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September 9, 2019


Details: Primark animal print drawstring tie top, similar here | J. Crew Toothpick denim pants, here |

I told you I wasn’t letting go of white pants. The mornings have been crisp and the afternoons have been warm. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I walked out in a full-on sweatsuit Sunday morning to run errands and by the time I got home, I was sweaty and cranky. I feel like they say this every season, but animal print is in fact BACK. That is if it ever went away. The verdict is still out on that. Anyway, as I was running errands I obviously purchased some fall staples, one of which ended up being a leopard print turtleneck. I think what I love most about animal prints is that they’re typically the perfect combination of neutral colors: black and white, brown and beige, light brown and black…the list goes on. I got this black and white animal print top earlier in the summer and I think it can transition well into the fall months. Just swap out the white denim and open-toe sandals with a dark wash denim pant and thigh-suede boots, and throw on a chunky black coatigan, voila! Instant fall look.

This weekend I’m planning to go through my closet and evaluate the joy each of my garments has brought to me this summer season, and if there’s anything that can transition as flawlessly into fall and winter as this top. I think the only word I have left for this post is RAWR!

Happy Monday! Stay sassy.



September 5, 2016


DSC_0451editedDSC_0441editedDSC_0447editedDSC_0450editedDSC_0424editedDSC_0499editedDSC_0495editedDetails: Jealous Tomato off-the-shoulder top from LIT Boutique, similar here | American Eagle white denim pants, similar here | Franco Sarto block heel sandals, similar style here |

The Weather Man was wrong once again. Yesterday ended up being a perfect day spent with family and friends, closing out an amazing summer. As I was packing for the long weekend, I was sure to include sweatpants and jeans, but to my surprise, I ended up donning shorts and this off-the-shoulder blue and white striped top. I was even a little too warm in this! Who would’ve thought? This summer, I slowly created a collection of the off the shoulder pieces. From tops to rompers and everything in between, if there are no shoulders–I want it.  Typically, I hit the outlets for the Labor Day sales, but unfortunately, I’m not going to make it there this weekend. I did, however, purchase a couch. It’s just that, the Labor Day sale for a couch doesn’t feel as good as it does when I’m walking out of Banana Republic with 15 items all at 40-50% off (sigh). Today will consist of some more apartment shopping and a quick drive back up to Boston. Wish me luck! Oh, and for those hitting the shops, score something big for me!




September 1, 2016


DSC_0015 (1)editedDSC_0016editedDSC_0039editedDSC_0030editedDSC_0067editedDSC_0056editedDSC_0076editedDetails: 3/4 sleeve shirttail pullover c/o J.Jill, here  | Banana Republic wide-leg white denim pants,  here |

So, that whole thing about not being able to wear white after Labor Day is almost as outdated as tattoo choker necklaces are. It’s true, and if you don’t believe me,  then see for yourself. The real rule should be: don’t wear white linen, canvas or any other light-weight looking garments/fabrics once the PSLs are in full swing. I happen to love wearing bright white pieces in the fall. While I wasn’t wearing pants as much this summer season due to the scorching hot temps, I did invest in quite a few white denim pants and I fully intend on wearing them through October (not kidding). For instance, these wide leg white denim pants from Banana Republic look classic and sophisticated with this simple black J.Jill knit. I love the strong contrast of black and white; it’s clean and timeless. Creamy pink turtlenecks and flowy chiffon blouses styled with these wide-leg beauties will look just as stunning in the fall, as sleeveless tanks and halter tops do in the summer. See! An all-season staple. It’s honestly all in your head. If you’re confident about what you’re wearing and own it, others will follow suit and these silly clothing rules will officially be a thing of the past.



July 6, 2016


DSC_1531editedDSC_1539 copy editedDSC_1530editedDSC_1537editedDSC_1559editedDSC_1560editedDSC_1564 (1)editedDSC_1564 (1)editedDSC_1567editedDetails: Goodnight Macaroon ‘Riley’ Chambray Off the Shoulder Top, here  | American Eagle white denim Artist Crop pants, here | Carmen Saiz metallic gold slip ons via Marshall’s, similar here |

Yesterday was the most miserable work day yet. It was painful getting out of bed after such a great holiday weekend, and I know that it wasn’t just me because everyone at work was just as miserable, if not more. Funny enough, I didn’t wear a single outfit I had planned to wear this weekend. When you’re on a lake and the only thing you need is a bathing suit during the day and a sweatshirt at night, there’s nothing more you need. It kind of felt good to just not think about what I was wearing. I wore two bathing suits all weekend and the same sweatshirt. While I enjoyed the simple and lax lake dress code, I did miss wearing this chambray off the shoulder top. It’s one of my favorite summer garments this season and these white denim Artist Crop pants are the perfect counterpart. It’s a simple classic look, but also sexy and sweet at the same time. It can be worn just as easily at a family BBQ as it can at your favorite intimate Italian restaurant. Instead of standard wedges, I went with these metallic gold slip-ons that I scored at Marshall’s. I especially love the white sole and espadrille combination–it elevates the slip-on. Since I didn’t don this outfit this holiday weekend, you can be sure that I will be wearing it several times this summer–maybe even too much!



March 14, 2016


DSC_0370.jpgeditedDSC_0373editedDSC_0375editedDSC_0366editedDSC_0389editedDSC_0393editedDSC_0397editedDetails: Mixed-stitch pullover in ‘Gala Heather’ c/o J.Jill, here | J.Jill White matchstick jeans, here |

The beautiful unseasonably warm weather had me downright giddy this weekend! It felt so good to feel the warm sun on my face and it really felt like everyone started to come alive. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood in 60-degree weather, in fact, even the cranky South Boston natives were smiling. And not only did I enjoy outdoor drinks at my favorite local spot, but I also took this as an opportunity to try out some spring looks. As you know, I’ve been in quite a rut lately (wardrobe related), and I think the weather brought me out of my funk. I even dusted off my trusted white matchstick denim pants and complemented them with this vibrant pink/red mixed-stitch pullover. As someone who typically sticks to neutrals all winter long, it feels so good to throw on some of my favorite spring colors. Many people tend to stay away from bold colors, but I think it’s important to mix it up and jump out of your comfort zone–it’ll only help your wardrobe. It’s true, what they say, all good things come to an end and even though we’re expected to experience some heavy rain and potential sleet (gasp) the next couple days, at least, we have a beautiful weekend of sunshine to reminisce over until Friday.

Happy Monday and only 4 days until Friday!




April 30, 2015

White Out

IMG_4417 editedIMG_4393 editedIMG_4421 editedIMG_4395 editedIMG_4437%20editedDetails: ZARA round neck checked top, here  | ZARA white legging/pant, similar here | Jessica Simpson two-tone pumps, similar here

We’ve made it to Friday and MAY! No more frigid days ahead right? I’ve been digging the all white trend this season– remember when it was a complete faux pas to wear one color/monotoned outfits—especially white?! Thankfully all white ensembles are no longer reserved only for your wedding day.  We can now (without judgement) mix and match with white patterned pieces and varying shades of ivories, white, cream–anything goes! So with a slight breeze in the air I decided to hang on to this ZARA favorite of mine– my white and navy checked long sleeve top. It’s definitely going to remain a solid staple for me into the fall months; while it’s light enough to wear through the spring, it has enough weight to keep me comfortable through October. (Sorry for jumping to fall!) for now, start working on your summer glow; you’ll need some serious white staples to highlight that tan—get shopping and celebrate the AMAZING weather to come 🙂

Happy Friday!

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March 30, 2015


IMG_8007 edited 3IMG_7978 (1) edited 3IMG_8009 (2) edited 3IMG_7994 edited 2IMG_7998 (1) edited

Details: Ann Taylor color block tweed jacket, here  | J.Crew white button down, here | American Eagle white denim pants, similar here |

Color blocking and all white are two of my favorite spring/summer trends this season, which is why I decided to kick off this first (luke) warm week of  spring with this look. This white oxford is a beloved staple of mine and in an effort to give this look some dimension and contrast I layered on this lightweight Ann Taylor color block tweed jacket. It is the ideal transitional piece— it’s neutral colors complement a variety pieces; it can be paired with colors as dark as black and grey to colors as light as pastel pinks and whites.  Guys… things are starting to heat up, spring is here, and I think it’s safe to say we can finally begin wearing our spring lights and brights–I’m SERIOUS this time!




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