October 26, 2016


dsc_0196editeddsc_0194editeddsc_0208editeddsc_0236editeddsc_0255editedDetails: Clad & Cloth’s Holland Tunic, here |

Considering we had our first frost, I would say that fall is officially here to stay. Once the cold weather sets in, I always resort to wearing my favorite denim pants or black leggings, but this season I’ve been stocking up on equally as cozy dresses. This Clad & Cloth navy/red check patterned tunic is a new favorite of mine and I’m sure I don’t even have to explain why. The top half resembles a cropped navy sweater and the bottom is light, airy and a classic. The model on the website is shown styling distressed denim, but since I’m on the shorter side I wasn’t able to pull that look off. I also like that this dress is casual enough to wear with comfy booties, unlike many dresses where heels are required. I think I found a dress that I can actually live in this fall.



October 19, 2016


untitled-designI remember when I was in high school and experienced my first heartbreak. I sat there with swollen eyes explaining to my parents how much this boy and I had planned for our future together. I mean, I was young but at the time my relationship was my entire world. I remember my dad saying: “We plan, God laughs.” I don’t know why, but this small saying has stuck with me ever since. We spend so much time trying to create the “perfect” life, but we don’t assume that what we’re planning might not work out, or may not be in our best interest. We create this picture in our minds of what life should look like and we break our backs trying to make that happen. But stop for a minute. Look around, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you’re exactly where you need to be. Don’t take life so seriously, and enjoy every experience that comes your way.

When I graduated college I made my way home to New Jersey and began my career in fashion in New York City. My plan was to live and work in the city, and once Josh graduated college I had hoped he too, would make the move. No one told me that the hour and a half commute (one way) into Manhattan would take a toll, not only on my body but my social life too. And no one said that the most glamorous part of my job would be secretly trying on fur coats when no one was looking. Needless to say, I became burnt out and tired of stressing over the most materialistic sh*t. Don’t get me wrong, it was thrilling for the first year (maybe), but I grew tired of not having a life and not making enough money to live on my own. I finally reached my breaking point and decided to take a leap of faith and make the move to Boston. Josh had settled there, had a great job, was enjoying the city and its people, and I wanted that for myself too. Boston wasn’t a foreign place to me,  I lived outside the city for college. I had friends there and Josh was there–it was a second home to me.  I was a bit apprehensive to move away from my family, but I bit the bullet and applied to a ton of companies and had various interviews (in-person and over the phone).  I actually found a place to live before I had a job. Regardless of employment, I was moving to Boston come September. And for the first time in my life, I wasn’t stressed or afraid. I remained calm, enjoyed the summer with my family and let everything take its course. I was also at a different stage in my life than I was when I was fresh out of school. I knew my worth and I wasn’t willing to settle. This whole taking a leap of faith and letting everything happen the way it was supposed to really worked. It was refreshing. So, if you’re contemplating a change or are stuck in a rut remind yourself of these 5 things:

 1. Your life will never go as planned. Stop trying to plan it. Take everything as it comes and if you’re in a job you hate, you’ll realize that you’re still growing and learning. Be patient and remain positive. You’ll get exactly what you need when you need it.

2. The best things happen when you least expect it. Please, give your brain a drink. Calm your mind and stop thinking about something that you THINK you want. If you try to force something to happen it won’t–that I can assure you. Create a vision board and focus on all that you do have in your life that makes you happy. A positive frame of mind will result in a positive outcome.

3. You can always go home. Listen, we all make mistakes. If the big move to a new city or a new job wasn’t the right one. Go home (after giving it your all, that is). But yes, it’s okay. Family always has your back, so never be afraid to retreat “home” (whatever home is to you).  You are much better off taking a chance and finding out that something’s not for you than you are remaining in your comfort zone.

4. A new city provides a fresh perspective. Boston is a cute little babe compared to Manhattan. I’ve never known a city so proud. The people love this state and it’s ever apparent. I’ve learned a lot from Boston and its people. Like, how aggressive driving really means not looking when entering a rotary, gunning it and hoping for the best. Um, that it’s absolutely acceptable to double park anytime, anywhere. And that while the pizza can never live up to Jersey’s standards, Mike’s Pastry’s cannolis make up for it.

5. Change is good. When I moved without any inhibition,  I felt like an absolute badass. It made me realize how strong I am and that I can do anything I want if I just get out of my own way. It worked. So, scooch out of your way girlfriend and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



October 17, 2016


dsc_0360-1editeddsc_0357editeddsc_0366editeddsc_0399editeddsc_0417editedDetails: Pure Jill Luxe Tencel collection c/o J.Jill, here | Fossil Colorblock Waist Belt, here |

As the fall weather settles in, I’m  gathering my favorite pieces to prepare for the full transition. I’ve always been a fan of turtlenecks. Not only are they cozy and comfortable, but I like how they frame your face. Is that weird? Anyway, to break up wardrobe monotony, I always like to have a few staple dresses on hand for the fall season. Some dresses are more comfortable than others and sometimes it’s difficult to wear a dress when it’s cold out because, let’s face it, that cozy sweater and stretch denim pants feel so much better. And don’t get me started on tights. Recently, I’ve felt like a stuffed sausage in them, not to mention it makes wearing dresses a small task. However, this long sleeve turtleneck dress from J.Jill’s Pure Jill Luxe Tencel collection is the coziest dress you’ll find all season. It’s ultra soft and I cinched the waist a bit with this colorblock belt from Fossil. It breaks up the solid color and adds sophistication to this comfy casual dress. J.Jill’s Pure Jill Luxe Tencel collection consists of a variety of sweaters, pants, tunics and dresses that are all made of an exclusive fabric blend (tencel/poly/spandex), that is fluid and lightweight with an incredible hand feel. Tencel® is a natural botanic fiber, more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen – because of these properties even those with sensitive skin can wear this fabric with ease. This collection launches this week, on October 20th, so if you’re looking for cozy fall staples just hang on until Thursday and stock up on these comfy garments.



October 12, 2016


dsc_0948editeddsc_0984editeddsc_0966editeddsc_0004editeddsc_0007Details: Cupshe ‘Cup of Cozy’ casual sweater, here  |

Every morning this week I’ve woken up to 40-degree weather. Brrr! When I said I want the fall weather I didn’t mean that fall weather. However, after a weekend filled with rain and long lounge sessions, it feels good to wake up to blue crisp skies, hold the crisp. As you know, my fall wardrobe is in limbo right now because much of my clothing is back in New Jersey. Although I’ve slowly been picking up new pieces, and this only means that I’ll have to purge some of my older clothing. It really is time for me to let go of my (past) clothing. And speaking of new, yes, you guessed it! This chunky khaki knit is brand spankin’ new, and if you see me on the weekend there’s a 95-percent chance I’m wearing it all.weekend.long. I’ve been resorting to simple looks lately and I’m starting to realize that less is actually more. This also applies to my ever-growing closet. I’ve been going through some of my clothing lately and am realizing that with many pieces, the quality is lacking and there are way too many one-hit wonders. That is, clothing I wear once and abandon because it’s a fleeting trend that doesn’t last more than a month. Lately, I’ve been styling simple staples and not only have I received various compliments, but I feel and look more sophisticated and mature. I’m 27 years old now. I have to start acting like it (only when I feel like it). In all seriousness, a closet purge is in order for me and if I can give you any advice on how not to let your overwhelming closet filled with one-hit wonders get the best of you, it’s to invest in staples and only staples. You know, those timeless pieces that add sophistication and class to your wardrobe.



October 9, 2016


Columbus day weekend sales are the best ones we’ll see before Black Friday. However, I’ve realized that some of the deals I’ve scored on Columbus Day weekend are far better than the ones I’ve seen on Black Friday. To help you guys kick off or add to your fall wardrobe, I’m sharing some of my favorite sales and picks for the BIG day. And good news! You don’t have to leave your couch on this rainy weekend because the same sales are available online.

code-fall50Ann Taylor. This weekend until Monday night, everything at Ann Taylor is an additional 50-percent off with code FALL50 at checkout. Below I included some of my favorites. (From right to left) Everyone could use a tweed blazer. This Mixed Tweed One Button Blazer is a favorite. Wear it with matching tweed pants or your favorite pair of denim; can you say serious staple? Moto jackets never go out of style and while I may have one too many, I think I’ll have to include this Wool Blend Moto Jacket  to my closet. UM. Fall is synonymous with leather and when you combine comfortable legging stretch with faux leather, you have to stock up on more than one pair. Whether you prefer chunky knits or fitted tops, these Faux Leather Leggings are your girl. Other necessities include: Tallulah Suede Booties, Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan and (already snagged these with my birthday coupon) Pinstripe Refined Kick Crop Flare.



Banana Republic. I couldn’t forget my most-shopped store: Banana Republic. This weekend they are offering an additional 50-percent off (taken at checkout, no code necessary). UM. GUYS. Can you say: my shopping prayers have been answered?! Some of the pieces I’m pining for are: this on-trend blush Eyelash Pullover (cozy and cute). Everyone could use a classic white fitted point collar and bow tie button down and this Riley-Fit Bow Shirt is my front-runner for the season. Casual coats are an obsession of mine and I always seem to acquire more than I can wear in a season. I even told myself to put an end to purchasing coats. However, Banana’s Melton Wool Wrap Jacket is an absolute exception. This blush wool wrap jacket with tie closure is a romantic staple that I just MUST HAVE this fall season. It’s cozy, warm and relatively light-weight. Others I absolutely need: the Mini Cross-Body Bag and the Dina Shoe to top off my fall closet.


code-fall50-2H&M. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been shopping H&M lately, but when I realized they were having a 60-percent off sale for the holiday weekend, I couldn’t resist. Even though the sale applied to select items, there are more than 1492 to choose from, to be exact (how fitting). I went straight for the neutrals, which include their Wool-blend Coat, Long Cotton Shirt,  Pile-lined Suede Sneakers, and Platform boots These choices are obvious, right?

Go on out there and get your Columbus Day shopping done and share with me your most prized purchases!




October 3, 2016


dsc_0798editeddsc_0807editeddsc_0815editeddsc_0843editeddsc_0845editedDetails: Cambridge Fair Isle Pullover c/o J.Jill, here |

You know those sweaters from the 70’s, the ones with the crochet patterns that stretch across the shoulders? You know, the ones most recently on Stranger Things? Yeah, those. Well, I’m a huge fan of 70’s style and this Cambridge Fair Isle Pullover c/o J.Jill has me swooning. First of all, the fit is flawless. It’s just the right length and it’s super soft and cozy. I paired it with my favorite pair of jeans, but I have plans to style it with a skirt and layer it over a chambray shirt. I think some people tend to shy away from bold sweaters like this one because it’s not your typical solid color sweater and that’s what makes it great. This fall, I challenge you to wear something bold and feel confident in it. That’s difficult, I know, but when you do it once and realize you can own it, then you can wear just about anything–no joke! Go on, and share you bold, out of the box styles with me :).



September 29, 2016


dsc_0062editeddsc_0028editeddsc_0039editeddsc_0082editeddsc_0090editedDetails: Diamond- Quilted Zipper-Front Jacket in port c/o J.Jill, here |

I don’t remember September being so cold and rainy, but this week has been miserable and next week looks almost as jbad. I guess it’s just a good excuse to cozy up and relax this weekend. The weather has me thinking more seriously about my outerwear. The time period between heavy sweaters and puffer coats, there’s always a reliable quilted coat. Honestly, I wish I could wear a quilted coat all year long, but if I can’t I’m glad I can spend this short and sweet time with this diamond- quilted zip-front jacket. Compared to my other quilted coats, this one is super cozy and a bit on the heavier side, so perhaps it could get you into the beginning of December. I love neutrals. Most of my coats are either taupe or brown, but I decided to go bold with this port color and to be honest, it has become a new favorite “neutral” of mine. I’m anxious to get underway with fall festivities now that my fall wardrobe is finally coming together (slowly, but surely).



September 28, 2016


dsc_0859editeddsc_0895editeddsc_0857editeddsc_0858editeddsc_0864editeddsc_0911editeddsc_0924editedDetails: ‘Cold Shoulder’ sweater c/o Dress Lily, here | Audrey Brooke Cindy Wedge bootie via DSW, here |

Sweater weather is here and I’ve been going out of my mind because my fall clothes are all at “home” in New Jersey. I wasn’t prepared for the fall weather to happen so fast; it went from hot to cold like that! I guess I’ll have to go shopping until I can make it home to get my clothes ;). In the meantime, I did add a new addition to my wardrobe with this off-the-shoulder wide turtleneck knit sweater. I’ve been waiting  to wear it and was finally able to style it this weekend. It’s SO cozy AND it includes two of my favorite clothing features: bare shoulders and a turtleneck. It’s a sweater of unity, bringing the summer and fall seasons together to make a sexy yet cozy knit. And not only did I discover a new sweater style, BUT I found a fresh new  clothing site. That’s right, another shopping site to peruse and another virtual shopping cart to fill. Dress Lily offers a wide variety of clothing from swimwear to formal dresses and everything in between, all at a reasonable price. The quality is exceptional and there are so many options in each clothing category that you’ll have to continue to edit your shopping cart. You’ll also notice that I found my booties for the season and these adorable wedges are from DSW the designer is not one I’ve heard of before, Audrey Brooke. However, they’re comfortable and give me the height I need to make me eye level with my peers LOL. Even though I’m currently lacking in fall clothing I can assure you I’ll have some more new styles to share in the upcoming weeks! Hello, shopping spree!



September 26, 2016

HerCampus College Fashion Week


As you know, this Saturday was HerCampus’ College Fashion Week fashion show and leading up to the event I was most excited to connect with other Boston bloggers. It began at 6pm at Space 57 at The Revere Hotel. Bloggers were able to go in before the crowd, but I decided to get there by 5:30pm just so I had time to get settled. When  I arrived, there was a line wrapped around the building–I couldn’t believe it! I was greeted by the HerCampus team and received two incredible goodie bags along with some additional information about the event AND a drink ticket ;). I scoped out the candy bar and drooled over the adorable cupcakes, courtesy of Whipped. After mingling with the other bloggers, I found my way to the runway to scope out my seat. There, the European Wax Center was offering brow styling and Bertha Watches and Maidenform shared items from their latest collections. It was fun to learn about brands that I wasn’t very familiar with and it even sparked some inspiration for my blog (stay tuned!). As we filed into our seats to watch the first of four scenes, I chatted with some bloggers about how they got their start in blogging and we even shared some tips we’ve learned along the way.

The show consisted of four scenes with 20-minute breaks in between each one so there was time to take advantage of the sweet treats and step and repeat. The models were amazing and so charismatic, which made the show enjoyable to watch. I especially loved the Bow and Drape scene; it’s one of my favorites and it was fun to read the cute sequined sayings. All scenes were amazing and I was so happy to lend my support to my fellow fashionistas. It was a feel-good night and was what fashion should be about: self-love and expression.

OH and I didn’t check out my goodie bag until I got home and I was ECSTATIC to find: a blowout c/o The Drybar (can you say AMAZING!), a Flex 2 Fitbit (I guess I should start working out now), an adorable Rebecca Minkoff bag (in an on-trend yellow for the the fall months), Lacoste perfume c/o Perfumania (smells like heaven!),  Bertha Watches coupon, Hanes tights (who doesn’t need reliable tights?), and a European Wax Center gift card and body lotions (hello flawless brows!). I felt so honored to be a part of a beautiful night supporting the young fashionistas of Boston and these amazing gifts were just icing on the cake. I hope to have the opportunity to attend next year and can’t wait to hear about the next show in NYC!




This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media and its College Fashion Week brand partners. All words and opinions are my own.

September 23, 2016



screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-3-38-04-pmWhen I decided to make the move to Boston, I made sure that I would still a piece of fashion with me, which is one of the reasons why I started my blog. Since living in here, I’ve connected with some great bloggers through HerCampus and to be honest,  I don’t really miss the chaos of the fashion week or the stress of Manhattan. I’ll admit, I have my moments, but after not attending NYFW this year, I kinda felt relieved. It looks glamorous, but when you’re actually doing it for work, well it’s… work. And while I wasn’t schlepping away at Lincoln Center this season, I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to get my fashion fix her in Boston at College Fashion Week. On Saturday night the most influential college fashionistas will be showcasing fall’s must-have trends at Space 57 at The Revere Hotel from 6pm to 9pm. AND it’s not too late to get tickets, plus you’ll get an amazing goody bag worth over $900–AMAZING, right? Go on, get your tickets here! The up-and-coming fashion designers that will be seen on the runway this season are My Social Canvas, Foray, Ali & Ariel, Frill Clothing and Bow & Drape.



Not only will the newest fall fashions be gracing the runway, but the sponsors of the night’s event include, Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto Drybar, Bertha Watches and Perfumania. Considering I’m always swooning over Rebecca Minkoff jumpsuits and classic handbags, it’s safe to say I’m excited. Vince Camuto shoes are my weakness and blowouts from Drybar don’t happen enough for me. I can’t say I’m familiar with Bertha Watches however, I had a peek at their website and I already have a shopping cart full with five of my favorites. I wish I had a personal experience with Fitbit, but I’m not the most athletic human out there, although I’ve only heard amazing things and perhaps it’s worth looking into to motivate me to get moving.  Perfumania has ensured I don’t go scentless for a few years now and I love spritzing and sniffing my way to the perfect scent whenever I walk in the store. Now, if these amazing sponsors aren’t enough to get you to CFW tomorrow night, I don’t know what will. Hope to see your beautiful faces tomorrow night!




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