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September 4, 2019


Details: Gap Striped Tee Shirt, similar-ish here | American Eagle Mom Shorts, here (they’re on sale!)| Timberland Violet Marsh Cross Band Sandal, here

I’d love to tell you that I wore floral flowy dresses all summer with sun hats, but that would be a bold lie. Instead, I wore these high waisted mom jeans and a comfy tee pretty much every other day.  I feel like I always have such high expectations for what I’m going to wear during the summer. I typically stock my closet with romantic maxi dresses and strappy tops, and only end up wearing them once or twice during the season. This summer, I tried to be way more reasonable and practical. And even though my focus is currently on chunky knits and cozy sweatpants, I’m still keeping my summer favorites well within reach.

Enough about my summer clothing choices. Recently, I joined a kickball league with some of my friends, as well as Josh and his friends. It has been so much fun! I’ve never been a sports person, by ANY means. I was always the one in gym class who convinced my gym teacher to let me be the score keeper during floor hockey. The competition intimidated me and I lacked confidence and… coordination. Not much has changed regarding the coordination, but I do have way more confidence in owning what I don’t know and giving the game of kickball my best shot. It has been a blast, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a free party trolley and a weekly team pregame to calm my nerves. It’s so fun supporting your friends on the field and working as a team. I’ve learned more about myself and made some friends along the way.

So whether it’s playing a sport you’ve never played, being challenged at work with a new project, or learning a new skillset, you’ll never know until you give it your best shot. Never let fear get in the way of trying something new. Even if you fail, an experience is an experience. There are valuable lessons that come out of failure. And I’m so grateful and fortunate to have people in my life who challenge and empower me to go outside my comfort zone. It makes my life so much more interesting and entertaining. The quote below is a gentle reminder to remember what is truly important: 

“Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.” – Karen Salmansohn

Hate, regret and fear require so much energy. Energy that can be much better spent on healing yourself, empowering others and enjoying the ride. I know that I won’t be the next national kickball champion (if there even is one), but I do have some funny stories to share with new friends and old ones. Enjoy your journey and quit thinking about that ideal destination, outcome or expectation. Everything will land where it’s meant to lay. 

Happy Wednesday my friends!



August 5, 2015


DSC_0008DSC_0013DSC_0039DSC_0009Details: Banana Republic crochet top (on sale), similar here | J. Crew chambray shorts (old), similar here |

When I was younger my parents always encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone. Whether it meant joining PAA basketball (which I HATED) or giving me the push to strike up a conversation with the new neighbors, I always knew what it was like to feel uncomfortably comfortable. Often times we fall into a routine; it’s reassuring to know what to expect day after day,  but when we become too comfortable we limit our growth and to grow is to feel discomfort. I remember when I decided to go abroad alone and without the presence of my college friends; I kept telling myself this quote I read in a Jennifer Aniston interview (I know soooo inspirational) it read: Everything you want in the world is right outside your comfort zone. I don’t think there’s anything more true than that. The result of my solo abroad experience was that I made two life long friends and I discovered a new sense of self, one I’ve never met before. The reason this particular post reminds me so much of what it is to go outside your comfort zone is because this marina was where my parents ‘encouraged’ me to join sailing camp. I was not thrilled with the idea AT ALL! Each day I had a knot in my stomach when we had to go out for a sail on our own, but looking back that was just the beginning of learning how to trust myself and deal with situations that may not be ideal. I’m a better person for it, and I think my parents found out early on that I should not be allowed on a basketball court or alone in the ocean, but it was a necessary piece of my journey.

{On to the outfit} While I enjoy a fitted blouse and high waisted mini as much as the next girl, I feel my most comfortable in a flowy top, much like this white crochet one from Banana and a pair of worn out shorts. I scored this top on sale at Banana and unfortunately it’s not on the website, however I did provide you with some links of tops that are equally as amazing.





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