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September 4, 2019


Details: Gap Striped Tee Shirt, similar-ish here | American Eagle Mom Shorts, here (they’re on sale!)| Timberland Violet Marsh Cross Band Sandal, here

I’d love to tell you that I wore floral flowy dresses all summer with sun hats, but that would be a bold lie. Instead, I wore these high waisted mom jeans and a comfy tee pretty much every other day.  I feel like I always have such high expectations for what I’m going to wear during the summer. I typically stock my closet with romantic maxi dresses and strappy tops, and only end up wearing them once or twice during the season. This summer, I tried to be way more reasonable and practical. And even though my focus is currently on chunky knits and cozy sweatpants, I’m still keeping my summer favorites well within reach.

Enough about my summer clothing choices. Recently, I joined a kickball league with some of my friends, as well as Josh and his friends. It has been so much fun! I’ve never been a sports person, by ANY means. I was always the one in gym class who convinced my gym teacher to let me be the score keeper during floor hockey. The competition intimidated me and I lacked confidence and… coordination. Not much has changed regarding the coordination, but I do have way more confidence in owning what I don’t know and giving the game of kickball my best shot. It has been a blast, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a free party trolley and a weekly team pregame to calm my nerves. It’s so fun supporting your friends on the field and working as a team. I’ve learned more about myself and made some friends along the way.

So whether it’s playing a sport you’ve never played, being challenged at work with a new project, or learning a new skillset, you’ll never know until you give it your best shot. Never let fear get in the way of trying something new. Even if you fail, an experience is an experience. There are valuable lessons that come out of failure. And I’m so grateful and fortunate to have people in my life who challenge and empower me to go outside my comfort zone. It makes my life so much more interesting and entertaining. The quote below is a gentle reminder to remember what is truly important: 

“Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.” – Karen Salmansohn

Hate, regret and fear require so much energy. Energy that can be much better spent on healing yourself, empowering others and enjoying the ride. I know that I won’t be the next national kickball champion (if there even is one), but I do have some funny stories to share with new friends and old ones. Enjoy your journey and quit thinking about that ideal destination, outcome or expectation. Everything will land where it’s meant to lay. 

Happy Wednesday my friends!



November 8, 2017


Details: (Older) Houndstooth Coat, similar here | American Eagle Plush Sweater, here 

I’ve always been a fan of the classics: tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth. Specifically houndstooth. There’s just something about it that brings an outfit to the next level and even though this lightweight houndstooth coat is from last year, it will never go out of style and it looks amazing with this plush mustard color sweater. As you can probably tell, it has the ability to bring the most casual of looks to the next level, but can also be worn just as easily with a classic LBD. I know I’ve been featuring some older pieces, but just like Monday’s cardigan, I found a few styles that are similar and just as perfect. This one from Brooks Brothers is super affordable and has a pop of red on its color–hello fabulous! Other perfect options include this one, this one and DUH this one! Regardless of if you consider your style preppy, minimalist or edgy, you can and will never go wrong with a classic staple like a houndstooth coat. Trust me!!



October 4, 2017


Details: LOFT denim jacket, here | American Eagle flannel via Marshall’s, similar here |

Fall is in the air…for now! I spent some time going through my closet last weekend, to begin purging and swapping out seasons. I was able to clear out a good deal of clothing, but there were some pieces I just wasn’t ready to part with. It’s kind of funny, but the only jean jacket I had in my closet until this beauty from the LOFT, is one from Abercrombie & Fitch. It is literally from my 8th-grade wardrobe. It’s easy enough to style, but the arms are so bulky and the color is a tad outdated. So when I was shopping my heart out at LOFT last week I spotted this perfectly fitted denim jacket and knew it was destined to be hanging in my closet. I absolutely LOVE the fit, mostly because it’s petite–woo! It really couldn’t fit any better–it’s not too long or short, its proportionate to my body and looks good with just about anything. Even though we’ve only had a few days of fall-like temps, it has definitely already become a staple this season. I still have to learn how to let go of clothing and I need to reign in my current clothing consumption, but classics like this one just can’t be overlooked.

What are some of your favorite fall staples!?



September 5, 2016


DSC_0451editedDSC_0441editedDSC_0447editedDSC_0450editedDSC_0424editedDSC_0499editedDSC_0495editedDetails: Jealous Tomato off-the-shoulder top from LIT Boutique, similar here | American Eagle white denim pants, similar here | Franco Sarto block heel sandals, similar style here |

The Weather Man was wrong once again. Yesterday ended up being a perfect day spent with family and friends, closing out an amazing summer. As I was packing for the long weekend, I was sure to include sweatpants and jeans, but to my surprise, I ended up donning shorts and this off-the-shoulder blue and white striped top. I was even a little too warm in this! Who would’ve thought? This summer, I slowly created a collection of the off the shoulder pieces. From tops to rompers and everything in between, if there are no shoulders–I want it.  Typically, I hit the outlets for the Labor Day sales, but unfortunately, I’m not going to make it there this weekend. I did, however, purchase a couch. It’s just that, the Labor Day sale for a couch doesn’t feel as good as it does when I’m walking out of Banana Republic with 15 items all at 40-50% off (sigh). Today will consist of some more apartment shopping and a quick drive back up to Boston. Wish me luck! Oh, and for those hitting the shops, score something big for me!




July 6, 2016


DSC_1531editedDSC_1539 copy editedDSC_1530editedDSC_1537editedDSC_1559editedDSC_1560editedDSC_1564 (1)editedDSC_1564 (1)editedDSC_1567editedDetails: Goodnight Macaroon ‘Riley’ Chambray Off the Shoulder Top, here  | American Eagle white denim Artist Crop pants, here | Carmen Saiz metallic gold slip ons via Marshall’s, similar here |

Yesterday was the most miserable work day yet. It was painful getting out of bed after such a great holiday weekend, and I know that it wasn’t just me because everyone at work was just as miserable, if not more. Funny enough, I didn’t wear a single outfit I had planned to wear this weekend. When you’re on a lake and the only thing you need is a bathing suit during the day and a sweatshirt at night, there’s nothing more you need. It kind of felt good to just not think about what I was wearing. I wore two bathing suits all weekend and the same sweatshirt. While I enjoyed the simple and lax lake dress code, I did miss wearing this chambray off the shoulder top. It’s one of my favorite summer garments this season and these white denim Artist Crop pants are the perfect counterpart. It’s a simple classic look, but also sexy and sweet at the same time. It can be worn just as easily at a family BBQ as it can at your favorite intimate Italian restaurant. Instead of standard wedges, I went with these metallic gold slip-ons that I scored at Marshall’s. I especially love the white sole and espadrille combination–it elevates the slip-on. Since I didn’t don this outfit this holiday weekend, you can be sure that I will be wearing it several times this summer–maybe even too much!



July 1, 2016


DSC_1575editedDSC_1583editedDSC_1584editedDSC_1576editedDSC_1615editedDSC_1618editedDSC_1621editedDSC_1567editedDetails: Garage Clothing red and white striped racer front/high neck cami, here | American Eagle white denim pants, similar here | Gold flats via Marshall’s, similar here |

I’m so ready for this holiday weekend! I love 4th of July weekend and unlike past years, I won’t be with my family,  instead, I will be down in PA with Josh’s fam. While I really love being at the beach with my family, I’m excited to spend some quality time with those I haven’t seen and I do enjoy lake life every once in a while. Let’s put it this way,  as long as I’m basking the sun or splashing in a body of water, I’m as happy as a clam. Last year, I went bold with my 4th of July look and sported a full-on American flag button down from Urban Western Wear (one that may have been perceived as obnoxious). However, this year, I decided to go with a somewhat subtle look. I recently picked up two of these racer front/ high neck camis and I absolutely love wearing them during these ever-so-frequent hot summer days.  Not only are they  flattering, but you can go braless without any issues. Sans bra is what summer is all about! As you can probably tell,  I’ve fallen in love with American Eagle’s Artist Crop white denim pants. They are the ideal length for my short stature and I love the cut-off fringe at the ankles–super on-trend! I think I may even have to purchase a second pair. Now, let me get back to packing! Enjoy this fabulous weekend with friends, family and hot dogs!




July 15, 2015


DSC_0095 edited1DSC_0085 editedDSC_0094editedDSC_0111 editedDSC_0113editedDSC_0117Details: Embroidered linen and rayon top c/o J. Jill, similar here  | American Eagle white denim shorts, similar here |

This morning was a rough one, with the rainy weather and muggy temps I almost decided today wasn’t worth a cute outfit..I said ALMOST. To be honest with you, I don’t think we should have to work during the summer months. Summer is short enough as it is, why don’t we just work Monday-Wednesday and have off Thurs-Sunday, right? I think that’s manageable enough. The only thing I really care to wear during the summer is my bathing suit, and since that’s not acceptable most places– a cute linen top like my embroidered linen one from J. Jill is the perfect layer. I’m in a midweek rut right now, the weekend is so close yet so far and I’m ready to ditch my work wear for the beach.

Get me to Friday!!!!!




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May 22, 2015


IMG_8557 editedIMG_8550 editedIMG_8571 editedIMG_8610 editedIMG_8615 edited Details: AEO side slit maxi skirt, here  | Slouchy over-sized sweater, similar here | Franco Sarto taupe sandals via Marshall’s, similar,  here |

Finally, the first long weekend of the summer season! I’m pumped for a weekend by the beach, I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and the ocean always has a way of soothing and calming my hamster wheel mind. Why is it so difficult to just ‘be’ in the moment? I think the only place I’m ever just ‘be’-ing is at yoga, and I’m still working on taking that mentality and practice into every day life—it’s freakin’ hard! Nonetheless, a few days spent by the water is just what the doctor ordered and I’ve decided to escape in my comfy maxi and slouchy sweater. I recently took a trip down memory lane and visited some old flames– American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch; eeek! I know, but seriously, things have (kind of) changed.  This side slit maxi is an AE purchase and it happens to be super comfortable AND sophisticated— see it IS possible for old loves to change. I paired it with a slouchy sweater in hopes of combating that slight New England chill,—I think this will do, don’t you? Now I’m just mentally preparing for a traffic filled journey (yoga breaths)—not to worry there’s wine at the end of the tunnel.




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