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July 31, 2015


Untitled #20



Details: My SheInside faves: Brown Tassel Bag,Distressed denim shorts  | white sleeveless hollow lace top  | black buckle strap sandals  silver rim blue round sunglasses | Nordstrom shark tooth earrings, here  |

Shore to please is what the bottom of my license plate reads, but I mean a completely different “shore” it’s a lot smaller and lot less flashy but it has always been good enough for me. However, this weekend we’re meeting up with Josh’s mom down the shore in Point Pleasant. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m not too familiar with the Jersey Shore, don’t get me wrong, the times I’ve gone  have always been super fun! I love the boardwalk and the beaches are stunning. But I have to confess, my last experience was a bit intimidating. I think I was just on the wrong beach because when I go to the beach for the day I can actually say “I woke up like this” I have zero makeup, semi-clean hair and if I have any shoes on at all they’re my trusted rainbow flip-flops. I guess we decided to go to the Tiki Bar because it was kind of a landmark? Or just a notorious spot? I found out quickly that I am just not about that life. Nearly everyone had a full face of makeup, wedges and some kind of mini skirt combo over their suits—feeling insecure was an understatement; you live and learn right? This weekend I decided to plan my look, since I don’t believe we’ll be frequenting places like The Tiki Bar, I went with some lax options (all from SheInside). All you really need are cutoffs, a flowy top, a pair of comfortably cute sandals and a compact bag. I never carry one with me, it’s something I need to learn to do and this brown tassel bag is perfect because there’s enough room for the essentials and it won’t get in the way of my funnel cake plans.


So I think I’m ready to take on my next shore experience, do you think I need anything else?!




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