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April 9, 2018


Details: Pink bell sleeve top via Marshalls, similar here | J. Crew white denim pants, similar here |

I feel like I talk about the weather in every outfit post I write. Maybe that’s because it’s absurd that we’re still experiencing frigid temps in April. Regardless,  I’m trying to figure out my spring wardrobe, while maintaining my sanity. I’ve begun to care less about what I wear and more about staying comfortable, which is a dangerous game. I’ve recently stocked up on a couple long sleeve spring-themed tops, one being this bell sleeve top from none other than Marshall’s. It has become one of my favorite tops. Like I always say, (but have really never said until just now) a good top is like a good friend. It makes you look good, it’s reliable and it never judges you for any winter weight gain–it’s true! In an effort to summon warmer temps, I pulled out my white denim pants and some peep toe shoes…in case you were wondering, that didn’t work. Right now, I’m focusing on my wardrobe for my upcoming vacation to Charleston, where I can guarantee I’ll be surrounded by sunshine and bare arms and legs. Until then, I’ll be living through outfit photos in which I suffered through to take during, yet another cold March day.



August 14, 2017


Details: TJ MAXX One Clothing off-the-shoulder mustard top, here  |

Off-the-shoulder tops and distressed denim have been my go-to summer staples all summer long. Every time I walk into Marshall’s, I seem to walk out with yet another, off-the-shoulder top. This one is a favorite because it’s super lightweight and loose fitting. It’s the season to be sans bra, and I love a top that allows me to feel free. I’ve had these boyfriend jeans for about 4 years and I haven’t found another pair I like half as much. Especially for the summer months! Enjoy the last month of summer by baring your shoulders in your favorite OFTS tops :).



June 23, 2017


Details: Marshalls Printed Cover-up dress, similar here, here and here | Dansko Demetra Sandal in Taupe, here |

Summertime and the living is easy–am I right? I’m so excited for beach days and minimal thought into clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting together outfits and wearing “thoughtful” looks, but there’s nothing better than wearing a bathing suit and lightweight cover-up. I went to Marshalls with the sole intent of buying photo frames for my desk at work; obviously, that didn’t work out because this blue beauty caught my eye. I really love this cover-up because I fully intend on wearing it as a dress as well. It’s modest enough to wear out to dinner, but it’s loose and lightweight enough to face the summer heat on the beach. The only thing is, I would have to wear shorts and perhaps a cami underneath since it’s a little transparent. This weekend is supposed to be hot and humid so you can be sure that this is exactly what I’ll be sporting! What are your plans to beat the heat this weekend!?

P.S. I know how frustrating it is to see something from Marshalls and not be able to purchase it, but I did my best to try and find some similar options for you guys.



May 24, 2017


Details: TJ Maxx/Marshalls Bell Sleeve Honey Punch Romper, here |

So, the guys are getting on the romper wagon now, huh? I’m completely fine with this, but I will say that everything that guys have said about rompers, like that they hate them because they look like something a toddler would wear or that they’re not flattering on anyone in anyway shape or form and look more creepy than sexy.  After seeing rompers on men, it makes me wonder if they were right all along. I mean not ALL men can pull off a RompHim, and it is somewhat off-putting that they look like hairy adult babies runinng around. But to each his own, right? Despite my growing distaste for the recent RompHim trend, I am certain I will not be ditching my rompers any time soon. In fact, I just scored this bell-sleeve romper from Marshall’s and couldn’t love more if I tried. Unlike most offices, mine doesn’t implement a strict dress code which means rompers are acceptable in the workplace–woohoo!! And the fact that this one has long sleeves makes it even more loveable because it allows me to combat the ice chamber conditions inside the office, while still looking like I’m acknowleding the fact that it’s spring when I walk outside. Its floral pattern is tasteful and broken up by the lace detail in the middle, makes this one of my favorites this season. Cheers to rompers for all,  we’re truly breaking fashion boundaries!



September 20, 2016


dsc_0680editeddsc_0688editeddsc_0705editeddsc_0706editeddsc_0721editeddsc_0728editeddsc_0735editedDetails: TAHARI via Marshall’s Merino wool black vest with tuxedo collar , similar here | Banana Republic graphic tee, (old) similar here | Audrey Brooke Cindy wedge bootie via DSW, here |

Lately, I’ve  let work get the best of me and after a beautiful weekend spent at Kripalu I realized how much I stress over things that don’t matter and won’t matter in the long term. I struggled this weekend with remaining mindful. I don’t think I’ve ever had a job where I didn’t bring work home, and this one is no different. Even if I’m not physically working when I get home, I’m thinking constantly about what needs to be done or what could’ve gone more smoothly had I done something differently. Regardless, those thoughts are not important and only interfere with my present moments. We all have things to work on and I need to be more cogniscant of the things that aren’t necessarily serving me. Anyway! I always talk about I have NO clothes and while that is definitely NOT the case, I think sometimes I purchase things in the moment that I may not end up wearing more than twice. This isn’t the proper way to shop, and I’m fully aware, but it’s the reality of my not so cute shopping habits. However, this outfit includes two oldies but goodies: my Banana Republic graphic tee (this saying will never go out of style) and my distressed denim ZARA pants. My new loves in this photo, that will certainly become oldies but goodies, are these A-MAZING wedge booties from DSW and this long Merino wool TAHARI vest from Marshall’s. To me, wedge booties will never go out of style. My wedges from last season are literally destroyed because I couldn’t stop wearing them. And just like those, they go with everything and are unbelievably comfortable. Now, excuse me while I’ll get my coffee on.



August 17, 2016


DSC_0990editedDSC_0987new new neweditedDSC_1035editedDSC_1054edited newDetails: Chambray dress from Marshall’s, similar here | Franco Sarto wedges, similar here |

The summer has been crazy busy and I am sad to admit that I haven’t been on my blog game. I let this amazing beach weather get the best of me, and I just haven’t been as motivated to keep my blog going. Not only are there family  get-togethers almost every weekend, but Josh and I are preparing to move in together on September 1st and you don’t really realize how much there is to think about until you’re in it. Regardless, here I am, and I’m determined to get back into my blog post routine. Now, on to today’s outfit. The last time I was home, I went to the Marshall’s and found this adorable chambray dress for $16.99 and knew it would become one of my favorite summer staples. When my mom saw the dress draped over my arm, she immediately recalled a similar dress that she used to have. I feel like I hear her say this more often than not and I’m always annoyed that she didn’t save any of her favorites. All fashions come full circle, ya know! And I love high neck dresses and especially love the narrow cut of the top of this one; it’s sexy and sophisticated. With summer BBQs in full force, it’s safe to say I’ll be wearing this every weekend and even well into September.

Happy summer! Enjoy the sunshine while you can.



March 28, 2016


DSC_0464editedDSC_0438editedDSC_0433editedDSC_0502editedDSC_0507editedDetails: Torn by Ronny Kobo dress from Marshalls, similar here |

Lately, I’ve been searching for a couple guest of the wedding, bridal shower and baby shower dresses and I just haven’t been able to find one that I like, that isn’t white. I have a tendency to go for white and cream colored dresses, which in this case,  isn’t entirely appropriate. I was participating in my typical weekend Marshall deal-hunting spree when I came across this cream-colored dress with gold metallic accents. It’s definitely not appropriate for a bridal shower or a wedding, but I really couldn’t let it go. It took a while for me to make a decision; I just didn’t know if it was entirely reasonable for me to purchase such a classy, perfectly flawless dress. Okay, who am I kidding? Of course, it was entirely necessary to have this dress in my closet. It fit perfectly and I even took the extra step in consulting my bestie, who reassured me it was a wardrobe necessity. It’s often difficult for me to find dresses that fit in length, so I was pleasantly surprised when I slipped this on and didn’t even consider a tailor. I don’t think it’s going to be difficult for me to find a reason to wear this beauty, but I do worry about keeping it clean and in good shape. It’s the type of dress that I love too much to wear. Its material is easily snagged, so I just have to be at least 300 feet away from people at all times while donning it. I have some places in mind for the summer months, if anyone has any fancy parties planned, just let me know. I’ve got a dress for it.



March 16, 2016


DSC_0235editedDSC_0220editedDSC_0209editedDSC_0239editedDSC_0245editedDSC_0244editedDetails: Button front denim skirt from Marshall’s, similar here | Naked Wardrobe white body suit, here |

“Your friends represent you: all your actions, all your thoughts and all the things you aspire to be. They are a collection of all things you’re meant to be, and they were put on this planet to guide you. So use them, find them, they will show you the way and they will teach you how to be free.” ~ r.m. drake

This weekend I paid a visit to Marshall’s and was struck by this retro button front denim skirt. It reminded me of innoncent, little 4th grade me. Well before the time of the “sexy” 7th grade ripped denim Abercrombie and Fitch skirt, right in that pocket of innocence before puberty and insecurities kick in. I remember my 4th grade self and I miss her.  She was so wild and free, she didn’t care about what anyone thought of her, well that was until 5th grade. I still see her from time to time, she’s much more reigned in and mature of course. Anyway,  for whatever reason this skirt brought me back to a time in my childhood that wasn’t so fun. It was 5th grade and I was just finding my group of friends. This is where “popularity” started and while some of my friends went off and tried so hard to cling on to that crowd, it never felt right to me. I ended up finding a great group of friends that I could 100% be myself around. We were loud, obnoxious and awkward, but we genuinely enjoyed one another’s company. So there I was minding my own business when this tiny (in size) bully started picking on me. She would always pick apart my appearance, in fact, one time, I had a huge pimple on my nose and she decided to announce it to everyone standing in homeroom line while we were waiting to change classes. As if I wasn’t already embarrassed enough that a giant pimple was staking claim on my nose. My cheeks still feel hot thinking about it now. She would do this constantly and I would go home, talk to my mom about it and she always did her best to comfort me, but the damage had already been done. The insecurities started one by one, and I would brush them off but they still hurt. I never fought back and never resorted to any hateful comments, just kept my cool and minded my own business. I surrounded myself with people who loved me and I made it through my middle school years with many more laughs than cries. In fact, said bully, didn’t have it so easy. As time went on, she had less and less friends and ended up alone at the lunch table (literally and figuratively)–not even kidding. What they say is true, karma is a real b***h and this denim skirt made me revisit parts of my history that have made me who I am. Wow, what a powerful skirt huh? We all have insecurities whether we’re 10 years old or 78 years old, we’re human, but we don’t have to let them define us. I really love the quote above by r.m. drake because it not only rings true for your ride or die friends, but also for people like miss bully, who show you how strong you really are. You get what you give, plus it’s just so much easier to be kind in this world, we have enough meanies to deal with.



January 19, 2016


DSC_0595DSC_0624DSC_0626 newDSC_0665DSC_0656Details: Zara camel and grey oversized scarf, similar here | Marshall’s oversized striped blouse, similar here |

I don’t know what’s going on in the universe this week, but it’s only Tuesday and I feel like I need this week to be over. I’m generally not so anxious for time to fly, and I really try to live in the moment and stay positive but my patience is being tested this week. I have no internet or cable in my apartment, AND my entire computer crashed. I’m not even sure it can be revived. Has anyone ever heard of the white screen of death? Listen, I know that worse things can happen, so I’m not hear to complain but sometimes I just need a mini vent sesh.  The cold weather isn’t really helping my mood; it’s so bitter and miserable out! And I feel like my blogging has taken a back seat this month because I can’t seem to gather my thoughts and/or clothes to prepare posts. As a result, my style has been a bit more casual during these frigid months. However, did stop by Marshall’s a couple weeks ago and came across this ultra soft grey and white striped blouse. It’s a size large, but I couldn’t resist its silkiness and had to see if I could make it work. I think I did okay if I do say so myself. I’m partial to oversized garments this season; they feel so effortless. And I admit, I’m a self-proclaimed scarf hoarder and couldn’t pass up Zara’s selection of chunky scarves, specifically this two toned/color block-esque one. As you know, I’m crazy about neutrals so a scarf that incorporates camel and grey…I’m sold. Now I’m ready for the cold….kind of…not really…okay no I’m not.



July 24, 2015


IMG_6123 editedIMG_6143 editedIMG_6167 editedIMG_6144 editedIMG_6172 editedDetails: Sleeveless plaid shirt dress via Marshall’s similar here and here | Nine West ‘Narcissus’ wedge sandal via Marshall’s, here |

Although the second half of this week cooled down, the week ahead looks pretty steamy. It’s so difficult to feel comfortable in the sticky heat, this plaid shirt dress is not only a breezy option for the hot months, but it will transition smoothly into fall with its darker hues. It feels exactly the way it looks; it looks like an over sized cozy sleeveless shirt, and it fits just the same—snaps for me, another Marshall’s find. Oh and speaking of Marshall’s, that’s where my shoes are from! They’re Nine West, small wedges and they work for me for the work days since they’re small enough so that I’m not on the verge of breaking my ankle racing to work, and they give me a little lift, giving my much adored flats a break.

Happy Friday!




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