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October 15, 2018


Details: STS Blue Oversize Boyfriend Jean Jacket via Nordstrom Rack, here | Beige Suede Mules c/o Jjill, similar here

For as long as long as I can remember a denim jacket has always been a wardrobe staple. One of my most memorable denim jackets would have to be my mid-wash Abercrombie and Fitch one. I think I got it in 6th or 7th grade and I wore it through college… I actually still have it and it’s not off-trend. I still love it, but I ended up adding a couple more denim jackets to the mix. One is a more form-fitted stretch denim jacket from Ann Taylor and the other is one I haven’t been able to stop wearing. This STS Blue denim jacket from Nordstrom Rack. I love this one because it is somewhat oversized so I’m able to layer it over chunky knits, which is key for these chillier fall months. I also love its classic blue wash and I’ve been wearing it with black denim, leggings, sweatpants, all my jeans etc. I don’t even care if I look like a walking blueberry–I love it! I’m a HUGE sweatshirt, sweater, chunky knit person, but lately, I love treating this jacket as my go-to sweater/cardigan/etc. You can be sure I’ll be wearing this all fall long until I have to dig up a down puffer coat.



October 4, 2017


Details: LOFT denim jacket, here | American Eagle flannel via Marshall’s, similar here |

Fall is in the air…for now! I spent some time going through my closet last weekend, to begin purging and swapping out seasons. I was able to clear out a good deal of clothing, but there were some pieces I just wasn’t ready to part with. It’s kind of funny, but the only jean jacket I had in my closet until this beauty from the LOFT, is one from Abercrombie & Fitch. It is literally from my 8th-grade wardrobe. It’s easy enough to style, but the arms are so bulky and the color is a tad outdated. So when I was shopping my heart out at LOFT last week I spotted this perfectly fitted denim jacket and knew it was destined to be hanging in my closet. I absolutely LOVE the fit, mostly because it’s petite–woo! It really couldn’t fit any better–it’s not too long or short, its proportionate to my body and looks good with just about anything. Even though we’ve only had a few days of fall-like temps, it has definitely already become a staple this season. I still have to learn how to let go of clothing and I need to reign in my current clothing consumption, but classics like this one just can’t be overlooked.

What are some of your favorite fall staples!?



May 4, 2017


DSC_0331edited LRDSC_0337edited LRjpgDSC_0338edited LRDSC_0362edited LRDSC_0373edited LR

Details: Tencel Indigo Pullover c/o J.Jill, here |

At one point in style time, Canadian tuxedos were a serious faux pas, however, the times have changed and it is not stylishly acceptable to mix and match denim in one outfit. This Tencel Indigo Pullover Top is not as restricting as denim, but more lax and comfy. It is something that can be worn on a cozy day with sweats, or with your favorite pair of denim blues. I chose to style it with my favorite pair of legging jeans and broke the outfit up with a classic brown belt. I guess you can say, I’m going for a Western look–I don’t hate it! When wearing denim on denim, it’s important to style your blues appropriately. What I mean by that is, don’t try and match your denim top and bottom exactly. Go for a light and dark look. This way, you’re able to accessorize more and you won’t look overly monochromatic.

How do you feel about denim on denim? Share your style tips with me!



November 2, 2015


DSC_0406 edited 2DSC_0381 editedDSC_0408 editedDSC_0409 editedDSC_0421 editedDSC_0417 editedDetails: Urban Outfitters chambray shirt, similar here | Gap sateen high rise skinny jeans in powder gray, here | J. Crew stadium- cloth cocoon coat in sandstone, here | Primark suede booties in taupe, similar here |

I can’t believe October is over. This month was a especially crazy, with adjusting to my new city and getting a grasp on my new job. It just felt like there was no time to slow down and just enjoy the fresh air and the walk from the office to my car—the little things. For the month of November, I vow to take some time to be present, and enjoy the moment. In terms of my wardrobe, I’ve been wearing out my dark wash denim skinny jeans and it’s getting tired. My standard fall color palette needed a boost, which is why these powder gray gap jeans are the perfect inclusion to my monotonous closet. I paired them with my trusted chambray shirt and with it being coat season, layered on my treasured cocoon in sandstone.  This was the color palette I needed to get me out of my fall wardrobe funk. It’s refreshing, and breaks up the expected fall color combos. Make some bold statements this season, whether it’s as small as purchasing a  pair of lighter wash jeans than your used to, or you’re venturing far outside your comfort zone–go bold. Oh, and don’t forget to take time to be present and enjoy the moment–you never get it back.



August 19, 2015


DSC_0423 editedDSC_0499 editedDSC_0429 editedDSC_0538 editedDSC_DSC_0536 editedDetails: Sheri Slim Lightweight denim c/o NYDJ, here | ZARA sleeveless sweater top, similar here | Pure Jill open-toe d’Orsay flat c/o J. Jill, here |

There’s something charming about classic baby blue high-waisted denim. They remind me of Saved by the Bell, I always envied Kelly’s style and locks—vintage for the win. The other day I was flipping through Glamour Magazine’s September issue and I noticed that many of the looks for fall were minimalist and classic. It’s true, ‘class’ never goes out of style, your typical white top and blue jeans will forever remain an outfit staple. I’m all for taking on trends, even if they don’t have a long shelf life, but I think it’s more important to stock you closet full of pieces that can be worn for much longer than one season. This (old) ZARA sleeveless sweater top is one that I’ve had for about 2 years now, it’s so easy to wear. I especially love its high neck, and although it’s a knit it’s well fitted, not bulky or baggy. Speaking of well fitted, these NYDJ Sheri slim jeans are not made with lightweight denim, but they are undeniably slimming and incredibly comfortable. The lightweight denim is perfect for the warmer months, easy to navigate through the heat. So if you feel like you’re in an outfit rut, pull out some of your classics—you can’t go wrong!






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August 17, 2015


DSC_0557 EDITEDDSC_0568 editedDSC_0596 editedDSC_0579 editedDSC_0576 editedDSC_0624 editedDetails: Urban Outfitters long sleeved crop top, similar here | Volcom cutoffs via (local shop) Brave New World  | Superga slip-on sneakers c/o J. Jill, here |

A while ago I read Rachael Brathen’s book Yoga Girl and recently I’ve found myself reciting some of her quotes about change, being present and letting go of people, a past, or things that are just no longer serving you. Change is hard, it’s really never easy; there’s always going to be some amount of fear when you’re making a change. I’m moving to a new city next month, and although I’m excited for a new chapter I’m scared shitless. What if it doesn’t work out the way I want it to? Or what if I hate it? I’ve been finding myself worrying about more things that could go wrong rather than all of the things that could go right. Do we all do that or is just me? This change that I’m making is not exactly planned out the way the “typical” Jackie Dunn plans things, it’s totally out of character, not organized and a bit chaotic. I’m taking a leap of faith and trusting that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. But in the midst of all the crazy that I’m making for myself, I’m feeling excited, not just about the physical move, but that I’m learning about this other part of me that I didn’t really know existed. This chaotic, unorganized, spontaneous and really fun Jackie that I’ve never met before. Sometimes I feel that my past was so calculated, so controlled, and for this moment in my life I don’t have a plan and I feel genuinely OK with that. Don’t get me wrong it’s terrifying, but I’ll be okay. This particular shoot, I was with my mom in a secluded field and I really wasn’t thinking, I was just being and laughing—livingWe consume ourselves with so many “expectations” that we see on Instagram, Facebook, TV and we actually begin to forget what it is to really live. Life 10 years ago wasn’t a highly filtered Instagram picture of a glass of wine by the ocean, it was in the basement of one of my friend’s houses making music videos, it was landlines instead of text messages and it was hardcore belly aching laughs instead of LOLs. I’m a victim of social media and sometimes I feel I can’t really escape. But in this moment I wasn’t thinking about how many likes I was going to get or if my hair looked good, I was just surrounded by silence and fresh air–it felt so good. I want to remember exactly how I felt here whenever I let the crazy get the best of me. I decided this was an ideal post for a Monday, to remind you that everyone experiences the feeling of life being too much and that taking a minute to go outside and just be, will be the smack in the face back to reality that you need. Also, sometimes I listen to this to give myself a reminder that everything’s always going to be okay (guilty pleasure).

OH and about my outfit… my cutoffs are from a super cool surf shop Brave New World in Point Pleasant, NJ my top is from Urban Outfitters and these A-MAZING slip on sneaks are Superga courtesy of J. Jill. It’s a simple look, but it’s a definitely a feel good one.

One more thing “Drink lots of water, take deep breaths and don’t take life as seriously as your mind makes it out to be”– Rachael Brathen

Happy Monday!


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August 12, 2015


DSC_0410 editedDSC_0413 editedDSC_0425 editedDSC_0448 editedDSC_0444 editedDSC_0443 edited 2DSC_0445 editedDetails: Ami Super Skinny Twill Optic White denim, c/o NYDJ, here  | Abercrombie & Fitch sleeveless black top, similar here | Halogen point toe studded t-strap flats, here |

I think it’s every girls dream to slip on a pair of jeans and instantly look thinner and sleek. What if I told you there’s a pant for that? That’s right, NYDJ jeans are designed to make you look one size smaller, they even suggest that you purchase a size down from normal. How does it work? Well, let’s get technical here, the pockets are strategically placed, all jeans are high rise with a patented criss-cross panel design that flattens in the front, not to mention their Lift Tuck technology does exactly that, lifts and tucks making your butt look FABULOUS.  At first I didn’t believe it either, but after wearing these skinny white denim pants for a day and receiving some positive remarks about how I looked, I’m a BELIEVER. They are game changing, and I especially love the three front zippers since they’re unlike any others I own. A simple sleeveless black top was only necessary, considering these jeans are already stealing the spotlight. Just trust me, you’ll never find another pair of pants that eliminates your guilt for skipping the gym.








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May 27, 2015


IMG_8456 editedIMG_8450 editedIMG_8476 editedIMG_8489 editedIMG_8491 editedIMG_8535 editedDetails: Abercrombie and Fitch Tie back high neck cami, here  | Flared jeans (old), similar here |

So the other day I was scrolling through instagram and I was struck by an Abercrombie & Fitch promoted post, I wasn’t following them, but the dress caught my eye that I decided to take a look to see what’s new. I’m  happy I did because just as we’ve all grown out of leg warmers and jean skirts so has Abercrombie & Fitch; they have seriously revamped and seemed to have changed their whole business model. Everything is reasonably priced and on trend. After perusing their site, I decided it was time to take a trip and revisit the store that was once my daily source of outfit inspiration. Just so you know, one thing that hasn’t changed is the scent;  it brought me back to the days where I would shop with my mom staring at the ‘models’ aka sales associates hoping that one day I could be just like them–LOL (how sad was I?). Double popped colors, floral skirts for spring and jean skirts with uggs for winter—can you say FASHION!? So after I returned from my trip down memory lane, I went crazy trying on some super cute pieces. I ended up with some basic high neck crop tanks and this adorable tie back high neck cami; it’s the ideal top for summer and can be worn perfectly with your favorite pair of denim shorts/pants. What I love even more is that it doesn’t require a bra–HELLOOOO, FREEDOM!! don’t worry you can’t even tell! I’m heading for vacation next week and I haven’t begun to pack, but this will definitely be the first piece in my bag along with my Beachwaver, of course.




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