December 26, 2018


Ann Taylor Petite Curvy Skinny Velvet Jeans • Ann Taylor • $89

SAM EDELMAN Mules • Sam Edelman • $119

Joseph A Check Plaid Short Coatigan • Joseph A • $69

Another Christmas down and now it’s time to brace ourselves for a nice long, bitter cold winter. God help us! I always find myself enjoying the weeks and months leading up to the holidays almost as much, if not more than Christmas itself. With young nieces and nephews, the holidays are so much more fun through their eyes. However, with the holidays comes an exorbitant amount of stress, whether we like to admit that or not. Whether you’re planning your first Christmas dinner or bracing yourself to see relatives you might not be completely comfortable surrounding yourself with, stress is unavoidable this time of year. Leading up to the holidays, I made a pact with myself to stay surrounded by those who love and care for me, and spend as much quality time as possible. That may sound like a no brainer, but it’s important. While Christmas day was fun, filled with food and joyful, the moments that stand out to me the most are small. Like my sister and I on Christmas Eve in her kitchen surrounded by my brother, Josh and SIL, singing and dancing to New York, New York by Frank Sinatra because for whatever reason it was stuck in my head ALL day. You know the song….”Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…” We were being stupid and silly, and it was a short blip in the day, but it was a favorite. Or watching The Holiday with my parents and my niece greeting us at the door on Christmas morning screaming “I got BABY ALIVE.” Which is a toy baby that actually eats and poops…why you would ever want to clean a dirty diaper when you’re barely out of your own is beyond me, but her excitement was so genuine and contagious; something I’ll always remember.

And now, I’m currently celebrating a second Christmas in North Carolina with Josh’s family, and we just finished playing Heads Up and Joking Hazard, after having a great dinner some of his relatives. It was a great night filled with laughs and good conversations. That’s what it’s all about, right? Spending QUALITY time with the ones you love and who love you the most. At the wise age of 29, the things I treasure most lately are not what I’m eating, how much I’m drinking or what gifts I’m getting. They’re these perfect precious moments spent connecting with people who mean something to me. These moments will turn into memories that will last a lifetime. I guess my only advice is to spend your time wisely this holiday season and always.

Now, as for today’s look. Ya know the more materialistic things that I was just writing off, haha. I’ll say this: if you haven’t invested in a good quality coatigan this season, it’s time. This red and blue plaid one is from TJ Maxx, by Max Studio and I LOVE it. It’s one of my favorites because it adds such a rich pop of color to any outfit and it’s super comfortable and easy to style. I often gravitate toward turtlenecks, mock necks and/or crew necks during this season because my chest is so pale, serving as a reminder that summer is so far away. I couldn’t find this exact coatigan online, but I linked a similar one, along with my exact shoes and pants. Hope you like it! And to reiterate, spend less time thinking about your outfit and more time being with your loved ones :).



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