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June 10, 2015


DSC_0177 2 editedDSC_0165 editedDSC_0117 editedDSC_0120 editedDSC_0208 editedphoto 2photo 1Details:Victoria’s Secret high neck neon mesh bikini, here  | Victoria’s Secret beach sexy braided one piece, here  | Book your trip to Cancun and stay at Fiesta Americana Condesa, here  |

I spent a beautiful four days in Cancun, Mexico last week and I really have to share it with you because if you haven’t already gone to Cancun you absolutely NEED to. My boyfriend, Josh and I stayed at Fiesta Americana Condesa All Inclusive, and we were fortunate enough to have an ocean front room. The view was breathtaking and really can’t be beat.  Aside from the ocean view, the infinity pool and one of our favorite restaurants, Kambù was also in our direct line of sight.  Kambù served a variety of Mexican, Asian and American cuisines. They also were one of the two restaurants that offered a buffet breakfast, so much food and too much goodness. Although we loved all that Kambu had to offer, Josh and I both agreed that restaurant El Mexicana was our favorite–something we can agree on! The food was amazing and we experienced the best service there, with a friendly and attentive wait staff. We didn’t end up leaving the resort since our time was limited, so we spent the mornings by the beach and afternoons at the pool bar…OH and the Cevicheria is open from noon to 8pm and is hands down THE BEST lunch spot—their fish and shrimp tacos were honestly incredible, I really think I need one a day for the rest of my life—I wish I was kidding, the struggle is real. Like I mentioned, on vacation bras are optional and while I did like to dress up at night, I felt most at home in my bathing suit. I decided since most of my days would be spent in one, I decided to bring a variety. One of my favorites is this high neck neon mesh bikini; it’s fun and sporty (a little out of character for me) I love the high neck and neon color–it was definitely a game changer. I think the last time I wore a once piece was when I was in 4th grade, had a buddha belly giving zero effs playing Marco Polo with my cousin. However, this summer I decided to jump on the one piece band wagon and purchase this (not so innocent) sexy braided one piece from Victoria’s Secret. It’s super comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the sexiness of a bikini. So I’ve basically prepared you for a trip to Cancun, with a place to stay, food to eat and the best suits to bring…HELLO! start packing!!



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