January 28, 2015


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Details: Red/pink button collared poncho, similar here// Navy turtleneck with gold button details from ZARA, similar here// Isaac Mizrahi suede booties, here

Guys, I stole Superman’s cape…ok ok of course I didn’t! But often times my boyfriend describes certain outfits of mine as characters. For instance, when I was wearing a long bohemian summer dress he described me as a disciple of Jesus, or that time I wore a wide sleeved white dress and I reminded him of a character from Emperor’s New Groove. LOL listen, I don’t take any offense, no cruel intentions here,  in fact I find it pretty funny. Some guys just don’t understand certain fashion trends and if it helps him to relate my outfits to certain characters, well that’s perfectly OK. So when I was working on this post I thought “what would Josh think”. Initially I assumed he would say I looked like Little Red Riding Hood until I asked, and to my surprise he said I looked like a strawberry… WELL strawberries are cute! HAHHA, it’s fun to laugh at yourself. Don’t get me wrong, this look is one I love and its simplicity makes it an easy favorite. I layered it over a fitted navy turtleneck with gold button details on the sleeves that add an element of luxury. Plus, it transitions seamlessly from day to night; once the cape comes off it becomes a sleek casual evening look, with the cape it’s fun and charismatic–BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

I think I learned something from Josh, it’s actually fun to identify with different characters. Next time I wear this cape I’ll be channeling Superman…or a strawberry?





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