September 14, 2015


DSC_0492 editedDSC_0456 editedDSC_0483 editedDSC_0475 editedDSC_0494 editedDSC_0515 editedDSC_0522 editedDetails: Open plaid cardigan from Ganesh Imports, similar here | Volcom cutoffs, similar here |

It’s a beautiful start to the week, and while I’m slightly overwhelmed by the move I just made, although I think I’m starting to settle. I’m loving the fresh air and cooler weather, yesterday I went by the beach near where I live and it felt like a piece of home was there. As I’ve been unpacking I’ve noticed an overload of fall/winter clothing that I’ll need to move home because it just CANNOT fit right now. BUT the one fall favorite from last year that I stumbled upon was this open plaid cardiagn Josh got for me last year for my birthday from Ganesh Imports in Portsmouth, NH and I love it because it’s unique and easy to wear over a casual dress, top or with some cutoffs. Someone close to me explained to me that Ganesh is deity known to yogis as the remover of obstacles and overseer of new beginnings. How appropriate for my first week in a new city;  I think I’ll wear it today, on my trip to city hall and to get my car inspected—I’ll just pretend on I’m on the beach….

Happy Monday!



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