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May 11, 2016


DSC_5651editedDSC_5679editedDSC_5685editedDSC_5674editedDSC_5697editedZARA floral-printed dress, here |

I’m in a funk lately–in every aspect, and I’m not quite sure why. I’ve been visiting my family home in New Jersey since Friday, and will be here through Thursday for work. I don’t know, I get this way every time I come home– I never want to leave. I guess you can say I’m feeling homesick while I’m at home–weird huh? Anyway, considering we’ve finally been experiencing warm spring weather, I decided it was only appropriate to celebrate in style with flirty florals of course! Josh considers this a level of Mormon conservative attire, however to me it’s more feminine and classic. I mean, I have way too many dresses with the same “go-to” neckline, it’s nice to include some out-of-the-box pieces in an effort to spruce up my wardrobe. As you may already know, I’m partial to neutral colors and this dress perfectly combines soft neutral hues with some vibrant pinks and yellows. Even though I’m not exactly feeling myself lately and I have some things to think about, I am taking full advantage of the warm spring weather by donning some of my spring favorites while I can!



April 11, 2016


DSC_0991editedDSC_0986editedDSC_1007editedDSC_1017editedDSC_10163editedDetails: Aritizia deep v-neck long sleeve crop top, similar here | ZARA wide leg white pants, similar here |

I know I sound like a broken record, but lately, it has been so difficult for me to get out of this wardrobe funk. It’s such a weird time–I mean it’s April and it feels a lot more like February. I’m pretty sick of my winter clothes and I haven’t been able to break out my light spring looks because goosebumps aren’t a good look. This weekend, I got fed up and tried to think of a fresh new look, one that could inspire me to kick this funk to the curb. I purchased this long sleeve deep v crop top a while ago when I was as pale as the snow, and after self-tanning sessions, I felt confident enough to style it. I recovered my trusted wide leg spring white pants and this outfit was born. When I go shopping I tend to buy the same type of clothing–it’s hard not to. If you ask my style bestie, he will tell you that I prefer booties of pumps in the winter and wedges over strappy sandal heels in the summer. While I have a ton of dresses that I love, I can’t help but feel most comfortable in pants. From skinny jeans to wide leg culottes; I love it all! I’m really struggling with my blog lately, so from here on out I’m going to make a concerted effort to give my wardrobe the love and attention it deserves. Now, get your butt in gear spring.



February 19, 2016


DSC_0204editedDSC_0227editedDSC_0239editedDSC_0269editedDSC_0266editedDSC_0295editedDSC_0290Details: ZARA leather jacket, here  | Forever 21 sleeveless collared sweater, similar here | Dasher Leah ankle bootie in black c/0 Sperry, here |

It’s finally Friday and although it was a “short” week, it felt like the longest week ever. I’m definitely ready for a nice relaxing weekend and I’m anxious for the warm weather ahead. I miss the days of leaving the house wearing nothing but my leather jacket. I’m bundled up to my eyeballs lately, sweater on top of sweater, puffy coat, gloves, scarf–I can’t do it anymore. I remember my first leather jacket like it was yesterday. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and I was determined to find the perfect jacket. My friends and I stumbled on Massimo leather and we got exactly what we were hoping for. I chose a dark brown moto-esque leather jacket, and my friend went for the wild red (MJ inspired) one. They fitted me and adjusted the sleeves–a match made in leather jacket heaven. I studied in Italy for three months over the summer and by the end of July I was so anxious for fall to roll around, I almost wore my leather jacket on the plane ride home.  Since then, I haven’t found another one quite like it. It’s timeless and remains to be a serious staple for me. However, on a recent trip home I decided to splurge and get myself an edgier leather jacket. After spending some time perusing leather jackets on the Internet and not finding one that ignited a spark, I ventured into ZARA and there it was, exactly what I needed. Yes– I NEEDED it. This black leather fitted jacket with ribbed shoulders is everything. Since my shoulders are relatively narrow, I always find it to difficult to find fitted coats if they’re not petite sizes. I was pleasantly surprised that it fit like a glove. No adjustments necessary. Thus, I crafted my ideal Friday night look with my sleeveless collared sweater layered under… you guessed it… the best leather jacket that ever lived. It’s such an easy, no-fuss look and while it’s definitely casual, it looks and feels luxe and high-end. I couldn’t help but slip on my new favorite black booties c/o Sperry. They’re definitely unlike anything I’ve seen from Sperry and I’m not surprised with how unbelievably comfortable they are. There’s nothing worse than wearing an achy shoe at a crowded bar on a Friday night. Am I right?

Happy Friday!



February 15, 2016


DSC_0345editedDSC_0348editedDSC_0354editedDSC_0380editedDSC_0378editedDSC_0359editedDetails: VDGN Elephants Never Forget Sweatshirt, here  |

If it were up to me, I would have a three day weekend every weekend. Two day weekends just aren’t enough time to decompress, so when I have an extra day off, I tend to dress in my coziest attire. Sweatshirts have been a main source of comfort for as long as I can remember and for some reason, they’re the hardest article of clothing to part with. How often did you go on vacation and purchase a sweatshirt to seal the memories? I can look at a sweatshirt and immediately be taken back to a memory of a time and place; it’s comforting and it’s as if they serve as a scrapbook. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased a sweatshirt in quite a while and that’s mainly because of the lack of space in my closet. As you know, I’m pretty much in love with VDGN clothing and after my experience with their tees, I just had to get my hands on a sweatshirt. This Elephanst Never Forget sweatshirt is unbelievably cozy and its saying “I will never ever forget you” encompasses how I feel about all of my memento sweatshirts. I will never ever forget my first ever college tour at Providence College, I will never ever forget the times I spent in Aruba with my family, I will never ever forget that time I studied abroad in Florence Italy (I have a Firenze University tee to prove it), and I will never ever forget my first trip to Boston when I was 12 years old. This (adult-like) crew neck sweatshirt represents all of the sweatshirts I have tucked away in my closet. Now that I’m feeling comfy and warm, I’m going to take advantage of these President’s Day sales. See ya!



January 19, 2016


DSC_0595DSC_0624DSC_0626 newDSC_0665DSC_0656Details: Zara camel and grey oversized scarf, similar here | Marshall’s oversized striped blouse, similar here |

I don’t know what’s going on in the universe this week, but it’s only Tuesday and I feel like I need this week to be over. I’m generally not so anxious for time to fly, and I really try to live in the moment and stay positive but my patience is being tested this week. I have no internet or cable in my apartment, AND my entire computer crashed. I’m not even sure it can be revived. Has anyone ever heard of the white screen of death? Listen, I know that worse things can happen, so I’m not hear to complain but sometimes I just need a mini vent sesh.  The cold weather isn’t really helping my mood; it’s so bitter and miserable out! And I feel like my blogging has taken a back seat this month because I can’t seem to gather my thoughts and/or clothes to prepare posts. As a result, my style has been a bit more casual during these frigid months. However, did stop by Marshall’s a couple weeks ago and came across this ultra soft grey and white striped blouse. It’s a size large, but I couldn’t resist its silkiness and had to see if I could make it work. I think I did okay if I do say so myself. I’m partial to oversized garments this season; they feel so effortless. And I admit, I’m a self-proclaimed scarf hoarder and couldn’t pass up Zara’s selection of chunky scarves, specifically this two toned/color block-esque one. As you know, I’m crazy about neutrals so a scarf that incorporates camel and grey…I’m sold. Now I’m ready for the cold….kind of…not really…okay no I’m not.



October 26, 2015


DSC_0309 editedDSC_0335 editedDSC_0302 editedDSC_0339editedDSC_0340 editedDSC_0349 editedDetails: Banana Republic black blazer, similar here | ZARA faux olive leather pants, similar here | Banana Republic sleeveless turtleneck, similar here | Primark wedge booties, similar here |

Lately, I’ve been super stressed with work. I think that’s standard with a new job, any job for that matter, there are ebbs and flows, learning to work with certain people and trying to fit in all over again. It’s safe to say I was feeling pretty homesick this week and fortunately my parents came to visit this weekend. I was reminded of the instant comfort they emit when they walk in a room; they don’t even need to say anything—they’re like one big ball of home and they’re just what I needed. Needless to say I was a bit emotional  this weekend, but I’m navigating it and the lump in my throat has since ceased. I think that’s where blogging helps, I took some time yesterday to walk around the park near my apartment while shooting, and a couple deep breaths and some fresh fall air really helped my head stop spinning and talked me off the ledge. Sometimes I take life too seriously and when you really step back and take a look at the stressors in your life, it’s almost laughable. Will that deadline really mean anything 10 months from now? I mean really, in the grand scheme of life the things we stress over are unnecessary and it just makes this already challenging journey more difficult. As serious as you take faux leather pants, that’s how you should take life—but really, breathe and take a minute to evaluate what’s important to you.  And while the weather is still amazing, take some time away from your desk and walk outside, acknowledge the foliage, take a deep breath and realize that this is just an ebb you gotta get through, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to enjoy it.




September 30, 2015


DSC_0860DSC_0831DSC_0857DSC_0873 editedDSC_0889 editedDSC_0921 editedDetails: UNIQLO red and blue plaid shirt, here | Zara distressed jeans, similar here | Superga slip-on sneakers c/o J. Jill, here |Sperry high top Betty Chukka boot, similar here |

Fall is for flannel. I probably purchase at the very least one flannel a season. I prematurely purchased this one from UNIQLO in August, because I was super pumped for the fall season. Fortunately, I was able to wear it this past weekend and I decided to pair it with my favorite distressed denim pants from ZARA. I’m typically not picky as to where I get my flannels, but I will say this one is not only exceptionally comfortable but the quality is serious, and $29.90 is a modest price point. While denim is the perfect counterpart, I fully intend on pulling out my black leather pants—a great way to take this look up a notch.




July 20, 2015


IMG_5305 editedIMG_5319 editedIMG_5331 editedIMG_5383 editedIMG_5382 editedIMG_5388 editedDetails: Zara wide leg white cropped pants, here | Navy and pink plaid crop top, (locally bought) similar here | Ann Taylor pumps (old), similar here |

I used to be very meticulous with my outfit selection for work, but with an hour and a half commute and the sticky hot train rides I’d rather not subject my best looks to that kind of torture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to dress well and make an impression, and I know I know “what’s the point in having nice clothes if you don’t wear it?” Which is why I’m turning over a new leaf, by starting off this Monday with a sophisticated look—one of my favorites. This navy crop top with subtle hot pink accents is an oldie but goodie, I purchased it at a boutique near my town last year, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. The lace details make it unique and add a certain femininity that I love. These ivory wide leg cropped pants from Zara were a spring buy and while they’re definitely a comfortable fit, the material is a bit heavier than these scorching temps permit—nothing too unmanageable though.  Now that I have my Monday work wear down, that’s half the battle right?

Happy Monday!






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May 8, 2015


IMG_3677 editedIMG_3678 editedIMG_3688 editedIMG_3647 editedIMG_3646 editedIMG_3646 editedIMG_3701 edited

Details: ZARA crochet romper (old), similar here | Abercrombie and Fitch denim jacket (old), similar here | Franco Sarto open toe pumps, similar here |

I have a special date with my boyfriend this weekend, and instead of throwing on my usual go-to dress I decided to pull out my ZARA crochet romper from last year. I should note now, that this entire outfit is revamped from past years, however I’ve included some similar styles above and below, including an AMAZING crochet Banana Republic dress that I’m pretty sure I now NEED. Anyway, how many of you still have your Abercrombie and Fitch denim jacket from 7th grade? I can imagine a great deal of 90s babies out there still do, and I am so relieved I never ditched mine. I think I’ve worn this jacket more now than I did when I was in middle school. It’s still in great shape, and I can’t say there are many denim jackets on the market right now that I HAVE to have—this one takes the cake. And while this date look is relatively casual and comfy, the crochet detail of the romper is perfectly feminine and sophisticated—I think this will remain in my closet just as long as my denim jacket.

I’m ready for the weekend, how about you?!



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May 6, 2015


IMG_4489 editedIMG_4494 editedIMG_4498 editedIMG_4530 editedIMG_4491 edited 2Details: Banana Republic navy cropped pants, here  | ZARA mesh abstract designed top, similar here | Franco Sarto open toe heels via Marshalls, similar here |

There’s a story behind this shirt and while it’s really not significant, it’s still a story. I purchased this shirt last summer during my lunch break at work because the shirt I had been wearing that day was too low cut and the pin I had securing the closure was no long doing its job. So since I had a valid reason to go on a mini shopping outing I decided to visit ZARA;  if I was going to get a new shirt to wear I was going to get one that I’d wear often, there’s no sense in investing in something you’ll only wear once. Anyway, I came across this half mesh/abstract scribble designed shirt and I just had to have it, mostly because of the fit. It’s not a crop top; it literally just fits the way a shirt should fit. Oooo! plus the sheer mesh panels give it a fun edge and a touch of sex appeal. It’s funny that I left work to get a more conservative top only to return with an equally revealing one; in my defense it wasn’t nearly as noticeable and was 100 times more comfortable. Isn’t it strange that whenever I wear this top I always recall that considerably insignificant day?  I guess clothing can do that to you, in fact one of my coworkers mentioned this week that if she has an exceptionally bad day in a particular outfit or article of clothing she stays away from it for a couple weeks—precautionary measures I guess. I kinda like how clothing can stir up emotions, or make you recall old (insignificant or significant) stories it makes it that much more powerful. Do any of your clothes hold stories?

Ooooh! Yay we made it to hump day!



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