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February 23, 2015


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Details: GAP high-rise jeans, here  | H&M white chiffon blouse, here | Turquoise tiered statement necklace (locally bought), similar here | Diba booties in brown, here |

You know how you hate to admit it, but your mom always seems to be right? It’s actually irritating and charming at the same time—I remember laughing at my mom for her “mom” jeans, thinking “oh poor mom, she doesn’t know fashion, I’ll teach her”. But while my friends and I were taking on bell bottoms and extra low rise jeans, our moms were one step ahead wearing high-waisted MOM jeans. Little did we know, they were on to something, because they are unbelievably comfortable, hide any current food babies, or bloat  AND look amazing. Now, these are no longer known as mom jeans, instead they’ve been assigned the names high-rise or high waisted jeans, but let’s take the time to acknowledge the trendsetters— “hey mom, you were right…AGAIN.”

I paired my simple white chiffon blouse with a locally bought tiered turquoise statement necklace and concluded the outfit with my go-to Diba booties. You really can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a white shirt, and don’t forget a bold pop of color!

Happy Monday!




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