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August 30, 2019


Details: (old) Free People red polka dot long sleeve blouse via Nordstrom Rack, similar here| Bleecker & Bond Elise Sandals via DSW, here | J. Crew white Toothpick denim pants, here |

I’m not one for following rules when it comes to fashion. This whole not wearing white after Labor Day is a “rule” I choose not to follow, simply because it doesn’t make sense. I did some research to figure out the origin of this silly rule, and here’s what I found via Good:

  1. The rule came to the fashion scene at the turn of the 20th Century. It was when the duration of the summer scene was from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (As we know, summer weather can creep well into the beginning of October, even in Boston!)
  2. Snobby New England elitists used the rule to keep the new and upcoming middle class from creeping in on their turf. This was a way to tell old money from new money.
  3. Why, would we still follow this rule 100 years later? We wouldn’t and we shouldn’t. The end. So go wear white.

Now, this goes without saying but it’s important to wear white, or any color for that matter, when and where appropriate. For instance, don’t show up to a wedding in your favorite white dress. Not cute. Missed mark. And, maybe it’s not super smart to wear white to a funeral. I absolutely support wearing white in the winter months, but if we’re talking white linen in the dead of winter… then we need to chat. White pants with your favorite chunky sweater, go for it! I would be more than comfortable wearing my current outfit (red blouse and white denim pants) in the middle of October. Why the hell not!?

Let me know if you want to chat more about this topic! I could go on all day.



December 10, 2018


Details: J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt, here | Madewell High- Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea, here | Sam Edelman Black Block Heels, similar here

As you probably know by now, I tend to gravitate to neutrals i.e. taupes, brown, beige, ivory etc., especially during the fall and winter months. However, I’ve realized that adding some color to your wardrobe opens the door to new outfit possibilities. I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you noticed the increase in hot pink clothing in your favorite stores lately? I’ve never been a pink person, I mean I love the neutral pinks, but I’ve never gravitated to hot pink clothing. This season, it’s everywhere and I am seriously loving it. I don’t believe I’ll ever go as far as Kameron on Real Housewives of Dallas with her pink sparkle dog food, but I already have several hot pink pieces in my closet, including this ultra comfy and lightweight hot pink turtleneck from J. Crew. The material is very thin and lightweight which is a nice change to my usual chunky knits. And instead of slipping on my usual booties, I decided to bare some foot skin and slid on my favorite pair of black block heels. They are SO comfortable and go with just about everything, including something as casual as these distressed pair of denim. 

In terms of what’s going on in my life, I just returned from a work trip to London, and you know all those movies like Love Actually, The Holiday and Peter Rabbit? Yea. It’s exactly like that. I don’t know that there’s anything better than exploring a new city in a different country, no less. More on that later. Stay tuned!



January 3, 2017


dsc_0818editeddsc_0815-1editeddsc_0829editeddsc_0855editedDetails: Romwe black choker cut out zipper sleeve sweater, here | J.Crew black red check wool skirt (old) similar, here |

After an entire week with family in New Jersey, it really hurts to have to go back to work. It felt so good to be back in my hometown and I hadn’t eaten or slept that well in a while. I love the holidays. I say this every year, but I think I love the days leading up to Christmas more than I like Christmas. Those days are just filled with Christmas music, movies, shopping and nights on the couch enjoying a lit tree. As soon as I got back to Boston, I turned my tree on, flicked on the movie ELF and drank out of my Santa mug. I guess you could say that’s denial at its finest. However, even though the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock that infamous Christmas red. I pulled out my vintage red and check wool skirt from J.Crew and abandoned my usual fitted turtleneck and paired it with this trendy choker cut out zipper sleeve sweater. It’s super cozy and the funky zipper sleeves give this look an edge. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on the choker trend, but after giving this sweater a shot, I think I’m a believer.



January 8, 2016


DSC_0438DSC_0364DSC_0416DSC_0371DSC_0458DSC_0500Details: Banana Republic collage stripe sweater, here | J. Crew black signature leggings, here | Ivanka Trump Serena over-the-knee boots, here |

Holy TGIF, am I right?! This week was especially difficult going back to work after long holiday break, but we got through it didn’t we?!  I always find that my work outfits become somewhat ‘tired’ by the end of the week. I’m always willing to wear dresses or skirts with tights at the beginning of the week, but by Friday I don’t have the energy to fight with tights or tuck in a blouse to a skirt—am I lazy or what? Today, I decided to stick with a chunky knit and my favorite black J.Crew leggings and call it a day. I have my fair share of oversized turtlenecks, but this is unlike any other. Its collage stripes across the front are all different textures making it all kinds of cozy. It has a fleece-esque stripe, a blanket quilt-ish one, plaid wool and honeycomb textures; oh and we can’t forget the added fringe for good measure. I kind of sound like a walking blanket with textures for all cuddlers’ preferences. So, if you’re an avid snuggler or an indecisive one this should be your ‘go to’.




October 14, 2015


DSC_0099 editedDSC_0080 editedDSC_0106 editedDSC_0109 editedDSC_0138 editedDSC_0139 editedDSC_0148 editedDetails: Shaker-stitch topper c/o J. Jill, here| J.Crew plaid button down, similar here | Gap high-rise skinny jeans, similar here | Primark outdoor boots, similar here | Eddie Bauer wool socks, similar here |

I spent this past weekend at home in New Jersey to celebrate my birthday. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect,  I was able to spend some quality time with family and was treated to some pampering. It’s amazing what family time can do, even though I got back late Monday night, I still felt refreshed and recharged on Tuesday morning. While fall has always been a prime season for clothing, it has also become a favorite season of mine because it marks the beginning of a long stretch of full on family time. This weekend, I visited some of the local farms with my sister and then enjoyed a meal at my favorite restaurant with the rest of my family. It’s funny, I realized that when I’m home and going out with family I don’t put as much thought into my clothing. Sometimes that results in the best outfits, and in this case that’s especially true. I was layering like crazy, but the sweater that made its mark was this J. Jill shaker-stitch topper. The deep navy color complemented the classic reds and blues of the plaid button down. Not to mention, my footwear game was especially strong with these  casual ‘hiking’ boots from Primark. I was skeptical at first, considering they were only $30.00, but  their quality outshines some of my more expensive favorites. I may even buy another pair to have on-hand in case I wear them out! And I know how busy life gets, but don’t forget to carve out some time to spend with family. It’s the best kind of medicine and guarantees a ton of laughs and great food!




September 4, 2015


DSC_0841 editedDSC_0822 editedDSC_0870DSC_0858DSC_0845 editedDSC_0878DSC_0893DSC_0911Details: J.Crew t-shirt via Marshall’s, similar here | Banana Republic skinny jeans, similar here |

Have you ever sat behind your desk, day in and day out and wondered what else you could be doing with your life? I think it’s safe to say that no matter how much you may love your job there definitely has come a time where you contemplated abandoning social “norms” and running away to an island with no plan, leaving it up to fate, Tim Gunn-ing if you will. Is that just me? I think I’ve had several quarter life crises where I’ve second guessed where I am in my life and although I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be (who is?), I have to say I’m pretty happy with how things are turning out. A couple weeks ago, while in Connecticut my mom and I visited her very best childhood friend, Andrea known to me as Aunt Andrea, at her hot dog truck Top Dog. Those of you who know me well, know that hot dogs are not just a summer BBQ food for me, they’re a main staple in my diet. So you can imagine my excitement. We arrived early before the lunch rush and were able to talk to Aunt Andrea about a typical day at Top Dog. Hard worker is an understatement, her day begins at 6am where she makes her chili and sauerkraut to ensure it’s fresh for the day’s start. Then she has to pack up her truck with all necessary ingredients, including cheese for her cheese dog, freshly made bacon for her her BACON cheese dog, a hot and sweet relish for her Orleans dog, some spicy hot Orleans relish for her Cajun dog and I can’t forget sauteed onions and a spicy tomato sauce for her New York dog. As you can imagine she has your typical hot dog toppings available i.e ketchup, yellow and brown mustard and relish. Once she has the truck packed and ready to go she drives to her spot on Route 66 in Portland Connecticut. As you can tell from the picture above, Top Dog is pulled by her vintage Checker Cab, she explained that it’s quite a scene on the highway and while some drivers find her slow driving charming, others are not so amused. I was able to go inside Top Dog, first of all the smell is an AMAZING mixture of steaming hot dogs and mouth watering chili. It’s small inside, so all of her condiments and ingredients are in containers on her right, with a microwave and then a cooler on her left for drinks. If you think that this week’s weather has been hot, then you haven’t been inside a hot dog. It was about 20 degrees hotter inside than out, I don’t know how she does it. Like I said hard worker doesn’t even begin to describe Andrea. I get cranky in the heat, like you really don’t want to be near me. As I watched Andrea interact with her customers, some she’s known for years, others new to Top Dog, she didn’t cease to have a smile on her face or a funny joke to crack. The passion she has for what she does is something most would envy, it’s palpable. Since I graduated I’ve always been determined to do what I “love” and to be honest that hasn’t been so easy, but nothing good is ever easy and I’m excited for what’s in store. Plus, I have some major inspiration to refer to while I make my way through.


For more information on Top Dog, check it out here!



August 24, 2015


IMG_9224 editedIMG_9177 editedIMG_9175 editedIMG_9243 editedIMG_9265 editedDetails: Banana Republic Geo Fringe top, here | J.Crew (old) light blue chambray shorts, similar here | Franco Sarto block heel sandals via Marshall’s, similar here |

Despite the fact that my tan has been lacking this summer, I seem to have been collecting white tops. I love white, even if I’m not a bronzed goddess, white is refreshing, easy and you can’t go wrong. This Banana Republic fringe top was on sale, (it comes in black too!) as you can see it’s not fitted, more boxy but it still manages to look flattering on. It can be worn with nearly anything, skirts, shorts, and jeans you can’t really go wrong. My chambray light blue J. Crew shorts are old, but they’re classic and I’ve provided a link of a similar pair. I have some time off before I make my move, so I hope to work on my tan while I still can. More importantly with this free time I’ve also been journaling quite a bit as well as spending quality time with family. It’s amazing how much clarity you get when you just talk or write out what you’re thinking, it’s really cathartic. If you’re in a place of transition, prepping for a big test or just experiencing the self-created stress of life, take a minute to just write down what it is your thinking. No matter what it is just write it out, you’ll see how crazy you are when you see on paper the little things that are stressing you out, or even better you could experience a breakthrough with something that’s been troubling you. Take this week to just write out what you’re thinking,  for 5 minutes a day and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn and how many of your problems will be solved by just taking time to listen to yourself.

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August 5, 2015


DSC_0008DSC_0013DSC_0039DSC_0009Details: Banana Republic crochet top (on sale), similar here | J. Crew chambray shorts (old), similar here |

When I was younger my parents always encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone. Whether it meant joining PAA basketball (which I HATED) or giving me the push to strike up a conversation with the new neighbors, I always knew what it was like to feel uncomfortably comfortable. Often times we fall into a routine; it’s reassuring to know what to expect day after day,  but when we become too comfortable we limit our growth and to grow is to feel discomfort. I remember when I decided to go abroad alone and without the presence of my college friends; I kept telling myself this quote I read in a Jennifer Aniston interview (I know soooo inspirational) it read: Everything you want in the world is right outside your comfort zone. I don’t think there’s anything more true than that. The result of my solo abroad experience was that I made two life long friends and I discovered a new sense of self, one I’ve never met before. The reason this particular post reminds me so much of what it is to go outside your comfort zone is because this marina was where my parents ‘encouraged’ me to join sailing camp. I was not thrilled with the idea AT ALL! Each day I had a knot in my stomach when we had to go out for a sail on our own, but looking back that was just the beginning of learning how to trust myself and deal with situations that may not be ideal. I’m a better person for it, and I think my parents found out early on that I should not be allowed on a basketball court or alone in the ocean, but it was a necessary piece of my journey.

{On to the outfit} While I enjoy a fitted blouse and high waisted mini as much as the next girl, I feel my most comfortable in a flowy top, much like this white crochet one from Banana and a pair of worn out shorts. I scored this top on sale at Banana and unfortunately it’s not on the website, however I did provide you with some links of tops that are equally as amazing.





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July 1, 2015


DSC_1068 editedDSC_1061 2 editedDSC_1065 editedDSC_1078 editedDSC_1092Details: J. Crew Plaid button down, similar here and here| Banana Republic white eyelet-hem angled skirt, here | Lulu’s espadrille wedges, here |

I’m sure many of you agree that this work week has been particularly brutal to get through with the anticipation of Fourth of July. I literally canNOT sit still; I’m too excited about the thought of spending a long weekend by the beach gorging on hot dogs and sipping on summer ale–there’s nothing better. Typically, I end up in my bathing suit with a pair of denim shorts and a flowy top, but I decided to put some effort into my Independence Day look with this perfectly thematic plaid shirt. Unlike your typical button down, this one is gauze-like and airy making it easy to tuck into this delicate angled eyelet skirt (a recent Banana Republic purchase). Yes, that’s right another Banana Republic buy; LISTEN this past weekend I went nuts in Banana, they had 40% off of full priced items and an EXTRA 50% off on all sale —UNREAL. This skirt found its way into my arms and it really couldn’t be more perfect for the weekend ahead. I promise I’m going to start my day in this outfit, but I’m not sure it’ll last long—bathing suit ALWAYS wins.

{Inspired by FARFETCH 4th of July competition}



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May 13, 2015


IMG_6841 edited 1IMG_6855 editedIMG_6870 edited 1IMG_6904 edited 2IMG_6892 editedIMG_6910 editedDetails: Banana Republic textured moto jacket, here | Banana Republic blush pink lace overlay tank, here | J. Crew patterned white shorts, (old) similar here| BCBGMAXAZRIA natural wedge, similar here|

While I’m a huge fan of the all white trend, I do love my pale pinks and grays; In fact they’ve become my go-to color palette this season. I especially love this soft gray textured moto, it is my ultimate transitional piece thus far. I’m actually starting to think my Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket may have met its match—there’s some serious competition now. I’ve been wearing it almost as much, since it’s so easily worn with a pair of  shorts or a comfy maxi–it’s rich texture and color screams sophistication.




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