I’m a 20 something PR professional trying to make my way through this crazy industry. Born in New Jersey, raised by New Englanders my style reflects the places I’ve been and the places I plan to go. After becoming unhealthily obsessed with jumpsuits while studying in Florence and wearing Bean Boots while at school in Massachusetts, I guess you can say my style can’t be easily defined. It’s always evolving, forever inconsistent, but undoubtedly me. Not to mention, I pride myself on creating high fashion looks for less…you’re welcome, bank account.

Clothing has a way of telling a story. It’s powerful and allows you to express different pieces of yourself. We’re all complicated. We have different moods that can be expressed through clothing. Clothing allows you to tap into the various parts of your personality. 

Like most, I’ve had my fair share of faux pas; just take a look at my 6th-grade yearbook picture. With the days of chokers and corduroy overalls long gone, I do find myself continuing to take fashion risks. Some fell flat, while others are now staples in my arsenal of clothing.

7th and Willow is a place for me to share my style. It’s a place where old meets new, so come join me while I revisit old trends and take on new ones.

The Fun Stuff: Up Close & Personal

Unhealthy Obsessions:


Hot dogs/real dogs (not for the same reasons hehe)

Cream cheese

Boyfriend jeans

Reality TV



Spirit Animal:

Michael Scott

Real House Wife opening line:

“My last name may be Dunn, but I’m just getting started”

Motto I live by:

“Everything you want in the world is right outside your comfort zone”- Anonymous



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