March 16, 2016


DSC_0235editedDSC_0220editedDSC_0209editedDSC_0239editedDSC_0245editedDSC_0244editedDetails: Button front denim skirt from Marshall’s, similar here | Naked Wardrobe white body suit, here |

“Your friends represent you: all your actions, all your thoughts and all the things you aspire to be. They are a collection of all things you’re meant to be, and they were put on this planet to guide you. So use them, find them, they will show you the way and they will teach you how to be free.” ~ r.m. drake

This weekend I paid a visit to Marshall’s and was struck by this retro button front denim skirt. It reminded me of innoncent, little 4th grade me. Well before the time of the “sexy” 7th grade ripped denim Abercrombie and Fitch skirt, right in that pocket of innocence before puberty and insecurities kick in. I remember my 4th grade self and I miss her.  She was so wild and free, she didn’t care about what anyone thought of her, well that was until 5th grade. I still see her from time to time, she’s much more reigned in and mature of course. Anyway,  for whatever reason this skirt brought me back to a time in my childhood that wasn’t so fun. It was 5th grade and I was just finding my group of friends. This is where “popularity” started and while some of my friends went off and tried so hard to cling on to that crowd, it never felt right to me. I ended up finding a great group of friends that I could 100% be myself around. We were loud, obnoxious and awkward, but we genuinely enjoyed one another’s company. So there I was minding my own business when this tiny (in size) bully started picking on me. She would always pick apart my appearance, in fact, one time, I had a huge pimple on my nose and she decided to announce it to everyone standing in homeroom line while we were waiting to change classes. As if I wasn’t already embarrassed enough that a giant pimple was staking claim on my nose. My cheeks still feel hot thinking about it now. She would do this constantly and I would go home, talk to my mom about it and she always did her best to comfort me, but the damage had already been done. The insecurities started one by one, and I would brush them off but they still hurt. I never fought back and never resorted to any hateful comments, just kept my cool and minded my own business. I surrounded myself with people who loved me and I made it through my middle school years with many more laughs than cries. In fact, said bully, didn’t have it so easy. As time went on, she had less and less friends and ended up alone at the lunch table (literally and figuratively)–not even kidding. What they say is true, karma is a real b***h and this denim skirt made me revisit parts of my history that have made me who I am. Wow, what a powerful skirt huh? We all have insecurities whether we’re 10 years old or 78 years old, we’re human, but we don’t have to let them define us. I really love the quote above by r.m. drake because it not only rings true for your ride or die friends, but also for people like miss bully, who show you how strong you really are. You get what you give, plus it’s just so much easier to be kind in this world, we have enough meanies to deal with.



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