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July 7, 2017


Details: Printed Easy Knit Maxi Skirt c/o J.Jill, here |

It’s maxi skirt season! I’ve been on vacation this week and I’ve never felt more relaxed. I went on a bit of a staycation and ventured to my family’s beach house on the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. My days have been spent basking in the sun from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. reading and relaxing. I feel so refreshed and the first time I put on my makeup was yesterday and it felt so foreign to me. I can’t say that my style has been on point this week because it’s been driven by comfort and I have NO problems with that. However, I’m planning on going out to dinner tonight and the closest thing to acceptable comfort is this colorful printed maxi from J.Jill. It’s super comfortable and looks good with a variety of colors: white, black, navy, purple and even turquoise. It’s flowy and because it’s available in petite it isn’t too long like most maxis are on me. I’m hanging on to these last few days of vacation and am planning on more sun, one more book and my favorite bathing suit. What are your plans for the weekend?

December 26, 2015

Your Tea: Skin Magic & Tiny Tea

IMG_2454IMG_2445IMG_2447Between the fluctuating weather temps, copious amounts of holiday treats, and my move from NJ to Boston, my skin has been going crazy. I tried everything from adding a filter to my showerhead, to changing my moisturizing habits. While I saw small  improvements with those changes, nothing compares to the changes I’ve experienced since using Your Tea’s Skin Magic Tea. Not only is it soothing and satisfying to sip on, but I’ve seen fewer breakouts, light scarring has ceased to exist and any  inflammation I had at the time cleared almost instantly. I also noticed quite a flattering glow. I’ve always been a fan of Your Tea, ever since I tried Tiny Teatox last year (it’s incredible; especially for the post-holiday blues). You can do a 14 day or 28-day teatox;  I chose the 14-day teatox to start, and not only did I love how it relieved my holiday bloat, but it gave me energy to the point where I no longer needed my 3pm Starbucks run (shocking…I KNOW!). Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised with the amazing results from their Skin Magic Tea, and if you’re looking to start your New Year’s resolutions early, I highly recommend looking into Your Tea. Not only do they have a tea for pretty much EVERYTHING but they also outline healthy tips, provide you with incredible recipes and have even created an eating plan to help you along your 14-day teatox journey. It outlines breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even though I’m not beginning the Tiny Tea(tox)I’m planning on following this eating plan for the next two weeks to help get me out of my holiday food slush. Honestly, if there’s something you want to work on or improve I am 89% sure there’s a tea to help you through it–I’m serious!



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