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April 3, 2017


DSC_0193edited LRDSC_0237EDITED LRDSC_0225edited lrDSC_0206edited.jpg LRDSC_0250edited LRDSC_0253edited LRDetails: Ann Taylor Stripe Pleated Cuff Blouse, similar here | Ann Taylor  Petite Wide Leg Marina Pants, here |

Nine times out of ten whenever I buy something new, my mom says: “Oh I had something just like that.” And I’m always like great, why did you ever give it away!?! I always ask my mom for style advice, because she kills it in the style department. She’s petite but is never afraid to try a trend. I’m the same way; I really don’t have a genre of my style. I mean, some may disagree, but I wear what I like and to be honest, I think it’s super juvenile for people to bucket a person into a specific style genre. That’s dumb. I always hear girls say stupid things like: “she was wearing this flannel shirt, leggings and uggs– so basic.” And I laugh to myself because, shit, I wear that and I don’t think I’m “basic.” What is basic? And maybe I am, but I certainly do not care what anyone thinks of my style, except maybe my mom. It’s true. I can’t remember a time where I gave two sh**s about what people thought of my clothes. See, when you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing it shows and people either love it or hate it. How confident you are will determine how your “haters” react. So, chin up! Even if your outfit isn’t something that someone else would wear themselves, they’ll still respect you. This outfit is bold for me. While I love wide leg pants, it’s hard for me to find the right ones because I’m super short. These wide leg pants from Ann Taylor are available in petite sizes, so they fit perfectly and they’re super comfortable. I’m excited to break them in this spring–whenever that’s coming. They’re a great alternative to shorts for work and the warmer months. I paired it with this funky 70s inspired pleated cuff blouse; I  love everything about it. It’s so different and it makes any solid color bottom look stunning. If you’re already a bold stylista, stay bold and if you’re not, then get your bold on. Oh and only listen to what your mom says. Moms always tell the truth and they know what looks good but if your mom doesn’t, call mine!



April 6, 2016


DSC_0622editedDSC_0556editedDSC_0546editedDSC_0605editedDSC_0584editedDetails: Multi-color bell sleeve dress (old), similar here |

I don’t know why but I’ve been on quite the 70’s style era kick lately. Last week I was all about my bell bottoms and this week I’m flaunting a bell sleeved dress. The white and pink crochet reminds me of blankets my grandmother used to have and while that may sound outdated or evoke scents of moth balls I really like to associate my clothing with fond memories and/or family members, it makes them feel more meaningful. I can’t say I will be able to wear this dress anytime soon considering the frigid temps (I DEFINITELY spoke too soon), but this is definitely a winner for spring because it transitions easily with its long sleeves and light colors. I stupidly left most of my chunky knits back in Jersey so I’ll be repeat offending the ones I have (eye roll),  but I can’t wait to be donning dresses every other day–come on warm weather! Until then, I’ll be bundled in the knits I have and blazers… SOS.



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