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May 11, 2015


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Oh and this one’s for you Monday!!!! Blahhh

out take editedDetails: Airism pink gingham check cami c/o UNIQLO, here | Lululemon  Wunder Under Pant, here  |

Another weekend gone by way too fast, it was (for the most part) absolutely beautiful. In fact, my weekend was exceptionally busy, my boyfriend was home and there was so much we wanted to do in such a short amount of time. On a normal weekend, Saturday is typically the busiest of weekend days for me, considering I’m usually running to all of the places I couldn’t get to during the week, but Sundays are MADE for relaxing. This Sunday, obviously was no ordinary Sunday, there was so much to do in celebrating the world’s greatest mom!!–DUH. Despite the Sunday morning Mother’s Day prep,  I was still able to partake in my normal routine. Okay, okay, I can’t say I do the SAME thing every Sunday (some are lazier than others), however my uniform remains consistent: yoga pants and a cami. These Wunder Under pants, (c/o the coolest bf ever) are UNREAL, I just got them this weekend and let’s just say it was difficult for me to abandon them on this dreary Monday. And I’m usually picky about my camis, however this airism pink gingham check one is comfortable enough to wear during my morning yoga practice and appropriate enough for lunch dates wearing my favorite jeans. I regularly practice hot yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at Powerflow in Morristown, however I always like to enjoy the newly warm weather so I took my poses outside. Let me preface this by saying, I am the opposite of athletic, but yoga has helped me tremendously, both physically and mentally. It de-stresses me from the chaos driven Monday and gives me something additional to work toward. It’s called a practice for a reason; everyone is at a different level,  working toward his/her own goal; I LOVE IT…. Ahh! If only weekends were just one day longer–Imagine what we could do!?

Okay, now I need to focus on my current goal right now, which is to make it through  Monday morning….










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