teeth and all. Thinking about all of this had me howling laughing, and I decided to call on my best friend Jackie, to share with me embarrassing moments that still make her cringe thinking about it. You know that feeling? We all have one, I’m convinced. She could not get over the fact that she clogged the toilet at her crush’s house in third grade, and I still can’t get over the time my friend (who was a boy) called my barely developed breasts gross and told me to get a bra. OMG lol. I’m crying laughing. Made a trip to Limited Too that day for training bras.

This convo with my bestie led to memories from college that I realize now, don’t necessarily make me cringe but belly laugh, instead. Like the time I got a bloody nose on stage during a Dance Club performance. I ran off stage, blood dripping everywhere and I tried so hard to suck it in but when the other dancers came off the stage it legit looked like I got in a fight with one of the Canadian geese that used to harass us on campus. My stomach hurts, I’m laughing so hard. Thinking about all of these memories from different stages of my life and how they made me feel, makes me realize how much I have changed in the way I let people and situations affect me. In college, I became so much more comfortable with who I was. Those embarrassing moments I look back on have formed my quirky, awkward, lighthearted personality.

I can think of more recent moments, too. I started a new job in an industry that is SO foreign to me…insurance. I had this really stupid misconception that this new industry and “its people” would think I was dumb or not understand my quirks, think my blog was stupid, superficial or vain. Fortunately, that’s not at all the case and was a misguided assumption on my part. And it didn’t take long for me to open up to my new coworkers, almost immediately revealing my love for reality TV, signature 7th & Willow pose (you know it) and awkward sense of humor founded in quotes from The Office. On my first day, I found it really hard not to be myself, and I am so proud of that. You know when your grandparents tell you stuff like “I don’t care what people think, (as they walk out of the house with socks and sandals) I am who I am.” I totally feel that, grandma and grandpa. Totally.

I hope this made you relive some of your most awkward, hilarious, embarrassing life moments that made you the kickass person you are today!



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