May 4, 2016


DSC_5723editedDSC_5710editedDSC_5733editedDSC_5764editedDSC_5775editedDetails: H&M striped short sleeve blue and white button down shirt, similar here | Banana Republic slate grey pants, similar here |

I’ve come to realize that less is really more. I say this because when I wear something that I never put a ton of time into, that just comes together naturally, I get the best responses. I always look through some of my favorite bloggers and wonder what exactly it is they’re doing right and nine times out of ten it’s because they style clothing for the everyday girl. The one who shops at Banana Republic, Gap, H&M etc. I mean don’t get me wrong I look to bloggers with aspirational style, but with my current salary, I need some realistic outfits to get me through my wardrobe slumps. Not only do I dabble in blogging, but I work with bloggers on a daily basis and I’ve also noticed that the ones that resonate best with consumers are the ones who talk about their lives. Perhaps it’s providing tips on surviving a long distance relationship or how to navigate a dating app–things that your everyday girl could use some advice on. I follow bloggers who I can actually picture myself being friends with. I really don’t share enough on my blog, but I appreciate bloggers who show me their human side. I mean it does become a little mundane to discuss the details of an outfit–let’s be real. It’s not exactly thrilling. Which is why I’m challenging myself to not only plan better but to get a little more personal and maybe even make some new blog buddies! As for today’s outfit, it’s simple and one that I feel most comfortable in. While I do own more dresses than I can count, you are sure to find me in my favorite jeans and a fitted button down. I fell in love with this crop-esque top because it provides me with the sophistication and class of a button down, but also remains true to today’s trends– giving me a boost of fashion confidence!




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