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January 27, 2016


DSC_1185editedDSC_1216editedDSC_1193editedDSC_1224editedDSC_1222editedDetails: Forever 21 Longline Open-Front jacket, here | Banana Republic black turtleneck, here | Gap legging jeans, here | Black booties, similar here |

Lately, I feel like I have NOTHING to wear. I know that sounds crazy, especially if you take a look at my closet(s), but I think I’m in a style rut. It definitely has to do with the cold weather and I know it’ll pass but it’s really throwing me off. In an effort to get out of this wardrobe funk I pulled out a spring favorite of mine. This longline open-front Forever 21 jacket was a staple for me last spring so I decided to bring it back to life during these cold winter months. It’s a great layering piece and it’s light enough to wear under my clunky winter coat. There’s no better color combo than black and tan, which is why I resorted to my trusted black turtleneck as its counterpart. Honestly, you’d be surprised by how many spring pieces you can convert to winter. I still think I should go shopping…just to be on the safe side!



January 21, 2016




Details: Clad & Cloth Desperado sweater, here  | Black denim pants, similar here |

So I was perusing Instagram when I came across this Clad & Cloth ‘Desperado’ sweater. My thumb froze and I knew I had to get my hands on it. However, to my dismay it was SOLD OUT, so I emailed CC and waited patiently for it to be restocked and as soon as it did I completed my check out before it was gone. Honestly, I never thought I could love an oversized cozy sweater more than this one. When I’m wrapped up in this beauty it feels as though I’m being cuddled in a warm itch free blanket. The only wardrobe roadblock I’ve come across is deciding what color pants to wear. My good ole’ blue jeans make me feel like I’m emulating Oscar The Grouch, so I decided to stick with black denim or black leggings. I’d say this looks pretty perfect, don’t you think? I suppose you could also incorporate a tan/beige pant if you’re looking to add some brightness. I think I’ve actually met my match with  this one. When my lips are chapped, my skin is dry, and I’m dreading waking up for work I throw ‘Desperado’ on and I’m instantly inside the arms of a cuddly teddybear; not to mention it cures the Monday blues like nothing else. Get bundling… a storm is on its way!



January 19, 2016


DSC_0595DSC_0624DSC_0626 newDSC_0665DSC_0656Details: Zara camel and grey oversized scarf, similar here | Marshall’s oversized striped blouse, similar here |

I don’t know what’s going on in the universe this week, but it’s only Tuesday and I feel like I need this week to be over. I’m generally not so anxious for time to fly, and I really try to live in the moment and stay positive but my patience is being tested this week. I have no internet or cable in my apartment, AND my entire computer crashed. I’m not even sure it can be revived. Has anyone ever heard of the white screen of death? Listen, I know that worse things can happen, so I’m not hear to complain but sometimes I just need a mini vent sesh.  The cold weather isn’t really helping my mood; it’s so bitter and miserable out! And I feel like my blogging has taken a back seat this month because I can’t seem to gather my thoughts and/or clothes to prepare posts. As a result, my style has been a bit more casual during these frigid months. However, did stop by Marshall’s a couple weeks ago and came across this ultra soft grey and white striped blouse. It’s a size large, but I couldn’t resist its silkiness and had to see if I could make it work. I think I did okay if I do say so myself. I’m partial to oversized garments this season; they feel so effortless. And I admit, I’m a self-proclaimed scarf hoarder and couldn’t pass up Zara’s selection of chunky scarves, specifically this two toned/color block-esque one. As you know, I’m crazy about neutrals so a scarf that incorporates camel and grey…I’m sold. Now I’m ready for the cold….kind of…not really…okay no I’m not.



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