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April 11, 2016


DSC_0991editedDSC_0986editedDSC_1007editedDSC_1017editedDSC_10163editedDetails: Aritizia deep v-neck long sleeve crop top, similar here | ZARA wide leg white pants, similar here |

I know I sound like a broken record, but lately, it has been so difficult for me to get out of this wardrobe funk. It’s such a weird time–I mean it’s April and it feels a lot more like February. I’m pretty sick of my winter clothes and I haven’t been able to break out my light spring looks because goosebumps aren’t a good look. This weekend, I got fed up and tried to think of a fresh new look, one that could inspire me to kick this funk to the curb. I purchased this long sleeve deep v crop top a while ago when I was as pale as the snow, and after self-tanning sessions, I felt confident enough to style it. I recovered my trusted wide leg spring white pants and this outfit was born. When I go shopping I tend to buy the same type of clothing–it’s hard not to. If you ask my style bestie, he will tell you that I prefer booties of pumps in the winter and wedges over strappy sandal heels in the summer. While I have a ton of dresses that I love, I can’t help but feel most comfortable in pants. From skinny jeans to wide leg culottes; I love it all! I’m really struggling with my blog lately, so from here on out I’m going to make a concerted effort to give my wardrobe the love and attention it deserves. Now, get your butt in gear spring.



February 25, 2016


DSC_0756editedDSC_0758editedDSC_0751editedDSC_0752editedDSC_0768editedDetails: Brullon Sweater c/o Aritzia, here | Gap high-waisted ivory denim pants, similar here |

I know this may be too soon for a second post, but I can’t get enough of this Aritzia sweater. It has been my savior these past two weeks and I  haven’t stopped wearing it. I’ve always loved Aritzia’s clothing, but my appreciation for the quality and fit has increased with age. It must have something to do with how much more mature I am at 26 years old. I was initially concerned that with a sweater this baggy, I would look like I’m swimming in wool, but I couldn’t have asked for a better fit–no adjustments necessary. I love where it hits me and how perfect the length of the sleeves are. I also decided to give my lighter denim some attention and went with a high-waisted pant to make my legs appear longer… it’s working, right? I also wanted to share with you that I attended the grand opening of Aritzia’s Boston flagship at the Pru and it was nothing short of amazing. First of all, there was an open bar, and aside from the amazing music and enthusiastic vibe, the clothing blew me away. I left there wanting everything and I can safely say I have a new favorite spot to shop. All of the styles were effortless, airy and glossed with a touch of romance. Clothing you feel stunning in. Seriously, everything I tried on felt like it fit perfectly and I felt genuinely beautiful… is that strange? I guess their clothing is pretty powerful, huh?




February 17, 2016



Details:  Wilfred Brullon sweater in light grey c/o Aritzia, here  | Babaton Dexter Pant c/o Artizia, here | Dasher Leah Ankle Bootie c/o Sperry, here |

“Everything you want in the world is right outside your comfort zone.” – Anonymous

I can’t believe it’s almost been six months since I moved to Boston. Time seriously does fly. I know we hate to admit that we do certain things because of love, but it happens that way sometimes and that’s not a bad thing at all. I’ll say it. I moved here primarily because of Josh, but the fact that I went to school up this way has definitely made it easier to adjust. In fact, I haven’t had a difficult time transitioning at all. I used to think Manhattan was where I needed to be, but the truth is, when I was there working in the field I thought I was meant for (fashion) I was never half as happy as I am here. To be honest, I didn’t think I wanted to move here. I was scared, and I often told myself that Boston was too small for me or that it lacked opportunity. I’ve come to realize that I was saying those things out of fear. I was scared. I was scared of leaving my family, my comfort zone, the town and the city that I knew so well. I know this sounds stupid, but I just feel like I’m really living again. It’s safe to say I got caught up in that zombie-esque New York shuffle; the love/hate relationship that comes with working in the greatest city in the world and the arrogance that follows closely behind. I just never knew what I was missing. For me, Manhattan was the be-all end-all. It meant something to work there. Meant something to who, though? Long story short I ended up getting more than fed up with my job and decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Boston on a whim (without a job). Something I would never do, but it was the best decision I could’ve possibly made. Yes, it’s amazing to be close to Josh, and while I not only learned that I’m stronger than I thought, but I’ve already made some lifelong friends. I think Boston and I will be just fine. And it turns out, my narrow-minded idea that Manhattan was the one and only breeding ground for fashion-related opportunities, was just that–narrow-minded.

In fact, I’m partnering with Her Campus and Artizia to celebrate the grand opening of Aritizia’s Boston store, taking place tomorrow. During a bitter cold weekend, I found comfort in this Wilfred Brullon sweater. Its boxy and oversized shape is surprisingly flattering on my narrow frame and I can’t get over how luxurious it feels. Not only is it soft and warm, but its high-quality material is something to be reckoned with. In an effort to reach maximum comfort without sacrificing style, I slipped on these black Dexter pants and can honestly say I’ve never experienced a better fit in a loose fitted pant. I always struggle with the less structured pants because of my height. They end up looking too baggy on me, but these are of exceptional quality and hug me in all the right places. Aritizia has always been a favorite of mine. Their clothing exudes a natural beauty and wearing it is effortless. Needless to say, I’m excited to share with you the details behind their grand opening tomorrow! Welcome to Boston, Aritzia.

Brought to you by Her Campus & Aritzia 




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