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November 7, 2016


dsc_0677editeddsc_0690editeddsc_0704editeddsc_0708editeddsc_0718editeddsc_0721editeddsc_0725Details: LOFT Plaid Cape Coat, here | Hue black faux leather leggings, here | Gap turtleneck sweater, similar here |

I’ve always shopped at Ann Taylor, but I was never really a fan of the LOFT until I happened to pass by recently and a few things caught my eye. And I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of cute sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. They even have activewear from Lou & Grey–really cute, and reasonably priced. I wasn’t even in there 5 minutes before I had an arm full of clothing to try on. I was going nuts, and as soon as I laid my eyes on this coatigan (that’s what they call it, a coatigan; clever right?!), I knew I had to have it. It’s perfect, I love the classic check pattern, especially the light gray, black and beige color combination. For the chilly days ahead, layering it over an extra comfy knit is a must, and this oversized turtleneck from GAP is SO comfortable that I have it another a couple different colors (not sorry). I’m also pretty excited that leather legging season is back. I have several pairs of leather leggings, all from different places, but these HUE leggings are by far my favorite. They are perfectly priced, comfortable and not too heavy or warm. Some leather leggings are so uncomfortably hot that it’s difficult to wear them. It finally feels like I can get in full fall/winter wardrobe and now, I can add the LOFT to my list. Sorry bank account!




February 15, 2016


DSC_0345editedDSC_0348editedDSC_0354editedDSC_0380editedDSC_0378editedDSC_0359editedDetails: VDGN Elephants Never Forget Sweatshirt, here  |

If it were up to me, I would have a three day weekend every weekend. Two day weekends just aren’t enough time to decompress, so when I have an extra day off, I tend to dress in my coziest attire. Sweatshirts have been a main source of comfort for as long as I can remember and for some reason, they’re the hardest article of clothing to part with. How often did you go on vacation and purchase a sweatshirt to seal the memories? I can look at a sweatshirt and immediately be taken back to a memory of a time and place; it’s comforting and it’s as if they serve as a scrapbook. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased a sweatshirt in quite a while and that’s mainly because of the lack of space in my closet. As you know, I’m pretty much in love with VDGN clothing and after my experience with their tees, I just had to get my hands on a sweatshirt. This Elephanst Never Forget sweatshirt is unbelievably cozy and its saying “I will never ever forget you” encompasses how I feel about all of my memento sweatshirts. I will never ever forget my first ever college tour at Providence College, I will never ever forget the times I spent in Aruba with my family, I will never ever forget that time I studied abroad in Florence Italy (I have a Firenze University tee to prove it), and I will never ever forget my first trip to Boston when I was 12 years old. This (adult-like) crew neck sweatshirt represents all of the sweatshirts I have tucked away in my closet. Now that I’m feeling comfy and warm, I’m going to take advantage of these President’s Day sales. See ya!



February 12, 2016


DSC_0120editedDSC_0114editedDSC_0155editedDSC_0144editedDSC_0170editedDSC_0178editedDSC_0190editedDetails: Forever 21 orange ribbed cut-out top, similar here |

Shoulder cut-out tops and dresses are making a comeback and I  have to admit I’ve never been fond of this look. I think the last time I wore a cut-out shirt was in 7th grade, in my loud teal Limited Too graphic cut-out. After being bombarded by cut-outs, in what felt like every store I bit the bullet and gave this coral Forever 21 ribbed top a shot. I have to say it’s not as tacky as I thought. Baring your shoulders adds an element of sex appeal and  I’m able to maintain some warmth with its 3/4 sleeves. The cold weather often forces me to stay bundled, so I don’t attempt to don any sleeveless tops, but it makes for a very limited and unexciting winter wardrobe. The addition of some cut-outs may just be the key to breaking my outfit monotony. I might even add one more to the mix!

January 13, 2016


DSC_0257editedDSC_0222 editedDSC_0228 editedDSC_0301editedDSC_0283editedDSC_0297editedDetails: Banana Republic carpet stitch open cardigan, here  | Lulu’s wedge booties, similar here |

We had a teensy bit of snow last night and since I wasn’t driving in it I was pretty giddy! Snow can be so peaceful but so chaotic at the same time. That’s kind of how I feel this week; lax laid back tired, but beyond chaotic and stressed. I don’t know what it is, but I am really not feeling 100% like myself. All I really want to do is wear chunky knits and (yoga) pants; it’s just that kind of week I guess. My boyfriend always tells me that I have 10 of the same sweater and he has a point; I can’t turn down a neutral chunky knit. To me, neutral knits are just so beautifully practical, so you can be sure that this beige Banana Republic carpet-stitch open cardigan was number one on my Christmas list. In addition to its neutral beige color, its large open collar makes it easy to wear with a variety of tops. I’m honestly not sure what I’ll be wearing for the rest of this chilly week, but if it were socially acceptable I would wear this cardigan until spring. Bring on the cozy!



January 11, 2016


DSC_0145editedDSC_0147editedDSC_0149editedDSC_0209editedDSC_0180editedDSC_0217editedDetails: Banana Republic dark grey sheath dress with leather trim, similar here | Nasty Gal lace bodysuit, similar here  | L’eggs black sheer energy tights, here | Banana Republic laced-up pumps, similar here |

I know that it’s completely acceptable to wear sleeveless dresses to work during the winter months, but my pale skin doesn’t agree. I don’t like being reminded that I resemble Casper’s sister. And since I have a ton of sleeveless sheath dresses I decided to get creative and layer this one over a long sleeve lace bodysuit. Initially, I was planning on layering it over a turtleneck, but this is a relatively sexy dress and sometimes a girl doesn’t like feeling so buttoned up. The black lace adds an element of feminity and sex appeal making it an outfit that transitions seamlessly from work to play. And considering it is the season for tights, I finally had to invest in a reliable pair. I don’t know what it is with me and tights; we just don’t mesh (no pun intended). I always end up getting a snag, run and/or pull and it results in so much frustration that I just decide to pack up my dresses and wait for the spring. However, after receiving a pair L’eggs black sheer energy tights, I can finally say I no longer harbor those frustrations. As a young girl, I’d always purchase solid white or pink tights for my ballet and jazz classes and they carried me through some of the most memorable recitals. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot about L’eggs. I guess the flashy designer names caught hold of my wallet, but now, I can honestly say I will never go back. Every dress I’ve worn this season I’ve paired my sheer energy L’eggs tights with them and I have yet to have a run, snag OR pull! I’m not kidding. If you’re like me, and the idea of putting on tights deters you from donning your favorite winter dresses just invest in ONE pair of L’eggs tights and you’ll be all set. I’m serious. Let the dress wearing begin ladies!



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