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April 11, 2016


DSC_0991editedDSC_0986editedDSC_1007editedDSC_1017editedDSC_10163editedDetails: Aritizia deep v-neck long sleeve crop top, similar here | ZARA wide leg white pants, similar here |

I know I sound like a broken record, but lately, it has been so difficult for me to get out of this wardrobe funk. It’s such a weird time–I mean it’s April and it feels a lot more like February. I’m pretty sick of my winter clothes and I haven’t been able to break out my light spring looks because goosebumps aren’t a good look. This weekend, I got fed up and tried to think of a fresh new look, one that could inspire me to kick this funk to the curb. I purchased this long sleeve deep v crop top a while ago when I was as pale as the snow, and after self-tanning sessions, I felt confident enough to style it. I recovered my trusted wide leg spring white pants and this outfit was born. When I go shopping I tend to buy the same type of clothing–it’s hard not to. If you ask my style bestie, he will tell you that I prefer booties of pumps in the winter and wedges over strappy sandal heels in the summer. While I have a ton of dresses that I love, I can’t help but feel most comfortable in pants. From skinny jeans to wide leg culottes; I love it all! I’m really struggling with my blog lately, so from here on out I’m going to make a concerted effort to give my wardrobe the love and attention it deserves. Now, get your butt in gear spring.



July 20, 2015


IMG_5305 editedIMG_5319 editedIMG_5331 editedIMG_5383 editedIMG_5382 editedIMG_5388 editedDetails: Zara wide leg white cropped pants, here | Navy and pink plaid crop top, (locally bought) similar here | Ann Taylor pumps (old), similar here |

I used to be very meticulous with my outfit selection for work, but with an hour and a half commute and the sticky hot train rides I’d rather not subject my best looks to that kind of torture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to dress well and make an impression, and I know I know “what’s the point in having nice clothes if you don’t wear it?” Which is why I’m turning over a new leaf, by starting off this Monday with a sophisticated look—one of my favorites. This navy crop top with subtle hot pink accents is an oldie but goodie, I purchased it at a boutique near my town last year, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. The lace details make it unique and add a certain femininity that I love. These ivory wide leg cropped pants from Zara were a spring buy and while they’re definitely a comfortable fit, the material is a bit heavier than these scorching temps permit—nothing too unmanageable though.  Now that I have my Monday work wear down, that’s half the battle right?

Happy Monday!






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