October 16, 2015


LCP2-35 editedLCP2-25 editedLCP2-26 editedLCP2-31 editedLCP2-37 editedDetails: Blanket-striped poncho c/o J. Jill, here | Gap jeans, similar here | Photos by Lindsay Connors Photography |

It’s poncho season, and I feel like every year I purchase a handful of new ponchos that I can never part with, and then ultimately end up with more ponchos than my closet can handle. It’s an odd obsession, but they’r so hard to resist! It’s like wearing a blanket all day long, while still looking cute— I mean how much cozier can you get?! This J. Jill striped poncho is definitely the most luxurious one I own. Its dark charcoal and heather color combo and chunky stripes make it a poncho to be reckoned with. Easy to wear and pair– a comfortably classic look for fall. The front pockets remind me of my treasured old school hoodies, keeps your hands warm without having layer on a coat. It looks just as cute with a white oxford underneath as it does with a simple long sleeve–there’s no wrong way to wear it. So, if you haven’t started getting your poncho act together, I suggest you start now by heading over to J.Jill; I promise that there isn’t one poncho you won’t fall in love with.




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