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December 19, 2017


Details: Funnel Vision Nude Cropped Sweatshirt c/o Tobi, here|   UNIQLO drape pants, similar here | Jessica Simpson two-tone pumps, similar here |

Feeling comfortable during the holidays is key. I mean, you’re overeating, there’s a lot of sitting, talking and traveling. Staying cozy and comfortable is almost necessary. While I love unearthing my “sexy” side, I feel more myself in cozy blanket-like knits and my favorite UNIQLO jogger pants. Now, to balance cute and comfortable, I found this perfect fleece cropped sweater and it even has bell sleeves. I’m super short and sometimes my chunky sweaters look a bit too long and chunky and a lot less cute. Not to mention, this nude mauve color is soft enough for my fair winter complexion (bonus points for not looking like a zombie!). The fleece material makes it ultra cozy, making it an absolute must-have for family gatherings filled with food. If it were up to me completely, I would wear my backless loafers (which is absolutely acceptable), but to add some sass, I went with a neutral pump. It definitely brings the outfit to the next level, but I’m still packing my flats in my purse.

While I’m in search of a balance between comfort and cute, I know I’ll hit some pitfalls but I will try my hardest stay balanced and stylish this season. What are your favorite holiday looks that you just can’t wait to wear?!

P.S. It’s on sale right now (50% OFF)




October 5, 2017


Details: Light Shawl Collar Topper c/o J.Jill, here |

It certainly doesn’t feel like fall today, but it’s not gonna stop me from sharing another cozy knit today. I probably have like 4 or 5 of the same sweater. I like neutral colors (taupe, brown, black and beige) and a chunky, mock or high collar. When I shop for pullovers I make sure they are petite, but when I’m in the market for long cardigans, I tend to go big and baggy. This heather red shawl collar topper is one cardigan I can’t wait to cuddle up in all season long. It is in fact available in petite and tall, but it still has that nice oversized effect without appearing like I’m taking a swim in some knitwear. It’s a rare color for me, but because it has that heather effect, I can wear it with a variety of colors and garments. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it would like super cute over a sleek black dress. Putting it on my “to-try” list. I really kept this look simple, with a black top and true blue denim jeans, but it’s easy enough to mix and match. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m eyeing a few more serious J.Jill must-haves including this boat neck tunic in cream,  another topper, this long cardi and yet another topper.

What are some of your favorite fall knits?!



January 3, 2017


dsc_0818editeddsc_0815-1editeddsc_0829editeddsc_0855editedDetails: Romwe black choker cut out zipper sleeve sweater, here | J.Crew black red check wool skirt (old) similar, here |

After an entire week with family in New Jersey, it really hurts to have to go back to work. It felt so good to be back in my hometown and I hadn’t eaten or slept that well in a while. I love the holidays. I say this every year, but I think I love the days leading up to Christmas more than I like Christmas. Those days are just filled with Christmas music, movies, shopping and nights on the couch enjoying a lit tree. As soon as I got back to Boston, I turned my tree on, flicked on the movie ELF and drank out of my Santa mug. I guess you could say that’s denial at its finest. However, even though the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock that infamous Christmas red. I pulled out my vintage red and check wool skirt from J.Crew and abandoned my usual fitted turtleneck and paired it with this trendy choker cut out zipper sleeve sweater. It’s super cozy and the funky zipper sleeves give this look an edge. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on the choker trend, but after giving this sweater a shot, I think I’m a believer.



November 10, 2016


dsc_0735editeddsc_0770editeddsc_0736editeddsc_0787editeddsc_0793editedDetails: Turtleneck Marled Batwing Sweater c/o DressLily, here | H&M winter white skirt, similar here |

It has been difficult to get motivated lately, these past few days have been trying, to say the least. There is so much hate in this country right now and I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated and hopeless. I don’t mean to be negative, but it’s difficult to stay calm and sane when every 15 minutes someone is posting an obnoxious status maintaining and feeding into the division of this country. While we are all trying to make sense what is going on, I ask that you bare in mind something we constantly quoted after 9/11: united we stand, divided we fall. We are stronger when we stick together as one nation. If nothing else, think of the children in this country who don’t have a voice yet. We are fighting for them. So get up, dust yourself off and show them just how great America is and always has been. Show them that love wins every single time and that you can do anything with a little bit of faith and a lot of hard work. As for keeping yourself sane and calm, enjoy the little things in life: hugs from your family, sharing laughs with your besties and even cuddling up in a cozy sweater on a fall day. Keep telling yourself: we are stronger together and warmer with sweaters. See! I know that made you giggle–just a little bit.

And FYI, this marled batwing sweater from DressLily has been my saving grace these past few days. Its wide sleeves actually enable you to cuddle with yourself–literally. Keep it classy, America, we have some work ahead of us.



November 7, 2016


dsc_0677editeddsc_0690editeddsc_0704editeddsc_0708editeddsc_0718editeddsc_0721editeddsc_0725Details: LOFT Plaid Cape Coat, here | Hue black faux leather leggings, here | Gap turtleneck sweater, similar here |

I’ve always shopped at Ann Taylor, but I was never really a fan of the LOFT until I happened to pass by recently and a few things caught my eye. And I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of cute sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. They even have activewear from Lou & Grey–really cute, and reasonably priced. I wasn’t even in there 5 minutes before I had an arm full of clothing to try on. I was going nuts, and as soon as I laid my eyes on this coatigan (that’s what they call it, a coatigan; clever right?!), I knew I had to have it. It’s perfect, I love the classic check pattern, especially the light gray, black and beige color combination. For the chilly days ahead, layering it over an extra comfy knit is a must, and this oversized turtleneck from GAP is SO comfortable that I have it another a couple different colors (not sorry). I’m also pretty excited that leather legging season is back. I have several pairs of leather leggings, all from different places, but these HUE leggings are by far my favorite. They are perfectly priced, comfortable and not too heavy or warm. Some leather leggings are so uncomfortably hot that it’s difficult to wear them. It finally feels like I can get in full fall/winter wardrobe and now, I can add the LOFT to my list. Sorry bank account!




January 13, 2016


DSC_0257editedDSC_0222 editedDSC_0228 editedDSC_0301editedDSC_0283editedDSC_0297editedDetails: Banana Republic carpet stitch open cardigan, here  | Lulu’s wedge booties, similar here |

We had a teensy bit of snow last night and since I wasn’t driving in it I was pretty giddy! Snow can be so peaceful but so chaotic at the same time. That’s kind of how I feel this week; lax laid back tired, but beyond chaotic and stressed. I don’t know what it is, but I am really not feeling 100% like myself. All I really want to do is wear chunky knits and (yoga) pants; it’s just that kind of week I guess. My boyfriend always tells me that I have 10 of the same sweater and he has a point; I can’t turn down a neutral chunky knit. To me, neutral knits are just so beautifully practical, so you can be sure that this beige Banana Republic carpet-stitch open cardigan was number one on my Christmas list. In addition to its neutral beige color, its large open collar makes it easy to wear with a variety of tops. I’m honestly not sure what I’ll be wearing for the rest of this chilly week, but if it were socially acceptable I would wear this cardigan until spring. Bring on the cozy!



January 8, 2016


DSC_0438DSC_0364DSC_0416DSC_0371DSC_0458DSC_0500Details: Banana Republic collage stripe sweater, here | J. Crew black signature leggings, here | Ivanka Trump Serena over-the-knee boots, here |

Holy TGIF, am I right?! This week was especially difficult going back to work after long holiday break, but we got through it didn’t we?!  I always find that my work outfits become somewhat ‘tired’ by the end of the week. I’m always willing to wear dresses or skirts with tights at the beginning of the week, but by Friday I don’t have the energy to fight with tights or tuck in a blouse to a skirt—am I lazy or what? Today, I decided to stick with a chunky knit and my favorite black J.Crew leggings and call it a day. I have my fair share of oversized turtlenecks, but this is unlike any other. Its collage stripes across the front are all different textures making it all kinds of cozy. It has a fleece-esque stripe, a blanket quilt-ish one, plaid wool and honeycomb textures; oh and we can’t forget the added fringe for good measure. I kind of sound like a walking blanket with textures for all cuddlers’ preferences. So, if you’re an avid snuggler or an indecisive one this should be your ‘go to’.




December 16, 2015


DSC_0545DSC_0523DSC_0538DSC_0574DSC_0572DSC_0564DSC_0581Details: Chunky knit sweater, similar here | Garage Clothing boyfriend jeans, similar here | Superga slip-on sneakers c/o J.Jill, here |

When I made the decision to move to Boston I was prepared to constantly be donning  chunky knits (even more so than I already was). However, the recent mild December weather has had me ditching my sweaters for light blouses and quilted coats. I know  the cold weather will eventually catch up to us, so I wanted to give my favorite over-sized knit some love before it’s too cold to wear it solo. I don’t know if you’ve realized, but I’m borderline obsessed with high-neck sweaters and this one is the ULTIMATE high neck sweater. It’s by far the coziest knit I’ve ever owned and it has a zipper front so it can serve as an overcoat for warmer winter days. On the weekend, you’ll typically find me in my boyfriend jeans and if I could wear them every day I would. They are the perfect counterpart to oversized knits and will forever be an all-seasons staple. Give yourself the gift of chunky sweaters this season, see some of my favorites here, here and here!



October 9, 2015


LCP2-7 editedLCP2-8 editedLCP2-1 editedLCP2-2 editedLCP2-5 editedDetails: Grey windowpane sweater c/o J. Jill, here | J.Crew black pants, similar here | Photos by Lindsay Connors Photography

I know that I’ve been hellbent on chunky knits lately, and while they’re completely necessary, I’m also into sleek sweaters (which are truly hard to find). This window pane one from J.Jill is one that I’ve been overly obsessed with lately. The funnel neckline makes it feel and look luxurious and sophisticated; and while I’ve only been wearing it pants, I’m anxious to pair it with a black leather skirt. It also comes in a soft blue color that I’m tempted to get my hands on; it’s just one of those sweaters that makes you look ‘together’ even if you’re having a really off day. I think the reason I initially gravitate toward chunky knits is because most fitted sweaters look too long on me and I look like I’m wearing an ill-fitted awkwardly long tunic that I borrowed from my mom. However, this one hits my waist exactly where it needs to, and that’s one of the many reasons I love J.Jill. I really find it frustrating that some of my other favorite brands don’t make all of their styles in petite sizes; it makes a huge difference, especially when shopping for sweaters. J. Jill has a wide variety of petite options, because nearly every style they have is also offered in petite. So, if you’re vertically challenged like me, and want sweaters that complement your frame I suggest investing in some J. Jill knits this season.  They have a great deal of classics, so you can be sure you’ll be wearing them from year to year.



October 7, 2015


LCP2-20editedLCP2-16 editedLCP2-21LCP2-24 editedLCP2-14 editedLCP2-23 editedLCP2-18 editedDetails: Diamond-quilted long jacket in c/o J. Jill, here | Vineyard tweed cable sweater c/o J. Jill, here | Frye Veronica short boots c/o J. Jill, here | Photos by Lindsay Connors Photography |

I really didn’t anticipate pulling out a coat this early in the game, but if I have to wear one,  I’m happy it’s this quilted one from J. Jill. I do have a short quilted coat that hasn’t been aging well, so when I received this one I was relieved to find that its quality is strong and durable. In fact, this past weekend I could barely take it off. And don’t be fooled by its light weight, I had no problem facing the recent brisk Boston nights with it. Now, I know I’ve mentioned how much I love a good sweater and this tweed cable knit takes the cake. It’s as cozy and warm as a snuggle sesh with my pup and I’m especially partial to its creamy neutral color—easy to pair. Oh! Speaking of pair, these Frye short boots (also sold at J. Jill) are my newest footwear obsession. Their rich brown color gives you the ability to dress them up with a tunic or flowy dress. I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially ready for fall…. and a ton of walks through Boston Common.



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