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May 24, 2017


Details: TJ Maxx/Marshalls Bell Sleeve Honey Punch Romper, here |

So, the guys are getting on the romper wagon now, huh? I’m completely fine with this, but I will say that everything that guys have said about rompers, like that they hate them because they look like something a toddler would wear or that they’re not flattering on anyone in anyway shape or form and look more creepy than sexy.  After seeing rompers on men, it makes me wonder if they were right all along. I mean not ALL men can pull off a RompHim, and it is somewhat off-putting that they look like hairy adult babies runinng around. But to each his own, right? Despite my growing distaste for the recent RompHim trend, I am certain I will not be ditching my rompers any time soon. In fact, I just scored this bell-sleeve romper from Marshall’s and couldn’t love more if I tried. Unlike most offices, mine doesn’t implement a strict dress code which means rompers are acceptable in the workplace–woohoo!! And the fact that this one has long sleeves makes it even more loveable because it allows me to combat the ice chamber conditions inside the office, while still looking like I’m acknowleding the fact that it’s spring when I walk outside. Its floral pattern is tasteful and broken up by the lace detail in the middle, makes this one of my favorites this season. Cheers to rompers for all,  we’re truly breaking fashion boundaries!



June 29, 2016


DSC_1695editedDSC_1682editedDSC_1687editedDSC_1690editedDSC_1712editedDSC_1705editedDSC_1718editedDetails: Banana Republic Factory Store off the shoulder navy and purple romper,  here | Franco Sarto wedges via Marshall’s, similar here |

I would honestly wear a romper or a jumpsuit every single day if I could. I actually own enough of them to do so, but I won’t delve into this somewhat, unhealthy obsession. Is it just me, or does anyone else receive a distasteful reaction from their beau when they slip one on? Josh doesn’t seem to understand them and it would probably be an issue if I cared, but I don’t. However, when I picked up this sexy off-the-shoulder romper from the Banana Republic Factory store and tried it on to show him, he actually really liked it. What?! This must actually be a winner. While guys are severely simple-minded when it comes to fashion, I do trust that they know what looks “attractive.” I’d be lying if I said I don’t care at least a little bit about what my boyfriend thinks of my outfit choices. If I love it, then there’s no question, but if I’m having doubts about a garment I usually seek his opinion as a deal breaker. Regardless, this romper is not only super sexy, but it’s also comfortable and easy to slip on and off (for bathroom purposes, guys! Get your mind out of the gutter). It can be made sophisticated with wedges or casual with your favorite pair of flip-flops. I don’t know about you, but if you’re attending a relatively casual wedding this season, this could even serve as a viable outfit option. Throw your hair up in a sleek up-do and strap on some heels–you’ll be set!

P.S. It’s on sale RIGHT NOW for $18–go grab it!




September 7, 2015


DSC_0550 editedDSC_0567 editedDSC_0538 editedDSC_0596 editedDSC_0608 editedDSC_0611 editedDetails: Mykonos romper from Beyond Trends, similar here |

Happy Labor Day babes! I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weekend as much as I have. The final days of summer have been pure bliss and I was particularly excited that I was able to get some wear out of my newest romper from Beyond Trends. This blue and white romper is a perfect balance of comfort and sex appeal, with it’s easy elastic waist band and plunging deep v. While I’m anxious to start layering, I’ll definitely miss the simplicity of summer clothing. Not to mention, when fall begins winter is not far to follow. I purchased this Mykonos romper for 30% off at Beyond Trends in Somerville, NJ since all of their summer styles are marked down! Honestly, rompers for summer will never go out of style, so buying some summer pieces for less at this time of year is worth it. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and excuse me while I go and take advantage of all of the AMAZING Labor Day sales, bye!




June 26, 2015


DSC_0683 editedDSC_0659 editedDSC_0664 editedDSC_0717 editedDSC_0720 editedDetails: SheInside blue and white floral crop top and short set, here  | Franco Sarto sandals via Marshall’s, here  |

I’ve always been partial to a matching crop top and short set, in fact this isn’t my first time posting about one. However, this set (one that my boyfriend tells me I look like a tea pot in) only because the intricate pattern reminds him of an ACTUAL oriental tea set. And after talking to friends and questioning my own boyfriend, I’ve come to a conclusion that there are a good deal of guys out there that have a strong distaste for rompers, jumpsuits and matching sets. Nonetheless, I don’t really care what anyone thinks but I was wondering why they hate them so much. Maybe it reminds some of their childhood, where they were forced to pose in family photos donning a onesie or a matching ensemble from their great Aunt Mary. I get that, and understand how haunting a memory that could be, especially since  it’s one they will never be able to live it down. But I hate to break it to you boys, onesies and sets are here to stay—for now. I like this one in particular because of its pattern; I don’t have anything like it and I’m partial to crisp white and royal blue. It’s definitely an outfit you can dress up or down, I took a more casual approach with my Franco Sarto gladiator sandals (which are SO comfortable btw). If you’re a lover of matching sets and onesies, rock them all season long—you look FABULOUS!




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