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August 31, 2015


DSC_0788DSC_0767DSC_0787DSC_0802DSC_0809Details: Patterned romper with crochet accents, purchased locally at Beyond Trends, similar here | Franco Sarto wedges via Marshall’s, similar here |

Although the summer is nearly over we still have some warm weeks ahead even going into September. As much as I LOVE going to the mall, there’s nothing better than visiting a boutique and finding some hidden gems at a reasonable price. Not to mention, most experiences at boutiques are much more intimate and personal. Often times the sales associates are more honest about what looks good or what’s trending because they genuinely want you to come back again, knowing they’re there to help. I decided to take a trip to Somerville, NJ to a new local hot spot Beyond Trends. It was recommended to me by a close friend and former supervisor, from Ladyfingers Boutique (she now has a new store, K. Bella in Somerville, check it out!) as I entered the store I felt the need to grab about 15 articles of clothing, everything caught my eye. To my surprise, all summer merchandise was 30% off  and fortunately more than half of my selections were rompers. I purchased TWO for a total of $60.00—UM AMAZING! This multi-colored intricately patterned romper is unlike any other I own, hence why I NEEDED it. It’s loose fitting and flowing with a deep v-neck; normally I would wear a lace bandeau under this, however I was in a rush and desperate to wear it, so I settled for a cami. I love crochet and lace embellishments, they have the ability to make clothing look delicate, soft and elegant. As you can imagine, that’s exactly what lead me to this beauty. It’s a romantic romper, one that you can imagine yourself strolling through a field of sunflowers or barefoot on the beach—I love everything about it. So, if you’re in the area ditch the mall for the day and do some local boutique shopping, you’ll be surprised how much better you feel about spending your money.




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July 27, 2015


IMG_5819 editedIMG_5852 editedIMG_5868 editedIMG_5867 editedIMG_5885 editedIMG_5892 editedDetails: Banana Republic Textured Pipe Mini , here  | Abercrombie and Fitch high neck cami, similar here  | Steve Madden pumps via DSW, similar here |

My obsession with Banana Republic is no secret, the sales have been so incredible lately I can’t even stand it. Not to mention, I have this thing for skirts; I mean you could almost say that I collect them because I really haven’t been wearing them as much as I’ve been buying. This particular mini is the counter part to my favorite moto  which is part of the reason why when I saw it I could not put it down. I especially love the white piping and what’s even more unique is its triangle cut. You’d almost assume it’s a skort—fashion trickery at its finest,  but it IS nearly as comfortable as one.  I always feel that if I dress well and in an outfit that makes me feel especially good, it sets the tone for the week. SO here’s to a fabulous Monday, may it be short and sweet!



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