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December 30, 2016


dsc_0431editeddsc_0393editeddsc_0496editeddsc_0454editeddsc_0464Details: SheIn Color Block Drop Shoulder Cardigan, here |

It has been a wonderful holiday break and I’ve been able to spend some quality time with both my family and Josh’s. I know that 2016 gets a bad wrap, and I can’t say it was a great year, but it’s not a year to “take back.” It’s important to live your life with no regrets. Whatever happened this year, happened. Live with it and move on. You’re all alive and breathing, right? We made it through a ridiculous presidential election, we experienced great loss around the world and here in our own country, but like always, we came out on top. I can’t say 2016 was my best year, and I won’t promise that 2017 will be “the year” for me (whatever the hell that means), but I’m going to continue to spread love, work hard and give more. Remember to give yourself a break and know that you’re doing the best you can and that is always good enough. And, for the difficult days, we have cardigans. If you’re anticipating some trying times ahead, stock up on your knitwear and get your hands on this cozy color block drop shoulder cardigan from SheIn.  It’s comfortable and can be worn with ANYTHING. So, even if you’re not feeling so hot at least you’ll look like you have your sh*t together.

Cheers to 2017! Cut yourself some slack, and when times are tough, cozy up with a sweater.



December 29, 2015


DSC_0041 editedDSC_0043 editedDSC_0057 editedDSC_0008 editedDSC_0093 editedDSC_0082 editedDSC_0075Details: Knitted long sleeve solid coat cardigan c/o New Chic, here | H&M taupe mock neck turtleneck, similar here | The Billie Plaid Booties in brown, here |

I haven’t stopped eating since I’ve been home; everything tastes so much better around the holidays lol. My outfit during this time of year typically depends on how much and what I plan to eat that day. For instance, Christmas Day I was ready to feast so I donned my snowman leggings and a cozy knit. Since the weather has been SO unpredictable, I’ve found that a go-to cardigan is necessary. This grey coat cardigan may as well be stapled to my body considering I haven’t taken it off. The cool tone grey color complements a variety of tops, casual or elegant. I was concerned at first about the size being ‘ONE SIZE’, but I was pleased to see that it hangs perfectly, hitting right above the knee. Oh AND, if you’ve noticed, I changed up my typical taupe suede booties! I got these brown ‘Billie Plaid Booties’ from Spool No. 72 for Christmas and they may just be my new favorite.  I love their neutral brown color and they’re ALMOST as comfortable as my slippers–(not kidding)! I think these will be the new over worn booties this season…. stay tuned!



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