July 1, 2019


Details: Dusty Pink Polka Dot Bardot Tie-Waist Shift Dress c/o Pretty Little Thing, here|

We’re well into dress season and I haven’t been able to stop myself. I’m a short person and it’s super difficult for me to find dresses that hit me in the right places. I’m always drawn to longer oversized maxis and I’m not exactly sure why because they’re not the most flattering of dresses. This pink polka dot off-the-shoulder dress is all kinds of girly and it makes me feel really good. I love that it’s a little on the shorter side, but modest with the long sleeves. It’s super lightweight and easy to wear with some casual flats or some sexy pumps. I’m always drawn to comfort over everything and the fact that this dress was actually made to be off-the-shoulder makes it SO easy to wear. Yep. That’s right. You don’t have to fight to keep it down, it’s made to be off your shoulders. GASP! So, if you’re heading to a BBQ or bridal shower, give this dress little number a shot.

June 26, 2019


Details: Blue Floral Flare Sleeve High Neck Frill Hem Dress c/o Pretty Little Thing, here |

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: a good dress is like a good friend. It will complement you and make you feel confident, secure, comfortable and happy. This dress probably takes the number one best friend stop. First of all, I love a high neck, so…CHECK! Even though it’s long sleeve the material is super lightweight and it’s NOT see through. I love the blue, but it also comes in a lemon yellow. It’s definitely romantic dress and somewhat whimsical. I feel like it’s something the lead character of a Netflix modern day Cinderella remake would wear. I think it will be perfect for bridal and baby showers, and potentially weddings. I went with my comfy heeled mules but you could also opt for a strappy nude or white sandal. I haven’t really experienced clothing from Pretty Little Thing until now, and I have to be honest, it’s pretty much a game changer, especially if you’re into fast fashion. The prices are reasonable and the quality is super. I feel like if Pretty Little Thing needed a spokes-dress it would be this one. It is the epitome of a “pretty little thing.” 

Stay tuned for more SUPER pretty little things!



June 24, 2019


Details: White Frill Detail Pleated Skater Dress c/o Pretty Little Thing, here| Bleecker & Bond Elise Sandal via DSW, here |

Mother Nature has finally blessed us with some summer days. I didn’t think I’d see the sun after experiencing an entire month of clouds and rain, with only a peek of sun. This weekend, it seems she’s finally cooperating. So, in celebration of the first official weekend of summer, I’ve decided to pull out my summer favorites and show off my fake tan (lol). First up is this romantic and flirtatious white frill skater dress from Pretty Little Thing. It’s an absolute twirl dress with its delicate pleats and ruffle accents. I’m partial to white, especially during the summer months because it goes with everything and it makes your tan pop, even the fake ones. While the white is my favorite, I am considering getting it in red for an upcoming wedding. It’s just such a comfortable dress and I love how feminine and flirty it makes me feel. The front is on the low side so combatted that with a lace bralette. I think it adds to the romance of the dress.

This dress is new to my wardrobe, but I’m thinking this will be perfect for date nights and days where I want to feel a little extra girly.

There’s more where this came from. Stay tuned for more of summer favorites!



June 12, 2019


Details: Ivory Denim Overall Dress via Forever21, here | Franco Sarto Takara Espadrille Wedge Sandals, here | Mustard Cuff-Sleeve Bodysuit via Forever21, here | Top Knot Headband via Primark, similar here|

I have yet to find a dress that I can successfully where while commuting. I’m still not sure how to combat the random subway wind gusts that swoop dresses and skirts up to your back. And you know how some people have commuting shoes, like sneakers or flip flops? That small reprieve before slipping into your pumps and clopping all over the office. Perhaps I could slip on shorts under my dress and just accept the potential stares and puzzled looks. Or do I just wing it and say, “If you see my butt, you see my butt. Keep walking. Move along.” Still unsure how I’ll handle this during the increasingly warm summer months, but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

In case it’s not clear, I’ve stocked up on dresses this summer season. Everything from long flowy maxis to short overall dresses like this one, I’ve been a dress fiend. I LOVE this overall dress because its ivory color makes it sophisticated, while its denim fabric makes it flirty and cute. I especially love the light tortoise colored belt and buttons. I decided to try and accent them with a deep mustard bodysuit, but you can definitely style this a multitude of ways with varying colors and patterns. This is certainly a dress I’ll have to be conscious of walking up the subway steps in but I’m certain I’ll find a solution. As for accessories, did you catch my adorable top knot headband?! I can’t believe I found a headband I can semi pull off. I love this because it’s not a full circle headband, it’s a traditional one so it actually stays on my head. I got two of them at Primark and they were $4!! Too cute and this one happens to work PERFECTLY with my outfit.

So, as I continue to figure out how to successfully commute in a dress, I’ll let you know. However, if you have some tips, PLEASE let a girl know. Happy sticky commuter legs season, everyone!



May 31, 2019


Details: Forever 21 Plain White Tee, here | Wide Leg Palazzo Pants via Amazon, here | Bleecker and Bond Elise Sandal via DSW, here |

This week has been an overcast and rainy one, but the weekend looks AMAZING. I’m feeling so summery this Friday. I always said Fall was my favorite season to dress for because of the layer and chunky knits, but I forgot how much I loved dressing for summer. Between cute dresses, casual shorts and fun breezy tops, the options are endless. Recently, I snagged these palazzo pants on Amazon. I styled them like this for a date night a couple weekends ago and got a ton of compliments. The only thing you have to be conscious of is the wind. They cut so far up if you’re facing a fierce breeze, you’ll be giving some people a show of your undergarments. Ooops! I like the color of these pants because they pair well with nearly everything. Since I wanted the pants to get all of the attention, I opted for a simple white crew neck top. You could also totally dress them up with a silky top or a fun statement necklace; you’ve got options. I slipped on my open-toe heeled mules, mostly because I needed some height so as not to drag my pants along the city streets.

Tonight, I’m planning on meeting some friends at an outdoor restaurant for dinner and drinks. Ah summer, you are so beautiful. Enjoy your weekend, beautiful people!

P.S. Can you spot my favorite photo bomber?! LOL.



May 29, 2019


Details: Blue Floral Dress via Marshall’s, similar here and here | Franco Sarto Takara Espadrille Wedge Sandal via DSW, here |

The unofficial start to summer was AMAZING. It was a beautiful weekend here in the northeast, with sunshine and blue skies. I spent the weekend at my parents’ beach house in Westbrook, CT where they hosted a Memorial Day picnic for my extended family on Sunday. It’s always a great feeling to reconnect with family, share any new life updates and most of all, laugh. In my opinion, laughter can cure anything. We talked about funny work stories, random embarrassing moments and everything else you share with the ones you hold closest. To me, MDW is a reset. We come out of this cold bitter winter and rainy non-existent spring, and my default we’re feeling moody, bitter and maybe a little bit discouraged. This time to reconnect is such a pleasant and perfect reminder that family is greater than everything. It’s a reminder that you have a small army of people who are ALWAYS in your corner. There’s no greater feeling than that…other than a warm blissful breeze on a sunny day and a full weekend of blue skies. I digress.

In short, I hope you’re feeling as loved and rejuvenated as I do. Take time to reconnect with the ones you love most. Hold them close, tell them an embarrassing story, share your greatest fear, but don’t let anymore time slip. After all, it’s precious.

And as for some summer style tips: Wear what feels comfortable. This breezy blue dress is a little looser fitting than many of my dresses, but it’s super comfortable and its floral pattern is perfect for everything, from a bridal shower to an outdoor shopping outing. This summer, I plan on wearing more dresses. They make me feel good and I always resort to my favorite pair of jeans or shorts. This summer is the summer of dresses. Stay tuned for more of my favorites!



May 19, 2019


Details: V-Neck Red Polka Dot Dress via Amazon, here | Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Mules, similar here |

The weather has finally turned for us here in Boston. Well, that statement is somewhat true. It’s been raining for 90-percent of May, but we’ve had some balmy rainy days and this weekend was BEAUTIFUL. We usually have a summer trip planned, but this summer we’re without one and I’m okay with that. The lack of a summer trip has NOT prevented me from investing a revamped summer wardrobe. Lately, I’ve realized that much of my summer pieces from last summer are still favorites so I haven’t really purchased as much as I usually do, but the summer season is just beginning, there’s still time. Once the warm days hit on a more consistent basis, I plan to pull out my dresses. Dresses in the summer are so easy to style and wear. The only problem I foresee is the freezing office temps we all encounter, but pain is beauty…right? As I was perusing Amazon for some summer sun dresses, I cam across this light-weight long sleeve ruffle dress. I LOVE that it has long flowy sleeves (to combat the freezer-like temps) and its loose-fitting silhouette. It makes it easy to style and wear in an office setting. I had a hard time figuring out which shoes to wear because I wanted to style this with white sneaks, but it didn’t look right. I’m not sure I’ll be able to master the dress with sneakers look but I’ll be sure to get back to you on that. Instead, I went with a nude heeld mule and I think it looks pretty flawless. You could also throw on some espadrilles since that’s what seems to be the shoe of the summer. Also a shoe trend I’m beginning to get behind. Stay tuned. So far my summer closet includes a ton of basics, this perfectly flowing dress, floral patterns and more denim jackets than I know what to do with. Stay tuned!



February 25, 2019


Details: Sam Edelman One Button Blue Wool Coat, (sold out) similar here | Oxford Platforms via Amazon, here | Banana Republic Devon Pant,here|Striped Mock-Neck Turtleneck via Amazon, here |

I can’t really tell you why, and I’m certain I’m not the only one, but I’ve always been starstruck by the Brits, you know, our friends from across The Pond. I think it’s mostly the fact that they can wear absolutely ANYTHING, and sound so incredibly eloquent and smart. I can’t say I’ve ever really met many unpolished Brits, but then again, I haven’t met many Brits at all. I’m obviously making generalizations, but let me have this. Growing up, and when I first became interested in the world of fashion, I was in LOVE with Burberry. I wanted this Burberry bag so badly and my mom ended up getting it for me for Christmas, but it had some sort of defect and I wasn’t able to get another one after I already returned it. I still think about that bag to this day. Pathetic, I know. Even when Burberry had its identity crisis or fell off the high fashion wagon, I still had an infatuation with its heritage and culture. I even wrote a case study on how in the UK Burberry’s reputation was tarnished by Chavs, a UK stereotype of antisocial youths i.e. troublemakers. This subculture of youths began wearing Burberry, bringing the brand down a few pegs. I remember being so into that paper, I didn’t want to turn it in, I wanted to keep writing and help come up with ideas on how it can rebrand, get its classic image back. Oh, my sophomore year of college self…how naive.

Today, there are so many affordable UK retailers I find myself gravitating to, and it’s not just the styles offered. I always find the quality to be upstanding and the fit to work for me. ASOS, TopShop, Boohoo, Boden, to name a few. Recently, I started working for a UK company and had the privilege of going to London to meet my counterparts. It is as picturesque as I imagined and the streets were filled with stylish Brits (considerably more stylish than the streets of Boston, insert eyeroll). I kept seeing women walking the streets in powder blue wool coats. I instantly became OBSESSED, which is not uncommon for me. I’m not sure if it was an actual cultural trend, or just coincidence but I was mesmerized. When my mom asked how London was, I said how vast yet charming the city is and how I really needed to get my hands on a powder blue wool coat. That never happened. Instead, I brought back souvenirs from Harrod’s, how #basic, I know. I am not ashamed. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the perfect coat from my mom on Christmas. It fits like a glove and I love the one button closure.

After returning from London, I made it my mission to convince one of my British colleagues to teach me how to be British. I am certain that this is a lost cause, but I’m putting my best foot forward and giving it a shot. Right now, I can successfully say peanut butt-ah, in a British accent. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Zucchini is called Courgette
  2. Eggplant is called Aubergine
  3. Pickles are called Gherkins
  4. It’s egg mayo sandwich NOT egg salad, and it’s quite honestly just egg and mayo
  5. Girl Scouts are Girl Guides
  6. Cookies are Biscuits
  7. Being obsessed with reality tv is SO not British
  8. Wearing a wool blue coat does not instantly make you British

I’m still in the early stages of training, but I’m clearly off to a good start!

See you for tea!



February 12, 2019

If you’re awkward and you know it raise your hand

Details: Amazon, mock neck pink stripe long sleeve, here | H&M slim ankle jeans, here| Chunky pastel trainers via Boohoo, similar here|

I always ask Josh for advice when I put on an outfit, especially before going to work. “What do you think?” I often say, and he will always reply honestly and sometimes he’ll attach a character to his feedback, giving a full picture. It’s funny, I feel like a man’s opinion (or maybe this is just Josh’s opinion) about clothing, is always so brutally honest, much like when my five-year-old niece tells me I have a pimple on my face. It’s pure honesty with no mal-intent. So, when I pulled together this outfit and asked Josh, he so honestly and eloquently replied with: “I like it. You look like a grown-up Elementary school student. It’s cool.” After he said that I started cracking up, realizing that there are some aspects of the typical elementary school student in this outfit. With that in mind, I decided to slip on my nude wedges to make it less juvenile for the office. Feeling bad, Josh kept explaining reasons why he liked it, but I kind of agreed with his opinion, and given the fact I packed a PB&J for lunch, I used my better judgement. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn this outfit out with friends and on the weekend. Just not ready for the office.

But his elementary school comment got me thinking about the good ole’ days, my younger years. I started laughing thinking back to my greasy bangs, a gap between my two front teeth and my serious obsession with tattoo choker necklaces–God help me. I also started thinking about times when I felt awkward and embarrassed in school. Kids are mean. There was a time in 4th and 5th grade where I felt a little lost. One of my best friends was hell-bent on being part of the popular crowd, but I didn’t feel comfortable or even really enjoy being with that group. I got picked on for random really superficial things during that time, I think everyone did. During my down moments, my mom always harped on me to just be myself and I lived by that advice, I still do. I made a great group of friends and embraced my awkward stage, yellow gap teeth and all. Thinking about all of this had me howling laughing, and I decided to call on my best friend Jackie, to share with me embarrassing moments that still make her cringe thinking about it. You know that feeling? We all have one, I’m convinced. She could not get over the fact that she clogged the toilet at her crush’s house in third grade, and I still can’t get over the time my friend (who was a boy) called my barely developed breasts gross and told me to get a bra. OMG lol. I’m crying laughing. Made a trip to Limited Too that day for training bras.

This convo with my bestie led to memories from college that I realize now, don’t necessarily make me cringe but belly laugh, instead. Like the time I got a bloody nose on stage during a Dance Club performance. I ran off stage, blood dripping everywhere and I tried so hard to suck it in but when the other dancers came off the stage it legit looked like I got in a fight with one of the Canadian geese that used to harass us on campus. My stomach hurts, I’m laughing so hard. Thinking about all of these memories from different stages of my life and how they made me feel, makes me realize how much I have changed in the way I let people and situations affect me. In college, I became so much more comfortable with who I was. Those embarrassing moments I look back on have formed my quirky, awkward, lighthearted personality.

I can think of more recent moments, too. I started a new job in an industry that is SO foreign to me…insurance. I had this really stupid misconception that this new industry and “its people” would think I was dumb or not understand my quirks, think my blog was stupid, superficial or vain. Fortunately, that’s not at all the case and was a misguided assumption on my part. And it didn’t take long for me to open up to my new coworkers, almost immediately revealing my love for reality TV, signature 7th & Willow pose (you know it) and awkward sense of humor founded in quotes from The Office. On my first day, I found it really hard not to be myself, and I am so proud of that. You know when your grandparents tell you stuff like “I don’t care what people think, (as they walk out of the house with socks and sandals) I am who I am.” I totally feel that, grandma and grandpa. Totally.

I hope this made you relive some of your most awkward, hilarious, embarrassing life moments that made you the kickass person you are today!



January 2, 2019



Going back to work after 10-14 days off feels like an actual slap in the face. I don’t even know how to function normally. I don’t often sleep in, but over break, I slept well until 8:30-9a.m., and now I’m afraid I won’t be able to make my usual 6:15 a.m. wake up call. Someone help! Not to mention, the weather is expected to get a little chillier these next couple weeks, and I’m far from prepared for that. And while my typical OOTD on vacation consisted of leggings, no makeup, and a chunky sweater, I did try to spruce it up a bit, in an effort to feel more productive. One of my coziest and most put-together staples is this reversible camel and grey wool car coat. It IS everything. It’s not stiff or overbearingly heavy like your average wool coat. Instead, it is more like a more substantial cardigan with pockets and a more esteemed collar. It’s light enough to layer with chunky turtlenecks, sweaters, and the perfect flowy button-up like the one styled. Lately, I’ve been resorting to these suede block heels, but I recently purchased some low, neutral suede booties that will look equally as good, but a little more casual.

I’m thinking my first day back to the office tomorrow will consist of my stretchiest most acceptable pants, a loose tee, and the chunkiest/coziest knit I could find. Sounds good, right? Wish me luck as I head back to work, detox from sugar and try not to drink more than three cups of coffee in the first two hours of work.

Cheers to 2019! I haven’t made any resolutions yet. Thinking of setting some goals, though. TBD!



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