June 27, 2016


DSC_1441editedDSC_1442editedDSC_1449editedDSC_1471editedDSC_1473editedDetails: Floral print empire-waist linen dress c/o J.Jill, here | Franco Sarto sandal wedges via Marshall’s, similar here |

Why do the weekends go by so fast? Lucky for me, I spent the weekend at the beach with my parents and it felt good to relax and soak in the sun. I found myself reminiscing over the summers spent there with my beach friends and how few worries and responsibilities filled my head. Instead, I was most concerned about my tan and the boys of course! I miss those days so much that my heart hurts. I know that sounds silly, but it’s hard growing up and letting go of such great times. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m very much enjoying my life right now, I just miss the carelessness of summer when you’re younger. There’s nothing to worry about and your days are spent bike riding to the pool then to the beach then back to the pool–it’s just simple and perfect. In an effort to make Monday a decent day, I decided to take on this bright floral linen dress from J.Jill. Just by looking at it, it makes you smile. It’s also super comfy and better yet, it has pockets! I’m always torn about which seasons I like dressing for; if you had asked me last year I know I would’ve said fall, but for some reason, I’m loving all of the summer styles this year. Everything is bright, off the shoulder and light-weight. If this cheerful linen dress doesn’t make you smile, then just focus on the upcoming long holiday weekend we have to look forward to! We can get through these responsibilities and all of these Mondays to come!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my amazing little mom who took two weeks worth of outfit photos this weekend–LOVE!




June 24, 2016



Details: American Eagle Outfitters sleeveless knit tank | American Eagle Outfitters cut-off denim shorts, here| Born Kaileen sandals c/o J.Jill, here |

Well, I made it through my first week of work back from vacation and it really wasn’t half bad. I am, however, absolutely ready for a relaxing weekend by the beach and you can bet that I’ll be wearing my favorite cut-off denim shorts (I have two pairs of the same shorts). I honestly haven’t not worn them on a weekend this summer and I might even go back to the outlets while I’m in Westbrook and see if I can snag a THIRD pair, okay no that’s over the top. As you know, I am partial to neutrals so you can imagine that when I came across this sleeveless beige knit I couldn’t help but pile it on to my shopping arm. I’m pretty sure this top might be as much of a summer staple for me as these cutoffs. Now that I have my weekend wear in place, get me to the beach!



June 23, 2016




Details: Pure Jill plaid airy-weave kimono, here | American Eagle white denim pants, similar here | Franco Sarto heels via Marshall’s, similar here |

I always say that I buy more dresses than I do tops. It’s mainly because I can never find tops that I absolutely LOVE. I always lean toward rompers and dresses because they’re a complete outfit by themselves–no outfit prep necessary. However, I have a couple of J.Jill’s kimonos and absolutely love wearing them, especially in the summer months. They’re light-weight and easy to wear with denim cutoffs and white denim. I especially like this plaid pattern because it adds a fun mix to my growing Pure Jill kimono collection. While in Jamaica, I wanted to bare as much skin as possible to maximize my sun  time, but when I knew I needed a break from the sun I slipped this on over my bathing suit–it makes for the perfect cover-up. Normally, I would wear a white cami under this top, but I recently bought  a couple cute bralettes from Aerie that I was eager to try out. I’m loving the added sex appeal that they give this look. To be honest, at first glance on the hanger, it appears to look baggy and boxy, but it falls perfectly on the body, and by adding a lacy cami or bralette you can achieve just enough sex appeal for a night out on the town.



June 21, 2016


IMG_7303DSC_0360editedIMG_7229 (1)DSC_0472editedIMG_7205 (1)IMG_7391 editedIMG_7280editedFullSizeRenderIMG_7377 (2)Details: Forever 21 keyhole white and pink one piece bathing suit, similar style here | H&M black and magenta bathing suit, here |

Josh and I just spent a week in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande and I have to say it was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever been on. Whenever we go on vacation together we always come back with a new set of inside jokes that we continue to talk about long after we leave the resort. It’s fun to have those memories to hang on to especially when you have to return to the office. This is the second all inclusive resort I’ve ever been to and the food was delicious, the drinks were strong and the room was beautiful. Last summer we went to Cancun and while we absolutely loved the fish tacos and all of that resort’s amenities, Moon Palace definitely has it beat. It offered various activities right on the resort so there was no need to travel anywhere else. For instance, we swam with the dolphins and since we were staying there 5 nights, we received a certain amount of ‘resort credits, leaving us only having to pay 16% of the ‘swimming with dolphin’ fee of $149, which came to $43–I was  shocked by this and was sure there would be some type of catch. I’m still holding my breath, but when we checked out there were no additional fees (fingers crossed). We even went on a sunset catamaran cruise for $23–unreal right!? The best part was that we didn’t need to waste half of our day driving to catch the boat because the pier we were instructed to meet at was AT the resort–everything you could ever want was all right there! Aside from our excursions, we spent the majority of our days hopping from the pool to the beach sipping on pina colada’s and cracking jokes. We also took part in the free paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing they had to offer. Oh, and Josh would definitely want me to mention the Flow Rider surfing simulation thing that he became a pro at–I even tried it! For those of you that know me, know that I’m not big into activities, especially if it interferes with my beach bum time, but I did some things that were a bit out of my comfort zone this vacation and it felt amazing. I included a photo of me in crow pose because it was one of the poses that took me the longest to accomplish. I hit my head on the floor a half a dozen times until I got it down. But you see, that was in a dark yoga room where no one else but me could really see my failures (they definitely heard them though).  I’ve always been fearful of what others might think of me if I messed up or fell face first and this fear has severely interfered with me wanting to try new things. That’s what I love most about Josh, he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. He fell so hard about a dozen times on that Flow Rider and every time, he popped back up laughing and smiling. By the end of our trip, he was just as good as the instructors. It goes to show you that by embracing your failures, whether it’s with a belly flop or a nose dive into your yoga mat, you’re sure to come out on the other side a much stronger and more well-rounded person, maybe even with a new trick or two under your belt.  So while all of you thought I was bellying up to the bar and baking in the sun without a thought in my mind, I absolutely was, but I also learned a bit more about myself in the process ;).



June 8, 2016


DSC_0111editedDSC_0114editedDSC_0071editedDSC_0146editedDetails: Ann Taylor geometric patterned dress with tie, similar here | Franco Sarto pumps via Marshalls, similar here |

When I first entered the workforce I had an idea of how I was “supposed” to dress. Considering all of my jobs were within the fashion industry, I slowly realized that anything goes as long as you look cute. It wasn’t until I started working at a more corporate fashion company, that I could no longer get away with wearing my favorite designer jeans and a cute top. I really didn’t mind the “corporate” dress code, there was still an edge because it was a luxury fashion company, but during the fall and winter months, I definitely outwore my favorite black leggings. So when summer rolled around I couldn’t wait to don cute dresses and fun open-toed pumps. Since then, I’ve become a dress hoarder. I have so many dresses and I can’t stop buying them. But now that I’m in PR, I’m back to my favorite kind of dress code: anything goes, as long as you look cute. However, I still like to wear my favorite corporate-friendly dresses from time to time. In fact, I came across this Ann Taylor geometric patterned dress while shopping at the outlets and felt it would be the perfect addition to my dress collection. Its light-weight material and long sleeves make it ideal for the ice box office in the summer months and I’ve already worn it several times–even in 80-degree weather! While, I’m delighted to have the freedom to wear what I please, I did like the “challenge” a “corporate” dress code. Sometimes at least.



June 6, 2016


DSC_1352editedDSC_1380editedDSC_1345editedDSC_1367editedDSC_1396editedDSC_1427editedDetails: H&M low-cut and halter-tie one piece, similar here  |

A week from Tuesday, I’ll be on my way to Jamaica for a week. I’m super excited, especially because this rainy weather has been bumming me out. In gearing up for vacation,  I try to get one or two new bathing suits and I always seem to find a one-piece that I can’t live without. It’s funny, because when I was younger I couldn’t wait until I was allowed to wear a string bikini, but the trends seem to take us back to our younger years. During my sand mudpie making days you couldn’t pay me to get me out of my one-piece. I mean, when you think about it, a one-piece is the perfect beach companion. You don’t have to worry about losing your top while crushing the ocean waves, you can let it all hang out if you please and they’re super comfy. I’ve obviously moved on from my multi-color Limited Too bathing suits and am onto low-cut multi-color ones. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be abandoning my bikinis for the summer, my tummy deserves some sun too, but for any upcoming beach/pool parties a one-piece can make for the perfect outfit. It’s like a waterproof bodysuit and everyone knows how much I love a bodysuit. I’m just about all set for my vacation, all I need are a couple cute cover-ups and I’ll be golden!

Happy summer!



June 2, 2016


DSC_6379 copyeditedDSC_6345editedDSC_6342editedDSC_6354editedDSC_6398editedDSC_6406editedDetails: Bay Breeze open-stitch pullover c/o J.Jill, here | J.Crew linen shorts, similar here |

Every day I learn something new about myself. Recently, I’ve become more aware of how easily I let insignificant people get the best of me. It’s funny how that works. We spend a great deal of time thinking about what the negative people in our lives do or say to us than we do the ones who actually love and support us. I’ve (slowly but surely) begun to realize how much easier it is to let go of those insignificant people, because, well, they’re insignificant. Life is much less stressful and light when your focus is on the good. In fact, I’ve started to get back into my yoga routine and it’s amazing how much emotion I release on the mat; it’s liberating to cleanse my body both physically and mentally. It allows me to release any pent up stress, anger and frustration from my day so that I can make room for all of the good stuff. Often times, we don’t take the time we need to take care of ourselves in the way that we should. Maybe you’re due for a good hard cry or a belly aching laugh–just give yourself the opportunity to really feel things and give yourself a release. Whether it’s going for a 2-mile run or talking for 3 hours on the phone to your bestie who makes me you laugh every three minutes–give yourself that time to be in the moment. If yoga has taught me anything, it’s that the practice of being mindful, in all aspects of my life, can, in fact, change my life in more ways than one. While it takes a conscious effort to remain mindful, it’s a practice worth sticking to.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of a life lesson/vent session, let’s get on to the mindless outfit post–HAHA! If you’re in the market for a light breezy knit, let it be this Bay Breeze open-stitch pullover from J.Jill. I’m all about the light-weight beach knits and I love that I can don this over a bathing suit for a late-night walk on the beach, and also layer it over a sleeveless dress for those chilly summer nights by the water. I’ve been relying on J.Crew’s chinos for as long as I’ve been able to shop on my own, and I’ve had this pair of baby blues for about three years. They still look as perfect as they did the day I bought them–if I do say so myself.

Today’s take away: do yoga, cry or laugh it out and remember that insignificant people will always be just insignificant.



May 31, 2016


DSC_0174editedDSC_0156editedDSC_0173editedDSC_0203editedDSC_0193editedDSC_0211editedDetails: Ann Taylor outlet navy and white floral romper, similar here |

It’s officially romper season! Despite what Josh says about rompers, I still can’t resist buying them. It seems like every time I go shopping I end up clutching a new romper. Eventually, I’m going to have to purge some of them (especially the ill-fitted ones), but for now, I plan to romp around all summer in my favorites. Funny enough, this weekend I went outlet shopping and came home with, that’s right, ANOTHER romper. Some rompers I come across are made strictly for weekend fun, but this navy and white floral romper from the Ann Taylor Factory store can be worn at the office (at least mine). It is a modest length and while it is sleeveless, it can be paired beautifully with a bright yellow blazer–adding the perfect pop of color. Since summer is such a crazy busy season, it’s important to have pieces that transition easily from work to play–which has given me even more reason to love this one-piece. It’s funny because a decent amount of the time I do trust Josh’s opinion, but when it comes to rompers there’s just no contest. Happy romping!



May 28, 2016


DSC_0238editedDSC_0249editedDSC_0245editedDSC_0258editedFeaturing: Kissemoji Flat Iron Zero Damage Wet Hair Straightener, here |

I’m not one who typically uses hair straighteners, mostly because my hair is naturally straight,  but this Kissemoji flat iron actually dries your hair without any damage–AMAZING. I don’t normally blow dry my hair either. Instead, I let it air dry and then use my beachwaver, but I really love how this straightener can quickly help dry my hair without the hassle of blow drying. Not to mention, it’s light-weight and takes seconds to heat up. I just run this through my locks and my hair is dry in minutes–zero damage! For those looking for a new flat iron, give this one a shot, it’s $40 on Amazon plus you can use $10 discount code KISSMEME.




May 27, 2016


DSC_6297editedDSC_6296editedDSC_6324editedDSC_6336editedDetails: American Eagle denim cut-off shorts, similar here | Cotton and silk floral shirt c/o J.Jill, here |

The first weekend of the summer is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited to lay lifeless in the sun for the entire weekend. I always feel it’s necessary to invest in a new pair of cut-off denim shorts and for the past two years I couldn’t find the right ones. It wasn’t until I took a trip to my old stomping grounds, American Eagle Outfitters, that I found THE perfect cut-offs, literally perfect. They’re comfortable, cute and they are destroyed just enough. You can be sure I will be wearing these all weekend. To me, cut-offs are like yoga pants; you can wear them all weekend long, they go with nearly everything and you look freakin’ good in them! To balance out the amount of skin I’m bearing, I decided to pair them with this light-weight floral silk and cotton blouse from J.Jill. It’s comfortable enough that you can wear it over your bathing suit on the beach without making you sweat. While I’m hoping I can just wear my bathing suit all weekend, 24/7, non-stop, I’m sure I’ll have to cover up at some point, so I’ll let this outfit be my MDW summer uniform!




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